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  3. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    This is one of my favourite videos which I try and replicate when I can during training. It is essentially looking at the very simple task of washing dishes. This video does not have Hollywood production levels but it does show how simple tasks can be easily improved and the same principals apply to working on cars. The title of this video is "One Piece Flow......". One piece flow is the simple idea of processing one item at a time so the product/process moves smoothly throughout the business and stops the build up of queues of work which is inefficient as it slows things down. None of this theory is critical to watching the video. There is another video on making toast which I will post if I can find the full length version
  4. Waiting on my Order of ONR

    Welcome to the forum herpesblitzpr
  5. All the way from SINGAPORE!

    Welcome to the Optimum forum. As A&J said, what products are you using?
  6. Thats a resurection of an really old thread there buddy...I dont think cptzippy is still around.
  7. All the way from SINGAPORE!

    What exactly are you using and what are you so happy about?
  8. Waiting on my Order of ONR

    same here mate
  9. Just started using optimum products and I am so happy with what it does!
  10. Mixing Opti-seal with various OPT products

    I have used up the last of my Opti-clean and OCW mix. There is some potential but it does need some tweaking. I do not get the hazing when I use ONRWW but I do with the waterless and OCW mix. I cleaned the stainless steel kitchen sink with the mixture and it does a good job however it would be great if the hazing could be reduced. Maybe a lower amount of OCW would help. My gut still says Power Clean diluted with ONR (256:) would work and therefore still looking for a volunteer to try it
  11. Opti-Lens Headlight Restoration Longevity

    Optimum has a number of installers who specialize in headlights (a lucrative market given now many yellowed lens I see and how expensive replacements are) - several provide their own warranties. One successful installer in Hawaii ( a tough UV locale) offers a 2 year warranty and has had no problems. FYI
  12. Opti-Lens Headlight Restoration Longevity

    Maybe one solution would be to offer a 12 month guarantee against the yellowing returning. I have no concept of the costs or practicalities but perhaps the ideal would be the OPT PPF topped with something like Opti-coat or Gloss-coat I assume other brands make headlight coatings, do we know about their durability?
  13. Opti-Lens Headlight Restoration Longevity

    Sure, I bet if you applied OCW weekly it would help for everything. For that matter any sacrificial layer (wax, sealant) is going to do something.
  14. Opti-Lens Headlight Restoration Longevity

    Bear in mind I'm at a lot lower latitude than you are. I was also disappointed, but as I said I realized that a spray-on UV coating is going to be maybe 100 microns or more thick, even those that spray 2K clear as a refurb are going to be easily that thick, compared to what, a few microns of Opti-Coat Pro, less of Gloss-Coat, and I guess about the same as Opti-Coat for Opti-Lens, maybe 2 microns...I can't remember what they were claiming for Opti-Coat Pro. I don't know if I agree the road rash is the factor...I think it's just the UV exposure.
  15. Good stuff! Since no company has the money to spend on R&D to test all of these combinations it's great that we can all experiment like this and decide what works and what doesn't. As I've said before, I am very happy with the 10% OCW added to OID and have been using it for many months (and may even increase the % of OCW next time I make a bottle up).
  16. Opti-Lens Headlight Restoration Longevity

    @Setec Astronomy Thanks for your sharing your experience. This is very disappointing as a year or less is really no longer than potentially applying a standard paint sealant ( or a lens sealant in the cheap headlight restoration kits). From what I have researched here and other boards, Opti-lens is specifically formulated to bond to plastic such that it performs better when the factory clear coat has been fully removed. It there is still factory clear coat on lens (not started to yellow), it is best just to use standard paint coatings (Gloss-coat or Opti-coat pro). I think one the main contributors to lens failure is road rash (mileage with lots of exposure to small rocks). One of the clients I applied Opti-lens to commutes 150 km round trip daily on on the 401 Hwy in Ontario. So we'll see in a year if he experiences the same premature failure that you have experienced. I know for my personal vehicle (2011 BMW 328xi wagon) I have installed XPEL PPF on the headlight lens to protect from road debris that can lead to clear coat failure on the lens. I wonder if I should be combining Opti-lens with application PPF after 1 week cure time.
  17. Opti-Lens Headlight Restoration Longevity

    @Setec Astronomy Do you think topping it with OCW would help with the longevity?
  18. Opti-Lens Headlight Restoration Longevity

    Sorry I'm late to the party, but in my experience, I get a year or less before a car that's outside starts to get yellowing again. I think Opti-Lens probably is best to put on headlights that haven't lost the factory coating, just like you wouldn't put Opti-Coat on a vehicle where the clear has failed already. Just thinking out loud, Opti-Lens at a micron or two is much much thinner than a factory headlight coating, and I just don't think it can stop enough UV...and think about it...the factory coating may only last 5 years anyway (so what do we expect from a coating that's 10% or less of the factory thickness?) If I was doing this for a living and wanted to offer a warranty, I'd look for a product that's more like the factory coating. I loved the idea of Opti-Lens, but after repeated tries on a couple of cars (including one time putting on 3 coats), I always get the same results. On the plus side it doesn't take much to polish out the yellowing after a year.
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  20. Great report Lowe. Ive used the OC & Optiseal mix to remove a bird bomb off my car yesterday. It worked great and left a super slick surface behind.
  21. Mixing Opti-seal with various OPT products

    Opti-Clean & OCW. Did not have a lot of Opti-clean so made up a small solution and added a dash of OCW. No separation of products and when sprayed on a surface the OCW did not appear to change the behaviour of the liquid. I was cleaning glass and it was immediately apparent the surface was hazing over. However, with a wipe of a dry cloth this all cleared up. The most noticeable bit was the buffing became much slicker after the first pass or swipe and at the end the surface did feel as if it had been cleaned and protected.
  22. Give it a go and report back on what you think!
  23. An OID/Opti-Seal mix is a great idea. Going to give that a try.
  24. New From Ohio

    Try loading pics to Imgur and copy url to here.
  25. Thats great Lowe. Im eager to see your results.
  26. Mixing Opti-seal with various OPT products

    Above and beyond the call of duty A&J! Great work, thanks for taking the time to do all the experiments. I thought I had run out of Opti-Clean but found a small amount. Will mix some up with OCW and see what happens.
  27. New From Ohio

    Welcome to the forum Djp. Time to get working on those pictures.....
  28. New From Ohio

    Pics or it did not happen!!!
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