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  2. UV protection?

    Was wondering if OC included UV protection? Also the detail spray? Thanks
  3. It is possible to apply too thin a coat, but easy to add a second layer. I've been told that while not increasing durability, a second coat amps up the shine.
  4. Daily Driver gets some shine

    As you consider new products in the Optimum line, feel free to ask questions from the "experts" on this Forum...and there are many!
  5. Daily Driver gets some shine

    Hyper polish is on the list of things to try but I figured I would use up the supplies taking space around the house already. I'm slowly in the process of switching over most of my chemicals to Optimum products just because they seem to work so easily.
  6. Daily Driver gets some shine

    I found Megs Ultimate polish to be very hard to wipe off the surface so I dont use it at all...try Hyper polish some day...youll love it.
  7. Daily Driver gets some shine

    I actually had some Meguiars Ultimate Polish laying around at the time so used that. Worked great on my car, was pretty useless on my wife's. Go figure.
  8. Daily Driver gets some shine

    Nice work...the car looks great. Love the RagCompany sticker. What polish did you use?
  9. Working as I can along with my regular job, I've made some progress on my new daily driver. ONR wash, clay, polish, paint prep, Gloss Coat on paint, wheels, glass, and Optimum Car Wax to top it off. Have Opti-seal coming in soon but it couldn't make it for this one. Used Powerclean for the tires but my order with Tire Shine has not arrived yet either.
  10. Thanks guys. I am going to give the car another coat. Maybe I missed spots and that’s the issue. Is it possible to coat too lightly? As I first mentioned, I used very little of the vial for the whole car.
  11. Paint Prep for Water spots on Gloss Coat?

    Thank You Very Much!!! You guys ROCK!
  12. Paint Prep for Water spots on Gloss Coat?

    Depending on the type of minerals, Paint Prep may or may not help with water spots. A better option is Poli-Seal which has a combination of chemical cleaners and mild polishing agents. This might remove some of the Gloss Coat which would then require a reapplication. Of course as you know, the best option is prevention and once you remove these water spots, you can avoid them by going back to No Rinse.
  13. Dr G. Please feel free to chime in. I recently moved from a complex to a private home. I have a black Silverado with Gloss Coat. Being in a complex without access to a hose I always washed my truck with ONR. Being excited about having a driveway with a hose I did my first wash at my new house. I did a traditional wash and water spots everywhere. I purchased a bottle of MDR and it worked ok. Maybe 70% removal. I remember somebody posting about using Paint Prep before MDR with fantastic results after MDR not fully removing water spots by itself on a Gloss Coated Vechicle. Thoughts?
  14. Yes, Paint Prep will remove Opti-Seal and any other wax or residue. Opti-Coat Pro IS harder and more durable than Gloss-Coat, but no coating can protect against scratching. I'm frequently asked how much protection do coatings really provide and it's impossible to answer - define "scratch" or marring/swirling". As Guz states, the best a coating can promise is to reduce the accidental marring caused by improper washing/drying methods.
  15. Thanks Guz. I suppose I will use paint prep to clean the surface and then I will try another coat of Gloss Coat. Sigh.
  16. Paint Prep should remove opti-seal. I can't comment on the pro coating as that is only available to an authorized installer. From personal experience gloss coat has decent marring resistance compared to other coatings I have used.
  17. Thanks Guz. Yes, I understand that, but my touch, that caused the super fine scratches, was incredibly light. I've never seen anything like it. And I've been doing this a long time. I was "hoping" I did something wrong. I was really hoping there was something I could fix. Because there is no way this paint finish could withstand the role of a daily driver without getting really messed up over a short period of time. Honestly, something isn't right. 1. If I were to try a second coat would the OPT Paint Prep remove the coat of Opti Seal I put on top? 2. Is the Pro Level Opti Coat "that" much harder than Gloss Coat? I need a solution.
  18. You did not do anything wrong. Unfortunately coatings are not scratch proof. But they do help with wash induced marring as they provide a harder surface compared to a wax or sealant. Another thing to note is the coating layer is not that thick in the grand scheme of things. So in a sense a coating seems to take on the behavior of the painted surface.
  19. I came into a predicament today and need some more advise. I coated my brand new Audi TTS, metallic red paint with extremely soft clear coat. After the coating cured I also did a quick wipe of Opti Seal. It looks stunning. EXCEPT that the surface scratches VERY, VERY easily. I wiped my fingers over a spot and it caused very light scratches. I am so disappointed. So I polished it back and re-coated the surface. I had hoped that the Gloss Coat would have offered ‘some’ protection from scratching. I am talking about scratching from an extremely light pressure. Is this indicative of a poor application? Did I do something wrong? Ugh. I feel gutted. All this work and such disappointing results.
  20. Opti-Gloss Coat Question

    Thanks, Ron!
  21. First attempt at using Gloss Coat

    The glass recommendation is due to wiper abrasion, so durability is not the same as paint. Additional coats do not increase durability, but ensure complete coverage, can even high spots, and add sheen (so I've been told).
  22. Opti-Gloss Coat Question

    Welcome to the Optimum Forum - the FerreX/Paint Prep should be sufficient to remove the sealant. Polish only if necessary to remove marring that can occur with clay.
  23. Brad, no basic cleaners will degrade Gloss-Coat. That includes Power Clean, FerreX, MDR, even strong acid based wheel cleaners like Maguiars Hot Chrome (just make sure to wipe all the above off with an ONR damp microfiber).
  24. I have one more question to add to my thread. I coated my wheels with Gloss Coat and typically have used just OPT car wash shampoo on the wheels but my newest car really puts out the brake dust so I may need to use a cleaner to facilitate easy washing. Will conventional wheel cleaners degrade the Gloss Coat? Thanks!
  25. Opti-Gloss Coat Question

    Forgot to add that I would do a OPC pre soak.
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