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  2. Interior cleaning.

    Thanks for the help!
  3. Interior cleaning.

    I use ONR (isn't sticky) or ONRWW (the wax doesn't hurt) and Opti-Seal (should protect from UV in it's own way). Mostly ONR.
  4. Interior cleaning.

    Welcome to Optimum and we can make some suggestions. First, Optimum No Rinse (ONR) makes an excellent interior cleaner for leather, vinyl, plastic, and glass. For cleaning AND protection, Protectant Plus is formulated for interiors (and works well on exterior plastics), isn't sticky, contains UV protection, and revitalizes leather.
  5. Interior cleaning.

    Hi, I’m new to this. But wanted to know which of your products do you suggest I use for interior cleaning?..... dash, door panels, plastic molding.. Thank you, Toews19
  6. Earlier

    As stated in the SEMA broadcast, the Big Gold Sponge does not replace the BRS, but adds a softer, more dense version that coordinates with the Opti-Coat line of products. The bedliner has been reformulated into a single phase application to simplify the process. Optimum is always reviewing products to improve or increase ease of use. Toddj, thanks for the video links -

    Bed Liner here: Bedliner Sema

    Gold Sponge is covered in this video Sema Day 2

    Ok, let's ask some questions... What is a Big Gold Sponge? Does it replace the blue sponge or the BRC? How is it different? The's changing from the basecoat/topcoat to just a single part? Why?
  11. Try the optimum carpet cleaner. It works really well.
  12. I have a vacuum cleaner with aquafilter. I have my way of cleaning any carpet that I consider extremely effective. I take a liquid cleaner - is not particularly important which one, I put it with water on the rug, I wipe it with a good sponge, I give a little to stand and soak. Then all this muddy liquid I vacuum , wash with clean water and let dry. The result is excellent.

    There is no ETA on Big Gold Sponge, Bedliner, Rotary Wool Pad, Clay Towel/Mitt. New formula Poli-Seal and Compound ll are shipping now. I will update the Forum when the new products are in stock.
  14. Hello from South Europe

    Thanks for the update. The key is to keep it clean to keep the coating performing like it should. I would recommend using opti-seal or the new hyper seal every so often to maintain the coating.
  15. OCW on Bilt Hamber Finis-Wax

    Give it a couple days and you can top with OCW. You should have no issues.
  16. OCW on Bilt Hamber Finis-Wax

    OPT will tell you "We do not test our products with other products from other manufacturers" but the short answer is Yes you can... May I suggest you enjoy the beading action from Finis wax and after a month or two once it starts to lose its beading top it up with OCW. It will add slickness, gloss and beading back to the paint. I consider OCW more of a topper than a stand alone product. Yes it beads nice but the real life durability is only about 6-8 weeks.
  17. Can I apply OCW how soon after applying a T1 carnauba wax (Bilt Hamber Finis-wax)? Can it make the carnauba wax not to cure properly or last worse?

    When will the Big Gold Sponge and Bedliner be available?
  19. Hello from South Europe

    So, here it is, my first report. Gloss coat was applied between August 23rd to 25th this year. Since then, I washed the car three times with Optimum Wash and Wax (OWW). After the first application of OWW I had my first shocking moment: I have put the car under trees and some days later heavy rain has washed some stuff from the trees onto the car paint. The stuff dried and formed some film on the paint. Therefore, a few days later I decided to see if the beading is still the same. Surprisingly, the beading disappeared and I got really annoyed: “all the hard work is gone!” However, washing the car with some soap from the car wash station (this was done in a moment of pain, otherwise I would have used OWW) helped to remove the stuff from the paint and the beading came back, puh! The last time I washed the paint with OWW was about four weeks ago. Since then we only had more or less sunny weather, but large and wide building sites throw each day lot’s of dust and sand onto the car paint. Eventually, I cleaned the car only with a pressure washer. Yesterday, I used the pressure washer again to remove some dust and I thought to give my first report here on this site. What shall I say? After more than 2 months the beading is still there, and I think it is as it was on the first day in August. In comparison to the car waxes I used the years before, it is a very good result so far. The waxes already died 2 months after their application. Amazingly, the wheel rims, being prone to brake dust in my case, get much less dirty in comparison to the time before I applied gloss coat. Cleaning the wheels is much easier and leads still to the perfect gloss coat beading. Optimum (!), great work so far, let’s see what is coming the next 3 months. EDIT: thanks again to all of you for your kind replies!

    SEMA is always an opportunity to present/announce new products. New for 2017 SEMA are: Optimum Clay Towel - redesigned for greater suppleness and durability Optimum Clay Mitt - greater convenience with a mesh backing and gentle clay action Opti-Coat Big Gold Sponge - softer and more dense construction Optimum Compound ll - greater correction (up to 1500), improved finishing Optimum Poli-Seal - improved durability and water repel, easier wipe off, more environmentally friendly, reduced product separation Optimum Rotary Wool Pads (6" and 8") - interface backing, improved cooling, fewer pressure spots, smoother action Optimum Ultimate Bedliner - revised into a 1 step application
  21. Detail Fest/Poli-Seal?

    A new formula Poli-Seal was announced this week at SEMA. The new product provides greater durability, correction, and is less susceptible to separation. It is available now...
  22. Detail Fest/Poli-Seal?

    Detailed Image mentions a new and improved Poli-Seal on their "Ask a Pro" blog.
  23. Gloss-Coat Water contact angle ?

    Gloss coat really has some nice beading going on...once it starts wearing out apply ocw which in similar to gloss coat in terms of beading.
  24. Gloss-Coat Water contact angle ?

    I think glosscoat has one of the best beading results of anything I’ve used before. I think topping it with something else will make the beading worse. Not sure how crazy the beading is that you’re used to.
  25. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Well, I'm glad to see you around!
  26. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Hi Setec! Still lurking around, just less... ;-)
  27. Opti Eraser

    Erase shouldn't require "breaking in", just make sure to use lube. You use Eraser just like clay bar and ONR at lube ratio (2 oz to 1 gallon) or Wax make great lubricants. I've really liked Yvan's suggestion to use Wax, a nice slick lube. Suggestions after use: *Inspect Opti-Eraser after each section and rinse as needed *When too much contamination is present to wash clean, switch to a clean side or replace your Opti-Eraser *Do NOT soak in liquid *Do NOT squeeze or wring out *Do NOT store flat on media surfaces (use sides) *Do NOT store wet in air tight container
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