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  5. Nothing wrong with your idea, except for possibly inefficiency. Rather than drive to another location, spend time with a pressure rinse, then wipe down with OC, I'd rather just stay home and do my rinseless process. Just as safe and quicker, IMO. Bill
  6. I think it is more slick and has more polymers?
  7. That would work
  8. Thanks again Ron, Can you use opti clean as a weekly wash (1x a week)? I know there are many factors but for a daily driver garaged every night do you think I can wash my car once a week going to local coin op and rinsing with a power washer then spraying opti clean and wiping with MF towels to finish cleaning the caronce a week?
  9. Opt Powerclean Rinseless on Tires?

    Thank you.
  10. New Optimum user questions

    Welcome to Optimum - there's years of experience on this forum! ONR will not effect any coatings hydrophobic properties. Dilution ratios for ONR = 1 oz to 2 gallons normal wash, 2 oz to 1 gallon clay lube, 8 oz to 1 gallon for ;pre-spray/instant detailer, and 10 oz to 1 gallon for waterless wash. My dilution ratio for Power Clean (unofficial) = 100% PC for engines/heavy duty cleaning, 3 to 1 PC for bugs/tar/wheels, 5 to 1 for interior (and some even go 10 to 1). Opticoat products are tweaked to use on Coated cars - No Rinse is slicker with more gloss than traditional ONR, M Wash has greater cleaning properties, Tire Gel is not different (because you don't Coat tires). We don't test products on competitor Coatings but Opticoat No Rinse won't affect any Coatings performance.
  11. Storage of Hyper Compound sprayer

    yes, it's smart to clean the spray head periodically with hot water/dish detergent or Power Clean.
  12. Opt Powerclean Rinseless on Tires?

    we recommend rinsing Power Clean when used on glass, paint, plastic, etc. It does not need to be rinsed from tires and Tire Shine/Opti-Bond can be applied over it on rubber.
  13. In the How to: Wheel & Tire Care video on this page, it appears that Powerclean is not rinsed from the tires, just wiped off. Is this correct? Does Tire Shine neutralize Powerclean? Everything I have read about Powerclean says it needs to be rinsed. If not, this would be great for in the garage rinseless washes.
  14. Optimum Zentool Dual Action Polisher

    Dann and Yvan talked about this on the podcast. Dann used to polish on hi speed but noticed once he turned the speed down he actually achieved better cutting from the polish. From my experience I never went higher than 4,5 on my DA polisher.
  15. Yes it does slowly kill suds but add lubricity and cleaning power. Like Guz noted it also works as a water softener.
  16. Storage of Hyper Compound sprayer

    That would be a good idea. I did get some clogging issue with my Intensive polish but not with the Hyper polish. Remember to shake the bottle often.
  17. Pre soak, lubrication

    The initial ONR pre-spray seems like a waste of ONR. Especially if you are going to blast the surface with a pressure washer. Here's an even simpler process 1. Rinse 2. Wash 3. Dry 4. Done No need to over think it or over complicate things. The pluffle is a fine drying towel. It absorbs water better than an edgeless towe such as the TRC eagle edgelessl.
  18. Yes you can add ONR into your soap bucket. It will act as a water softner but limit the amount of suds produced.
  19. Suds has nothing to do with the cleaning process, it is purely there for marketing purposes.
  20. Does it help to add ONR to soap bucket when doing a convential wash with OCWC? I though I read somewhere not to do this as it eliminates soap suds?
  21. Pre soak, lubrication

    I use the Rag Company Minx (they are edgeless) as drying towels and use a drying aid (Optimum Spray Wax etc) to really help with the drying process (and make it safer).
  22. New Optimum user questions

    Hi everyone, I recently came across the optimum product line and have some questions. To start i should add my car is coated with Ceramic Pro 9H, I would went with Opticoat if i would have known before but will on my next vehicle. -Since my car is coated I plan on using ONR as my main washing system. Does ONR leave any residue on the car that will affect the coatings hydrophobic ability? -I know ONR has multiple uses, Is there a dilution chart for all of the specific uses? Also the same for Power Clean? -I have seen the new Opticoat maintenance products that are specifically made to work with Opticoat. What are the differences between the Opticoat No Rinse, M Wash and Opticoat Tire Gel vs the original Optimum products? Will these give me any added benefit when used on my Ceramic Pro coating? -Does Opticoat No Rinse leave anything on the paint once dried off? Thanks in advance, I found Optimum through Matt at Obsessed Garage, The Optimum podcast and Detalks with Levi from the Rag Company. I am intrigued by Optimum and look forward to learning more.
  23. My conventional wash process now that I discovered Optimum products: I use a coin op which has compressed air to dry. 1. Before initial pressure washer rinse I use a pump sprayer to pre soak the dry-dirty car with ONR. 2. Rinse with pressure washer. 3. Use a BRS with OCWC to wash using the two buckets with grid guards. 4. Final rinse with pressure washer. 5. Dry using compressed air. 6. Use a pluffle to pat dry any remaining water. Can I use another ONR pre soak before doing the wash pass for added lubrication? Looking to replace my drying towels with EDGELESS drying towels. Any thoughts I have only found CG edgeless drying towels? Thanks!
  24. What is the best way to keep the sprayer working when not used for a long time? I have no problems at the moment but trying to be prepared. Could it be wise to wash the sprayer-head and keep the cap on the bottle (I still have them)?
  25. Optimum Zentool Dual Action Polisher

    probably because there are different instructors - may be hard to believe but there is no single truth in detailing. I've watched Yvan LaCroix polish my car for an Opti-Coat Application at 3 on the Zentool, and another very accomplished installer (who teaches detailing) use speed do what works best for you. Optimum tries to give the best advice we can, but sometimes it's an average of different opinions.
  26. Compounding techniques

    I thought more experienced installers might jump in here, but it's a pretty open ended post. I'm not a professional detailer, but have compounded using Hyper Compound, an orange and the hyper wool pad. I was using a Zentool at speeds 3 & 4 . I've compounded a 1998 Camaro and the aluminum tubes of my pontoon. I was able to remove serious imperfections in the Camaro and followed up with Hyper Polish and a black pad. I removed oxidation and got a nice shine on the pontoon tubes.
  27. Opti-Coat Application Methods

    give it 48 hours and it'll look even better!
  28. Optimum Zentool Dual Action Polisher

    You recommend a operating speed of 4 but on this page you say to use speed 5 with hyper polish?" "Directions: Shake well. 1. For general swirl or oxidation removal, use a polishing foam pad with a rotary buffer at 1200-1600 RPM. or an orbital polisher at speed 5." Also look at this where you tell to step down in speed: Why are there different instructions?
  29. Opti-Coat Application Methods

    Hi I just gloss coated my car in three phases bumper then hood then the rest of car ( had the car in parts in my garage during winter) I put in on thick thin and double coated some of it Never had any problems with high spots i think the method is use the paint prep get the paint as clean as possible ( polish glay) and the right tempature Do you self a favor and gloss coat the car
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