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  2. Optimum Opti-Bond vs CarPro PERL

    In my experience you will get 2+ weeks in great weather for PERL or Opti-Bond. If it rains or you drive through puddles they do perform poorly as they are water based. They both look great but PERL is slightly more finicky (i.e it needs to be wiped down after about 10-15 minutes otherwise you can get streaks). Opti-Bond is almost impossible to mess up. I actually really like the look and ease of application from 303, but I would get about only a week of durability even in perfect weather.
  3. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    I really hate having to clean very dirty wheels. Switching to ceramic pads was a massive difference in how bad they got each week. I've never coated my wheels before but since they are in need of being refurbished (curb rash and minor chips/dings from previous owner) this will definitely be my next step.
  4. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    It depends on how dirty they are, but since switching to ceramic pads I usually just use normal car shampoo with a little wheel cleaner added in. Since it foams so much I don't need much product - probably only about 50ml of product to 700ml of water. It does make a little bit of a mess on the garage floor, especially if your wheels are really dirty. In the end I was backing the car out of the garage and cleaning the wheels with a hose and the IK Foam sprayer in the traditional way and then pulling it back in and doing my normal ONR wash.
  5. New Black F-150

    Hi to all: Looking for advice on my plan of attack on my 2 week old Black f-150. Optimum products on hand: BIG RED SPONGE ONR OPTICLAY OPTIWAX OPTISEAL SOFT GRIP WHEEL BRUSH PLUFFLE BUNDLE EAGLE 500 RD NEW BUCKETS W/GRIT GUARDS FERREX Plan of attack (1st time on truck): Prewash with ONR and dry Apply Opti FerreX, let sit 2 minutes, agitate with microfiber towel, rinse with water Wash with ONR using Opti Seal as drying agent with Pluffle towel (once a month) Wash with ONR using Opti Wax as drying agent with Pluffle towel (3 times a month) I would think that this regime would keep on building up the seal coating, or is this too much. Does this sound suitable, if not any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I want the new truck look forever....! Thanks again: RonW.
  6. New Black F150

    Thanks LowJ: So what would you do on a 2 week old black truck? These are the products that I have on hand: BIG RED SPONGE ONR OPTICLAY OPTIWAX OPTISEAL SOFT GRIP WHEEL BRUSH PLUFFLE BUNDLE EAGLE 500 RD Already had the grit guards Need to buy FerreX Ron@Optium suggested using FerreX in lieu of the clay bar. I did do the baggy on hand test and I feel contaminants on the surface. Any help on a plan of attack would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, RonW.
  7. Ron, sorry for dragging up an old quote. I am curious about the film left behind on wood. One of the things I like about OPC is how easy it is to remove, what is it about wood where something is left behind?
  8. New Member from NorCal

    Welcome to the forum. In some ways it is nice to start off with dull paint, it makes polishing even more satisfying and dramatic
  9. Power Clean on Wheels with Gloss-Coat

    I would try OPC at a higher dilution ratio on coated wheels. I have found ONR is great at cleaning coated wheels but there are times when something a little stronger is required. Make up a small amount at say 5:1 or 10:1 and see if that works. No point using a stronger product if it is not needed.
  10. New Black F150

    RonW. Don't overthink Optiseal and OCW, just use either or both, when ever you want. They do not interfere with each other and work well together or on their own.
  11. OPC as a Microfiber Washing Detergent

    I have used OPC to clean MF cloths and it works very well. Most of the time I just use a normal fabric cleaner with some some white vinegar.
  12. Wait time before driving after application?

    My car lived outside all the time, after using Optiseal I never noticed any problems with rain, heat etc and it would never have stop me from driving. Once you have applied it, stop thinking about it
  13. Opti seal as topper

    As A&J suggests, no problem using Optiseal over a coating, I used it over a CarPro coating for several years along with ONR.
  14. New Opti Product Suggestion

    ExGunner, let us know how you get on
  15. Opti seal as topper

    Yes of course you can...Opti seal is a excelent topper. Ive had Gyeon cancoat bead like mad after 8 months because I used ONR and opti seal to wash&seal every time.
  16. Opti seal as topper

    Hi guys, i am not sure if this topic has been discussed before. Let say for example I coated my car with carpro cquartz, instead of using reload as a topper, is it possible to use opti seal instead. I was thinking of using other brands of coatings but I still want to do rinseless wash due to lack of running water. I want to use optiseal as a drying aid as well. Much appreciated.
  17. Some good examples I found. In the first, he forgot the pre-spray.
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  19. Wait time before driving after application?

    Cure time is very quick with Opti-Seal but dependent on heat, humidity, etc. 30 minutes would be good.
  20. After applying a coat of Opti-Seal, should I wait a certain period of time before exposing to sun, rain, etc.? Or can I basically drive off as soon as I've finished and cleaned up?
  21. 2 week old Black F-150

    But if you use good iron and tar removers claying might be not necessary.
  22. 2 week old Black F-150

    Forgot to answer...yes...its better to clay the car before you seal or wax it.
  23. OPC as a Microfiber Washing Detergent

    Yvan says you can add 1/4 cup of Power Clean to wash microfibers...learn something new every day!
  24. Yvan talked about using OPC as a pre soak solution before the wash...meaning you pre soak your towels in a bucket of water and OPC for as long as you want. That will help break down dirt&grime before you toss it into the washing machine. As for a detergent...any liquid detergent without added scent or color will be fine. Typically look for the ones that are for sensitive skin. Dont use fabric softener...instead use vinegar.
  25. 2 week old Black F-150

    Oh sorry...I automatically assumed it was bad.
  26. OPC as a Microfiber Washing Detergent

    I've never tried OPC as a detergent and will reach out to Yvan for feedback. Frankly, I use regular laundry detergent (I am not a pro detailer) and have never had any issue.
  27. New Black F150

    Thanks a lot, as I didn’t really want to clay a brand new vehicle. Thanks,RonW.
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