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  2. I applied Opti-coat five years ago and would like to remove and reapply Opti-coat. what is the best way to remove this coating off the clear coat? Thanks
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  4. New Member- New Coating

    Thank you, Ron!
  5. New Member- New Coating

    You can use Hyper Seal 12 hours after OCP application - and wash the vehicle with soap 7 days after...
  6. Opti coat No wash Sign?

    They are supplied to OCP Pro Installers - you might ask Chasaty if they can be purchased (
  7. Ferrex and Opti-Coat Pro

    FerreX will not remove or reduce Opti-Coat Pro and makes a terrific decontaminant.
  8. New Member- New Coating

    Will do and thank you. He is due out this Friday. Can you confirm that once Im beyond the hold on washes, I can use Hyper Seal on my opti-coat surface? Thank you
  9. New Member- New Coating

    Welcome to the Optimum Forum. Optimum suggests not getting Opti-Coat Pro wet for 12 hours, so you should be good. The hydrophobic characteristics should be in force. I suggest you contact the pro installer and ask them to review the issue.
  10. Well...I only listened to half of that video...but a couple of things, the OCW patent isn't about a "special fancy polymer", the patent was for the way the ingredients were combined, not what they were. Second, the UV inhibitor which is in OCW, which is the same as used in clearcoat paint, is known (at least from what Dr. G has told us) to migrate through paints and plastics, so let's at least be open to the idea that applying it topically could allow it to migrate through "traffic film" to the paint. Besides, it's going to be "stuck" to the paint for at least a little while along with the wax and sealant in OCW, which is better than not having a UV inhibitor at all. PS Dr. G has explained that the reason there is so much fading of painted plastic parts on older clearcoated cars, is that they found that the UV inhibitor from the paint would migrate into the plastic parts (and therefore out of the paint), cause the clear on those parts to fail. Later they learned they had to put UV inhibitor into the plastic to prevent it from leaching the inhibitor out of the paint.
  11. Where do you buy the Opti-Coat No Wash Sign?
  12. Here he is again "copying" others ideas, might read this forum? Now suddenly the Optimum products are good (at least when mixed) and people following him are confused.
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    Just had my car coated with pro. It was in the garage for at least 20 hrs after coating. About 30 hrs later, was in a rain storm. 1) is this a problem (was told it’s not) and 2) hardly and sheeting going on. What should I expect in terms of water repelling so soon after application. I’m questioning the quality of the application. Thanks in advance
  14. Ferrex and Opti-Coat Pro

    Is FerreX safe to use on Wheels that are treated with Opti-Coat Pro/Pro+? How often? My brakes generate tons of dust.
  15. I've done a few weeks of a combination of Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancer with a few ounces of Opti-Seal mixed in. I use this as a final step on my wheels. Basically, I haven't seen any advantage to adding Opti-Seal to Instant Detailer. Doesn't hurt anything, but I haven't seen any benefit to simply using Instant Detailer by itself. I use Opti-Seal mostly as a drying agent and will continue to do so.
  16. New Member from Australia

    Thanks for the welcome guys. I haven't had any communication with Joel yet but I'll be sure to introduce myself. Thanks for the links, time to get started on those podcasts!
  17. New Member from Australia

    Welcome to the forum Ed. You have probably seen them but just in case is worth a look and Joel, who runs it is a very knowledgable guy and has appeared on the Synergy Podcasts. The podcasts are worth a listen if you get the chance, lots of useful tips on the products and processes only 119 podcasts to listen to and then you are up to date
  18. New Member from Australia

    Welcome to the OPT Forum, Ed, we have a growing and very active international presence.
  19. Hi everyone, I'm not new to detailing but I am new to OPT products and will be placing my first order shortly. After doing plenty of research and reading recommendations, I'm really looking forward to the performance, value but most importantly, ease of use. I'm especially looking forward to trying ONR + BRS as I've been looking for a more efficient way of doing rinseless washes that does not include using multiple towels. When I first heard of the BRS I must admit I was a little sceptical, but I figured who am I to dispute the reputation and the science behind it? So I'm jumping right in! Look forward to learning and chatting with you all! Ed.
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  21. Are there "refresher" sprays for opticoat pro+

    One example of using Power Clean I don't have a pressure washer so just spray, agitate if necessary and rinse
  22. Water Spots on Top of Opti-Coat

    we've only tested Maguiars, but Mother's should work as well.
  23. Are there "refresher" sprays for opticoat pro+

    for normal decontamination, spray on and let dwell should be all that's necessary.
  24. BRS Storage and Care

    I store the BRS in a covered bucket with ONR solution (about half way) and with my clay towel draped over - keeps the sponge and towel moist but not soaked. Occasionally I add to or replace the solution - I go by feel and smell, there's no timetable for frequency, assume it's dependent on bacteria growth.
  25. Are there "refresher" sprays for opticoat pro+

    For the chemical decontamination, do you just spray on the and Optimum Power Clean let it do it's thing or should I agitate it?
  26. Water Spots on Top of Opti-Coat

    Thanks guys. Both Optimum MDR and Maguiars ChromeWheel Cleaner, is not easy to find here in Denmark. And Maguiars All Wheel Cleaner is not acid. Maybe Mothers Chrome Wheel Cleaner will work, as long it’s acid. Kristian
  27. Water Spots on Top of Opti-Coat

    Kristian, one place you could buy some MDR is The postage is not cheap so might be worth shopping around or getting a quote first
  28. Water Spots on Top of Opti-Coat

    Kristian, I've answered by email, but MDR is the less aggressive water spot remover (Optimum always goes from least aggressive to most in suggestions). If the Maguiars Wheel Cleaner is acid, it should work.
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