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  2. The Zaino QD is great in the house and on the car however, ONR works out to be vastly cheaper and requires less effort but the Zaino has a nicer smell.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. And the reminder of past discussions on which quick detailer is best for household duties. I still prefer the fresh scent of Zaino.
  4. Brad, just to echo the above points, use whatever products make you comfortable. I like ONR as it is quicker and easier than a traditional shampoo and I only use one bucket (no grit guard) but if the Car Shampoo does everything you want from a shampoo then keep on using it. Pre washing with ONR could also help. ONR is also a great light interior cleaner and I also use it for dusting duties in our home. To quote Beau from many many years ago on Autopia, "...detailing is meant to be enjoyable" so just use whatever products you fancy
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  6. The question of whether ONR leaves anything behind comes up every so often. This is directly from Dr G: "Onr leaves polymers that are cumulative over time. Car wash does not leave anything behind." ONR is paint safe and body shop safe as well.
  7. Glass Coating prep and application

    Minimum of 1 hour before driving - 7 days before cleaning with solvents.
  8. Difference between GPS and poli-seal

    I've used GPS by hand many times with good success - working better by machine does not preclude hand application.
  9. ONR vs Optimum Car Wash. Is one better?

    Brad, I don't think you are being OCD by trying to have a lot of I indicated, I have the advantage of not having flawless paint to begin with, so I'm not so worried if it's not flawless after. Maybe it's just self-brainwashing to keep from going insane, but I don't feel like the small amount I'm using is having a negative impact, at least not any more than the regular washing of a DD is bound to have. But you've gotta use the amount of water you're comfortable with.
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  11. Ok! I just talked about my own experience but good to find others experiences also, thanks for that!
  12. Here is what someone posted on Autogeek the other day. See post #133
  13. Too much fluid will get you in trouble removing the dirt from the surface?
  14. I’m afraid I don’t know about Tort. I’ve lost track of most of the old Autopia moderators. Even David Bynon is off to yet another career. A half gallon for washing is amazing. After so many years of flushing a mitt with running water after practically every stroke I feel uncomfortable using so little liquid to wipe off dirt. Even after presoaking a panel with ONR spray, I like to have a saturated dripping sponge to wipe the surface clean. I understand I am over-doing it, and I know it’s not supposed to be necessary, but it’s a psychological barrier I have yet to overcome. I think that I may be more satisfied using the two bucket method that you are using but I will probably be more wasteful with the ONR mix for a while.
  15. ONR vs Optimum Car Wash. Is one better?

    I'm sure there were already thousands of members by the time I joined...I thought you guys got started in 2000 or 2001. Maybe even at the time I joined you weren't around that much, I know there was another Brad also who was a moderator. Do you know what ever became of Tort? Anyway, back on usual ONR/rinseless method is a two-bucket, I usually use a 1/4 strength mixture in the rinse bucket instead of plain water (because I'm cheap and I need 2 gallons in the rinse bucket to clear the grit guard). I generally just use a half gallon in the wash bucket (no grit guard), wheels not included. This method is good and makes me feel better having a dirty rinse bucket and a clean wash bucket, but it's a lot of rinsing and squeezing. I keep trying to like the multiple towel/mitt method, but I just don't. I bought some different towels to try when the weather gets a little warmer.
  16. Thanks, I need to gain confidence that ONR is encapsulating the dirt on the surface and that it is truly released in the bucket. I like doing a presoak as well.
  17. One bucket with ONR and a grit guard. The dirt is released by the sponge easily with a quick agitation on the grit guard and ONR takes the dirt to the bottom of the bucket. I trust the science of the product and up to now it has not failed me. I have never done a hose rinse. I wash on a weekly basis and there is no need for me to hose rinse. If the vehicle is too dirty then I just bucket wash. I do use a pre-soak with ONR just to have ONR start breaking the dirt and encapsulating the dirt that is on the surface.
  18. Well, I am not sure what year I joined, but I know I was #3. That just confirms I am old and my eyes are failing so my flawless results are indeed subjective and prejudicial!
  19. ONR vs Optimum Car Wash. Is one better?

    Well, I don't count myself as an "original"; I believe I joined in 2004, and since I don't know if I have ever been able to achieve flawless results with standards may be a bit lower than take my advice with a grain of salt.
  20. Thanks for the feedback. Your experience helps with my OCD tendencies and the need to overthink everything. My “old school” techniques with washing and drying have shown pretty flawless results for a long, long time. (Us original Autopia geezers, if nothing else, have a lot of experimentation under our belts!) I’ve made quite a few changes lately- started using Optimum on some of my cars, redesigned my garage layout, got a master blaster and a built in power washer set up. So I am changing my regimen quite a bit and morphing a lot of my new and old techniques. Sometimes, like the sloppy, dirty winter, I am in full-on power wash and foam cannon mode. More often, I just need light washes. So I’m just continuing to experiment and gleaning knowledge from you guys until I get into my “groove”. Thanks.
  21. ONR vs Optimum Car Wash. Is one better?

    Hi Brad...I would discount the buildup of polymers on the surface from either wash (as noted above). In full disclosure I haven't used the Optimum Car Wash even though I have a quart of it...because I'm still using up conventional wash that I bought back when you were an active moderator on Autopia...and because I've largely switched to rinseless just to cut down on time and work. I don't know of any way to Master Blast a rinseless and get a good result, so if you're more comfortable with a conventional wash, go that way. Another thing to think about if you're skittish about the drying process, is that most rinseless washes today contain "wax" so you might want to try ONRWW which will give you a little more lube when you're drying (although I don't remember it being noticeably different), but it does tend to streak more than ONR. I haven't been able to like the blue waffle sponge that I bought and I'm too cheap to buy a BRS or BGS; my favorite wash media for rinseless is some old Meg's QD sponges circa 2004 (remember them?). After you wash them a number of times the sponge breaks down and they are pretty flat. I guess the closest available equivalent is a MF mitt. There are countless threads and methods for rinseless to address some of the concerns you have, with endless permutations of prewashes, buckets, grit guards, media. As The Guz noted...maybe different approaches for different situations, depending on the car (DD vs. garage queen), amount/kind of dirt, etc.
  22. I do a two bucket one with ONR in both and grit guards and a washboard in the rinse bucket.
  23. Curious, what method do you use to rinse dirt out of the sponge? Two bucket method? Single bucket? Or hose rinse?
  24. I use the BRS when I use ONR. In the course of 2 years, I have not had a single issue. No scratching or marring with it. I started off with the multiple towel method but switched over to the BRS. Saves me from using so many towels and is much quicker to clean the paint. Never used the blue sponge.
  25. My favourite is the Chemical Guys Big Chubby(?) microfiber sponge which I use several for one wash.
  26. Yep, I like the noodle mitt as well. Though I have pretty much everything. It’s a sickness!
  27. "The polymers in ONR can be painted over and will cause no issue".
  28. I use a cheap noodle mitt with ONR. Not tried the fancy sponges i.e. BRS, as there are very very expensive by the time they reach the UK. I have also used a MF cloth which worked well but you need a lot of them. I suspect almost any washing material would do a good job.
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