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  2. Thanks Ron! I am about to place an order at autogeek. My car has never been clayed for 2 years. So my plan is to use onrww as clay lube with optimum clay towel. Then weekly washing with onrww.
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  4. I'd guess that weekly use, or every 2 weeks, would allow you to skip waxing.
  5. So if i use onrww every week, i do not need to use ocw anymore..?
  6. I have the same question in mind: if i use onrww every week, will that be enough NOT to wax again..?
  7. If i use onr wash and wax (green) every week, can i completely forego waxing? product details of onrww says the wax in it provides weeks of protection. thanks!
  8. I read in a post by yvan where he stated MDR can be diluted 4:1 to decontaminate a surface that may have minerals clinging on to the surface. He was referring to a coating that may have lost its water sheeting characteristics. Is this effective on water spots? Or just surface contaminated with minerals? 4 parts water:1 part MDR?
  9. Hi Ron, Thank you for that information. So what I will do is to spray OPC on the bottom half of the car then rinse out. After that I will apply ferrex to the whole car and rinse off. Should I use MDR on the whole car to make sure that all the oils and contamination especially some light water spots is gone?
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  11. Yes a panel like the entire hood or the entire door. Ill usually divide a panel into several smaller areas or sections (2-4 on the hood and 2-4 on the door and 6-8 on the roof for instance) but Ill still use the same pad without cleaning it (if its not needed).
  12. Ok, you talk about panels and not smaller areas of the panel, just to be clear? I used the pad washer after every area (overkill?) and it surely took more time but I was not in a hurry.
  13. I did not know that about Power clean...learned something new today
  14. I ussually use one pad on 1-2 full panels before I switch to a new one. I have 3 cutting pads and when I use them up I clean them and continue working. But like Ron said...if they accumulate a lot of dirt after even one panel or half a panel (say half a hood or door) then its safer to just wash them regularly. If you are only working on your car then you are not in a hurry and you can work slower but safer and get better results that way.
  15. I noticed this affected me in a bad way, no way I'm that addicted? PS. Now also my neighbour is ONRed and OCWed.
  16. Did you pay the hackers 300USD ransom?
  17. Optimum does not recommend using Power Clean on glass, but when diluted with car soap in a foam lance and rinsed off, it is effective. Undiluted and left to dry, PC can etch glass, and even diluted it can leave a film. PC is an excellent decon product but needs to be used with care.
  18. It's hard to say - how much crud has accumulated on the pad? I would be safe and clean the pad regularly.
  19. Bad timing - Dr G, Shay (Marketing Director), and I were all on vacation and we had a technical glitch (or maybe we got hacked and someone wanted ransom?). It's all good now.
  20. How come? Someone forgot to renew the site contract?
  21. Hi guys, Do not know what happened yesterday but the forum was down on my end. I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms because I miss my optimum fix. Lol. Glad u guys are back. back to my question. I was listening to the podcast today about decon wash fro Yvan. I have not done it but I think it's time. yvan says to use OPC on the bottom of the car and not on windows and top of the car. I have watched videos on guys putting OPC and car soap in a foam lance and foam the whole car. i would like to spray the whole car including windows to clean the road film. The top of my car I can feel a bit of contamination as well. happy that u guys came back
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  23. No, I don't think I did, it's possible I haven't used it since then, I've been trying to use up some old Rain-X I have.
  24. So did you solve the problem Setec?
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  26. You haven't? I believe I posted last year about mine being clogged. EDIT: Here it is:
  27. Scott is not only a Beta Tester for OPT, but makes an annual trip through Memphis to discuss products, get samples, and eat BBQ with Dr G. I understand not all questions are answered here, but this is the latest from Dr G: The new Opti Coat retail line is designed to work with our coatings to maximize performance and minimize effort. The major difference is in the flagship products No Rinse and Hyper Seal. Opti Coat No Rinse adds tremendous slickness and gloss to all the exterior surfaces while Hyper Seal works great as drying aid and leaves a long lasting protection on top of Opti Coat or factory clear coat. Power Clean and other products are also redesigned to work better with the coatings as I mentioned earlier. Last but not least, the Opti Coat microfiber towel is the thickest heaviest most plush towel in the marketplace.
  28. I've never heard of Opti-Glass sprayers failing.
  29. Now that looks great!
  30. Other than coverage, some installers say that an additional coat amps the gloss. I do know it doesn't increase durability.
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