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  2. Yep...OPT has 1 spray wax and 2 spray sealants... Car wax lasts around 6 weeks Opti seal lasts around 2-3 months and Hyper seal...I dont know...but it should beat opti seal.
  3. The new Hyper Seal maybe? It is at least meant for coatings.
  4. Thanks Ron! I'll keep an eye on it. I know gloss coat can be topped with a wax or sealant, but doesn't last long. If not optiseal, what product do you recommend that would yield the longest in longevity for added protection?
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  6. Optimum MDR

    Yup thanks
  7. Optiseal right after gloss coat application

    Dale, welcome to the Optimum Forum! Humidity causes Coatings to cure, and high humidity should speed the process. You may be OK with your Opti-Seal application if the Gloss-Coat was surface cured and the same for condensation. The only way to know is to wait several weeks for the Opti-Seal to vacate, then spray your car with water to see if it beads. If it does, odds are you're protected.
  8. Optimum MDR

    Habs I think your keyboard is not working properly
  9. New to the forum and optimum products in general. I recently applied gloss coat to my vehicle and followed up with optiseal giving only 15 minutes in between. I read a comment from a detailer's YouTube video that gloss coat can be followed up with optiseal immediately after, but have now found this forum and read that there should be at least 1 hour cure time. My question is how much did I affect the durability or strength of the coating by applying optiseal too soon? Do I need to reapply another coat? Another issue I had was condensation forming on panels after application of the gloss coat, due to being late in the day and higher humidity levels. I went over those areas too with optiseal after I had noticed. Would the condensation affect the coating's properties as well since they weren't protected in time?
  10. I think I got some high spots

    If you're happy with the paint you can decontaminate (Paint Prep) and Coat.
  11. I think I got some high spots

    Ron if the vehicle is brand new and no correction is needed/wanted. Can it just be cleaned with panel prep then coated? Skipping the polish? cheers
  12. Learn something new every day.
  13. I think I got some high spots

    That sounds about right - seems like the average car takes 7 - 8 mls, give or take a bit.
  14. Hyper seal or opti seal on gloss coat?

    I stand corrected, traditional process was to add Opti-Seal over Coatings 1 hour later. Hyper Seal being a different animal, Optimum recommends waiting 12 hours because it can effect curing.
  15. I think I got some high spots

    That makes me feel abit better then
  16. I think I got some high spots

    On my midsized sedan, I used about 4mL for the paint. Another 4mL or so for all the glass and the wheels.
  17. Just came across this recent comment
  18. Hmm. I wonder if that testing is done now, seeing that is over 6 months old
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  20. I think I got some high spots

    Thanks Ron. Yeah it’s been pretty warm here! ill be sure to take that approach next time, you learn from your mistakes that’s forsure. Also with how much product you use on a medium sized car? I used only around 4ml that wasn’t doing wheels? Just exterior panels. The supplier said I should aim to use the 10ml on a car that size. But I spoke to an Opti-Coat Pro installer and he said 3-5ml is fine. If you follow the instructions to the t there is no way in hell you can get close to using a full syringe
  21. Hyper seal or opti seal on gloss coat?

    Found this in the optimum car care facebook group. So unless something has changed, I would stick with opti-seal 1 hour after gloss coat.

    The Big Gold Sponge is the latest entry in the Opti-Coat line of products. The Big Gold Sponge is oversized at 7”x 5”x 3” for greater ease of use. The latest in sponge technology, both sides of the sponge are cross cut, creating channels that pull dirt from the paint and reduce marring. Softer than the traditional wash medium, the luxurious foam will hold a great deal of cleaning/lubricating solution allowing larger sections to be safely washed before wringing and reloading the sponge. This high quality Big Gold Sponge will provide years of heavy duty professional use. As compared to the Optimum Big Red Sponge, the BGS is both softer and more dense - a totally new composition. It's available only at the online store.
  23. I think I got some high spots

    heat AND humidity cause curing - hard to avoid in Australia right now as I've seen you're having record temperatures. I'd be glad to share our sub freezing with you for a while! Doing small sections until you get handle on flash time should work.
  24. Hyper seal or opti seal on gloss coat?

    In fact, that's Optimum's recommended method - use Hyper Seal 1 hour after coating for protection during the curing phase.
  25. Maintenance Products

    Either No Rinse works equally well and ONR with Wax doesn't cause any interior issues. I agree that Opti-Clean is the stronger cleaner, but my methodology is to use drying towels after finishing the exterior (still damp with ONR) to wipe down the interior - using what I have.
  26. Can hyper seal be added 1 hour after gloss coat to protect it like you can with opti seal? cheers
  27. Ok great thanks for that. I was leaning towards opti seal as it’s abit cheaper but if hyper is better I’ll get it
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