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  2. The Ultimate Drying Aid

    Excellent, thank you.
  3. The Ultimate Drying Aid

    There are none that I have found. There is no streaking on even deliberate 'over use' of the mixture. I prefer to do a proper application of Opti-Seal and Car Wax every month or so and maintain with this as a drying aid for now.
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  5. Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    Get yourself a blower and blow off the water. No need for a towel or anything. Less chances of touching the paint and risking any marring. You can always wipe down with opti-clean or ONR if the paint is slightly dirty. With hyper seal and opti seal you can use them as often as you like. Hyper Seal has SiO2 in it so it's protection will last longer and be more durable than opti-seal. It can be used as often as you like. But no need to use both of them together. The difference between opti-coat no rinse and ONR is that OCNR contains gloss enhancers. There is no need to over think it. Use what you like.
  6. Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    I agree with using ONR instead of OID. It provides a lot more lubrication and is very quick to do. If the car really isn't dirty and has just been rained on you could fill a pump sprayer with ONR solution and completely cover the car in it then proceed to dry with a proper drying towel. Just curious though, why do you need to dry it after being rained on?
  7. Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    Not tried OID on rain water but cannot imagine why it would not work. Maybe spraying ONR would be cheaper?
  8. The Ultimate Drying Aid

    Any downsides to mixing OID and OCW? Car looks great.
  9. Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    Thanks! Any idea how long it takes hyper seal to cure? I’m also wondering the best way to dry off the car after rain. For a relatively clean car with just rain water sitting, could I use a light spray of Instant Detailer and wipe with a drying towel? Is that enough lubrication for the stuff in rain water?
  10. Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    Those streaks that you found are perfectly normal and are just high spots that need a second pass as you said. You will have a hard time using too much product with Opti-Seal or Hyper Seal, but there is not really any benefit to adding countless layers of product. There is diminishing returns when using sealants, waxes and coatings. I find that applying one good layer, letting it cure for the required time, then adding a quick second layer is all that is required. Any more and you are probably just wasting product, money and time. Using Hyper Seal as your drying aid with each wash is more then enough to keep it topped up for many months before needing a full decontamination wash and reapplication of it.
  11. After months of testing I think I've found my favourite drying aid I've ever used. There's been a lot of talk about mixing products on the forum lately which is something I'm very interested in. It's a fun way to experiment with different products to come up with uses the manufacturer did not expect (or test). I mix Optimum Instant Detailer at the standard dilution with 10-20% Optimum Car Wax and use it as a maintenance wash drying aid. This provides the following benefits: 'Tops up' the full wax I do about once every month or two It eliminates the usual issue of using too much wax that some people seem to do The mild cleaners in the OID safely take care of any spots I might have missed while washing It's impossible to use too much as it seems to just melt in to the paint Lubricates the surface much better when drying compared to OCW or Opti-Seal alone Provides incredible gloss levels when topping it over other products such as Opti-Seal I am absolutely in love with it and actually look forward to drying my car after a wash because of the experience. I've attached a (average) picture of the results from the last wash I did. I did my usual ONR wash but pre-rinsed with a pressure washer due to the amount of dirt that was on the car.
  12. In the past 5 weeks I have done the following to my fairly new Jeep Grand Cherokee: Optimum Paint Guard (installed by a local dealer) ONR Wash w/ Opti-seal dryng aid ONR WW wash with some power clean to loosen the bugs after a long road trip Opti-coat No Rinse wash w/ Hyper Seal drying aid (and ONR pre-spray) The last wash was yesterday. Drying with the Hyper Seal, the towel (TRC Twistress) was gliding across the paint like it was on air. Amazing. But there were streaks that looked like high spots that showed afetr a few seconds and needed a second pass. What I am trying to figure out is if I have put too much on the car as far as sealants. It sits outdoors under trees at the house, so my primary goal is to protect from birds and berries. But the glossiness is nice too. There is so little public info online about Opticoat No Rinse and Hyper Seal that I dont feel I know as much about them as the standard products. (sidenote: more instructional videos would be really helpful) It is going to rain for the next week and half here on the east coast. When I wash after that stretch, what combination of products and methods would you use then and going forward? Thanks!
  13. Opti-Clean

    Good point but we only know about OCW working as a clay lube when someone tried it (Yvan?). In theory Opti-Clean should work well. It has more lubrication than ONR and better cleaning abilities. ONR would be cheaper but for those who for whatever reason cannot use ONR then claying with a waterless wash would simple give them an alternative.
  14. Opti-Clean

    Why? Use ONR or Optimum Car Wax.
  15. Opti-Clean

    Sounds like we need another test and a volunteer with Opticlean and a clay cloth.
  16. New from Nova Scotia, Canada

    Always open to offers Ron Although the commute from the UK could be a bit too much.
  17. Opti-Clean

    With a clay bar. Fair to say it was old and used before. It was one of those cheap chinese 3m fakes you get of aliexpress. Also I was working on a black soft bmw paint. Opti clean felt like its lubricated but the clay bar left horrible marring behind.
  18. New from Nova Scotia, Canada

    Lowe, you should be in our Marketing Dept (if we had one) - nice!
  19. Opti-Clean

    Interesting. Was this with a clay bar or cloth? Cannot remember where I read it but I am sure someone tried it with a clay cloth a few years ago and reported success.
  20. Opti-Clean

    Opti clean is a versitile cleaner and waterless wash...unfortunatelly its not a good clay lubricant. I had to find out the hard way a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately for me I sanded and polished the paint afterwards.
  21. Opti-Clean

    Just a quick tip when cleaning intricate areas like badges, emblems or in narrow areas. Normally these are cleaned with an APC like Power Clean but when the surfaces are just moderately dirty then spray some Opti-Clean and use a soft brush to lift the dirt away. You can then use a cloth to wipe the surface or wash with ONR.
  22. New from Nova Scotia, Canada

    Welcome to the OPT forum. One of the many nice things about the Optimum range is they just work. Most people who tend to have problems either think too much about the products or use too much product. Plus all the products work perfectly with each other. There are lots of great brands and products out there but with the Optimum system many of the variables which cause problems are removed.
  23. New from Nova Scotia, Canada

    Welcome to all things Optimum - lot's of talent on this Forum!
  24. Got a new ride, Hyundai Tucson 1.6T in Black. Last car was white and easy to keep clean, or at least looked clean. The black is going to be a high maintenance car but after discovering Optimum products being used by Detailers on line I feel that I have found a solution to the problem. Started with ONR and liked the idea that I could clean my car without using the hose. Have done it twice now and the black shine is wonderful. My driveway is full sun so working on a panel at a time and drying it immediately solved the problem of water spots which really show on the black. Will explore some other products by Optimum.
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  26. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    This is one of my favourite videos which I try and replicate when I can during training. It is essentially looking at the very simple task of washing dishes. This video does not have Hollywood production levels but it does show how simple tasks can be easily improved and the same principals apply to working on cars. The title of this video is "One Piece Flow......". One piece flow is the simple idea of processing one item at a time so the product/process moves smoothly throughout the business and stops the build up of queues of work which is inefficient as it slows things down. None of this theory is critical to watching the video. There is another video on making toast which I will post if I can find the full length version
  27. Waiting on my Order of ONR

    Welcome to the forum herpesblitzpr
  28. All the way from SINGAPORE!

    Welcome to the Optimum forum. As A&J said, what products are you using?
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