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  2. ?'s On 2nd Application Of Gloss Coat

    You can get Gloss coat wet after 1h but in all fairness its not ideal. Keep it dry for as long as possible is what I would say. And yes. To protect the coating from the elements you can apply opti-seal on top after 1h. OPT say to not wash for a week but ONR is the safest shampoo for the coating and Ive had a case where the customer parked his newly polished and gloss coated car under a tree in the next door caffe to showlight it to his friends and tree sap sat on it. He called me half and hour after pick up and I sad to come back. I gave the car a quick ONR wash and removed the sap with ease. He had no problems after that (or at least that Ive know off).
  3. ?'s On 2nd Application Of Gloss Coat

    I am at the Clay/Polish stage today, and will be applying the Gloss Coat tomorrow. The problem is we are having a freak snow storm, and I have to drive my car Monday, which means it is going to catch some nasty road spray with dirt from the sand trucks, and probably some Mag Chloride. How soon after the application is it ok for the gloss coat to see water? Also, what is the soonest I can safely do an ONR wash, and a Standard water wash? Also, I remember seeing somewhere you can apply Opti-Seal after the Gloss Coat, even when it is still curing, which will provide a sacrificial layer while Gloss Coat is curing. Is that true, and how soon after applying the Gloss Coat, can I apply Opti-Seal? Thanks for your help guys!
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  5. New user trying to formulate a plan

    Thanks for the suggestions. I think I’ll use two methods depending on the situation. Rinseless using ONRWW and Power Clean or Opti-Clean as a pre soak if needed for bugs. For a waterless method, I’ll use Opti-Clean with the Optimum Car Wax or Opti-Seal as a drying agent and for extra protection. It took a few videos to wrap my head around how all the products work together. Thanks again.
  6. New user trying to formulate a plan

    All good advice, however I believe that Opticlean does leave some polymers behind for limited protection.
  7. well OK then. Im convinced.
  8. New user trying to formulate a plan

    One option could be to use a touchless wash to remove the worst of the dirt and then use Opti-Clean to get the rest of the dirt off, leaving you with a nice clean surface
  9. Ocw and Oid

    Just to add, OCW takes roughly 20 minutes to cure once it has been buffed (more of a wipe than buff) so waiting an hour is a good thing as it removes the chances of the (mild) cleaners in OID removing any OCW. One of the nice things about the range is they are unfussy products and you can apply Opti-Seal on top of OCW and it won't effect anything
  10. New user trying to formulate a plan

    Ok. Thanks. I’m in a condo so even though a one bucket wash would be fine, the perseption would be that I’m “washing my car”. Hence, the no buck method I’m trying to use. It looks like a cant get away with just one produce, so I’ll use one of the sealers, too.
  11. Ocw and Oid

    Thanks a&j
  12. New user trying to formulate a plan

    No, Opti-Clean will not protect the paint, just clean it. Optimum Car Wax (OCW) or Opti-Seal will protect the paint or even better, Gloss Coat. OCW and Opti-Seal are both very easy to work with. Should be able to use either product to do an entire car in less than 10 minutes
  13. New user trying to formulate a plan

    Thanks for the replies. So will Opti-Clean also leave UV protection behind, or do I need to apply something else afterwards?
  14. Pin Stripes

    Brian, we need to know what product you're referring to?
  15. New user trying to formulate a plan

    Just as Lowejackson states, I find Opti-Clean is an excellent pre-spray/bug/bird bomb product. To wash a dirty car with Opti-Clean is more time consuming, but is safe for the paint - may need to go over several times and use more towels. Opti-Clean is also a great household product, cleaning counters, appliances (stainless steel), tile, etc.
  16. Opti Coat Maintenance Products

    My general purpose mix for Power Clean and I've used in on everything (including leather couches) safely. The key with PC is to always rinse it thoroughly.
  17. New user trying to formulate a plan

    ONR is the rinseless wash, that is you still use a bucket and wash in the normal way but instead of rinsing, you wipe off the excess water. Opti-clean is a waterless wash, here there is no need for a normal bucket, you simply spray Opti-Clean on the paint and wipe off with a clean cloth. You can use both products if the car gets very dirty i.e. spray Opti-Clean on the paint to help remove the dirt and then wash with ONR. Opti_Clean has better cleaning abilities and more lubrication than ONR so you get better cleaning and less risk of damaging the paint. Waterless washing is fine on most cars which do not get very dirty, if your choice is to stick with just waterless then buy lots of MF cloths and take your time
  18. I’ve found a lot of useful information on this forum, but I’ve also become a little confused as to what would be the best method for my needs. I’m getting a new car and plan on having it professionally detailed twice a year. I live in Mass so winters are always tough on a car, and I want to keep it in decent shape between details. I will be using the no bucket, spray on and wipe off method. I plan on using Protectant Plus on the interior surfaces and exterior plastic as needed. I was planning on using No Rince Wash And Wax for the exterior, but I’m wondering what the difference is between that and Opti-Clean? Is Opti-Clean more of a pre-wash? Thanks
  19. Opti Coat Maintenance Products Post number 43. As an aside, this is a great thread on leather cleaning
  20. Opti Coat Maintenance Products

    A&J, nice to be back, just very busy in real life. I agree with you and Yvan, using OPC at higher dilution rates is a good thing to do. It uses less product as most of the time leather will not get as dirty as wheels or engines so a weaker dilution is more appropriate. Not sure when this was posted but it does talk about interior cleaning at 3:1
  21. Lowejackson I havent seen you post in ages...nice to see you are still here. I remember Yvan saying in the podcast...dont know start off with a weaker mix of PC on leather.
  22. Opti Coat Maintenance Products

    A&J, Power Clean is safe at 3:1 according to Dr G but it would be wasteful not to water it down even further. This is one of the nice things about Power Clean, at 3:1 it will clean wheels and leather safely. No idea how this works but it is obviously very different to most other cleaners. It is just a shame it is so expensive this side of the pond.
  23. Ron Power clean at 1:5 may be too strong for leather cleaning. Yvan recomends it at 1:20 to start off and and stronger mixes if need to.
  24. Opti Coat Maintenance Products

    FerreX is a decontaminant product specifically for metal deposits, and should be used as a pre-wash, not a "wash & rinse" product. Power Clean can also be used directly (not only with foam cannons) - 100% Power Clean is good for heavy duty cleaning (engines, wheels, etc), mixed 1;3 its good to decontaminate paint, remove tar/bugs, etc, and at 1;5 it cleans interior vinyl/leather/fabric. Always wipe/rinse Power Clean off after application.
  25. Little help

    Welcome to the Optimum Forum, Brian. What Optimum product are you referring to?
  26. Ocw and Oid

    Gloss and as you say "wet look" mostly comes from preparing the paint for waxes or sealants. OCW and OID will give higher gloss than opti seal but the difference will be minor. If you really want to maximise your paints gloss you have to wash it, de-contaminate (remove iron particles, tar particles, clay it) and polish it (I suggest hyper polish by machine or poli-seal by hand if you dont own a polisher). This will give you what you are after. Whatever wax or seal you use later will just preserve that finish. And to answer your questions: - Yes you can apply OID on top of OCW. Just give it an hour before you do. - OID will give more gloss but OCW will be more durable. - Yes you can use either OID, OCW or seal after every wash. Seal is kinda my favorite rinse aid.
  27. Ocw and Oid

    No one ?
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