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  2. Opti-Glass

    Zerix, at this time there's no plan to change the formula on the retail version of Opti-Glass.
  3. Opti-Glass

    Is there any chance the new Opti-Glass Pro technology trickles down to the consumer grade product?
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  5. Onr wash and wax dilution

    No not aggressive in any way...
  6. Onr wash and wax dilution

    Thanks A&J. So, I will make a new solution with distilled or de-ionized water. I have two buckets, which you can close with a lid. No dust or even much oxygen can access the buckets. I bought them in Italy (7 liters, 4$ each) where they are normally used for food products like virgin olive oil. I guess that ONR WW is not aggressive attacking any plastic, right?
  7. Onr wash and wax dilution

    I found out it depends on which water you are using (tap or distilled). With tap water it will lose color & some lubrication but with distilled it will be un-affected. If you are using ONR for the Garry Dean method I suggest you mix 2 gallons of distilled water and throw in as many towels as you can. That mix will be good for a couple of washes. Also put a lid or in any other way cover the bucket once you are done so that no airborne dust gets into your ONR mix.
  8. Onr wash and wax dilution

    Dear all. I hope I can still post here ... . Q1: For how long can an ONR Wash and Wax 1:265 dilution be used? - I washed my car 10 days ago and I still have some ONR WW dilution + 2 microfibre towels inside it. Can I still use this dilution and microfibre towels or must I prepare a new dilution and clean the towels? Thanks for some comments. EDIT: Ah, I found this here, so I can use it for some time, right?
  9. Optimum Pad Selection

    the blue is a finishing pad - would probably work but would take a lot of polishing. Orange, black or white pads much better choice to remove marring and OCP.
  10. Brand new car headlights

    From what I've read, optilens has added acrylic to help it bond to polycarbonate because of more expansion and contraction than paint. Which sounds to me like it bonds better to headlights than opticoat pro would, since it's based on opticoat pro but tailored to headlights. If optilens isn't permanent bonding to headlight uv coating then I doubt opticoat pro would be better. But who knows, you'd need some long term comparison tests to know. I haven't heard much evidence of either lasting permanently on new or refinished headlights. Not saying it won't but no test result has called it out as preventing hazing indefinitely.
  11. Optimum Pad Selection

    Reviving this thread as it seems some info was lost... will the blue pad be enough to get rid of clay bar marring with hyper polish? Is it enough to get rid of opti coat? My assumption for opti coat would be yes... it would get rid of opti coat even on a blue pad.
  12. Decon wash

    Optimum has not tested OPC with Car Wash, so the ratio is not determined (there are many videos out there that are not connected with OPT)...I would say no stronger than 3 :1 and probably 5:1.
  13. Deep South Texas

    Good Luck and let us know if we can help - lot's of very knowledgeable folks here!
  14. Decon wash

    I have been pondering on the decon wash now. What dilution for OPC in a foam cannon? Will it still be effective if mixed with optimum car wash in a foam cannon? Like the Original poster... im wanting to spray the entire car with OPC but dont want to have issues with the glass.
  15. Deep South Texas

    WOW!! I haven't detailed a vehicle since 2013 and I'm going to get back into detailing vehicles again. Now that I've relocated back down to the Rio Grande Valley (Harlingen, McAllen, Brownsville, South Padre Island), I have past clients and new clients waiting for me to get back into detailing vehicles again. I do plan on going to the new training event in October to get Certified so I can learn a lot more new things that what I already know. What I'm going to focus on right now is the wash, clay and wax one step deal. I see new car dealerships everywhere that can't even wash a new car properly. Anyways, enough of this. I look forward to get going with detailing vehicles again. I just need to start finding all of my old detail things and order new products so I can get things rolling. Stephen R. Hollon, Jr Harlingen, TX (956) 357-7696
  16. He also has a video about the big red sponge and ONR
  17. He has a new video about the wash/wax/clay method and why he thinks it doesnt work...problem being that clay doesnt remove traffic film and you are waxing over it. In a way he has a point but hes just over complicating things IMO.
  18. Dr G is aware of Scott's videos and is crafting his response. My take, for a guy "not throwing Optimum under the bus", Scott only refers to Optimum and repeats the name frequently. This is the 2nd video he attacks Optimum Spray Wax directly.
  19. You are thinking corrrect...But I think Scott is a bit over reacting about certain things. I would like to see dr. G take this one!
  20. Sure you can do what you posted. As much as I like the BRS, it will not pick up everything from the surface. Also ONR tends to leave a little residue behind in the form of polymers. So you may be left with polymer spots on the paint.
  21. What I think he is saying is that if there is already traffic film on the clear coat, the wax and also the UV protection has no way to get to the clearcoat?
  22. I think there will still be "leftovers" that a drying towel would pick up but I'm only guessing? Even if you make several passes. I use the Chemical Guys Big Chubby wash sponge because I think it has a short enough nap and I can get the dirt off the wash medium by scrubbing agains the Grit Guard Washboard insert. One can't be sure about anything, the most is "in your head"! If you use the Metro master blaster, there might be some "leftovers" on the panel but does it really matter that much? You will get more straight away when you again take the car out for a spin? Test and report?
  23. Brand new car headlights

    first, Opti-Lens is not Opti-Coat with added UV, but specially formulated to adhere to plastic where Coatings are more general in their applications. Second, Opti-Lens is a permanent coating that will last well beyond 1 - 2 years if properly maintained. I do agree that one shouldn't sand off factory coating unless it's failing.
  24. Brand new car headlights

    Holy cow this thread is off the rails...Opti-Lens won't bond to factory headlight coating but Opti-Coat or Gloss-Coat will? AFAIK Opti-Lens IS Opti-Coat with added UV inhibitors. And you would have to be insane to sand off new factory coating to replace it with Opti-Lens, since O-L only lasts a year or two on bare headlights.
  25. Car wax and opti seal 24month life?

    I have had Wax and Seal for more than 2 years (hard to use Seal up) and it's still effective. We do recommend temperature ranges for best practices and it's possible products lose some effectiveness, but I doubt they become useless. I have requested feedback from Dr G. Optimum has never argued that Wax or Seal are superior to manufacturers clear coat...but will gladly compare Gloss-Coat or Opti-Coat Pro.
  26. Hello from South Europe

    the problem with giving specific instructions on wiping after application is that it can vary so much with environment. Cool/ dry conditions can give you 5 minutes or more to wipe, hot/humid conditions can create almost immediate curing. One size does not fit all, therefore the 80% flash suggestion...and how do you measure that accurately? It's a moving target and experience is the best predictor of success. Fortunately corrections are easy and nothing is permanent.
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