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  2. Hello from South Europe

    Don't forget, there is now wax on it. Well, it looks as expected, also right after the application of OGC. Let's see in a couple of weeks when the wax is gone. - Now, I will do the front part of the car ... probably until 22:00. Cheers.
  3. Hello from South Europe

    would love to hear how it all turns out.
  4. Hello from South Europe

    Thanks boiler and A&J. Today, I have done the roof and the back of my car. Total amount of time: 6 hours including the 1h during which I had to wait. The preparation took a very long time (claying + Meguairs Ultimate compound + IPA wipe down, all manually done). The OGC was very easy to apply and relatively quick. I could see the 'oil film' but it quickly flashed within a few seconds. I wiped the surface after 30 seconds. It's very hot today. The car was in the shadow. I have done the roof 2x because I had the feeling that I applied not enough OGC the very first time. After all work: Meguiars quick wax. Let's see. Cheers. PS: I go to bed now, need to recover ... .
  5. Hello from South Europe

    Its OK for when you need it but close it tightly afterwards. Moisture is the one that must not come into contact with the coating...youll know if it does coz it will turn into gel soon enough. I use a basic short pile. Waiting 3-5 min is perhaps too much...I would instead say you remove it after it flashes about 75-80%. That can happen rather quickly if its hot and slower if its colder.
  6. Brand new car headlights

    No...opti-lens is created to bond to polyurethane plastic once you remove the factory protection. Its best used on old cars that have faded or yellowed headlight and they need to be repaired. Gloss coat or Opti coat is best suited for new headlights as the they are clear coated and one or the other coating will bond to the clear. Or car wax for that matter would be also fine. You would just have to apply it more often.
  7. Brand new car headlights

    Can optilens bond with and protect new headlights with the original UV coating permanently like it does to sanded headlights? It seems it would be more beneficial to protect the original coating with optilens than to remove that original coating which without, headlights would start yellowing quickly with UV exposure.
  8. Hello from South Europe

    You should recap Gloss-Coat tightly after use - it can last several years if moisture is kept out of the syringe. The instructions for Gloss-Coat suggest a follow up wipe in 1 - 2 minutes and a good quality, clean micro fiber is fine. Some installers use the original applicator pad with no issues.
  9. Hello from South Europe

    ... furthermore: Q2: Which towel shall be used to wipe the car paint after the application of OGC 3-5 minutes after?
  10. Hello from South Europe

    Thanks 'The Guz' and 'boiler'. I have a very urgent question: right after I have opened OGC, for how long can the syringe stay open? Thanks for a quick comment, cheers.
  11. Hyper Polish

    Thank you, The Guz
  12. Hyper Polish

    It's optional with opti-seal.
  13. Hyper Polish

    Thank you, The Guz! Have an awesome day! No paint prep needed between?
  14. Hyper Polish

    Sure you can follow up hyper polish with opti-seal.
  15. Hyper Polish

    I know this post is a little out of date, however, I was wondering if I could just use OPT HP then Opti-Seal on the windows? If I use OPT HP, do I use paint prep then Opti-Seal or just go directly to Opti-Seal after wiping off OPT HP? Thanks in advance.
  16. have never gotten a "scientific" explanation from Dr G about water spots disappearing, but he acknowledges the fact and recommends allowing UV to work it's magic.
  17. We are pleased to announce the following new items are available for purchase online! • New & Improved Compound II is designed to remove 1,500 grit sanding marks leaving very minor marring. The new Compound II has a long working time and zero dust and can be used at any temperature or humidity without any issues. • The Next Generation of Zentool ZEN-21E2 Dual Action Polisher! While Zentool 21E represents one of the latest advancements in machine polishing technology, the New 21E2 motor, gear, and other internal parts have been improved to make it smoother and quieter while making the maintenance easier. The exterior also has been improved to not only make a great looking polisher, but also improve the performance and handling. The brushes can be accessed and removed from the outside and there is no need to remove the covers. • Optimum Hyper Wool Rotary Pad: Optimum's Hyper Wool Rotary Pad is designed for maximum cutting and user comfort. With its integrated foam interface, the Hyper Wool Rotary Pad allows the 1 1/4" thick 4 ply tufted wool cutting surface to conform better to contours and run cooler. The unique integrated interface of the Hyper Wool Rotary Pad also makes for a better user experience with reduced vibration and precision control. Available in both 6 and 8 inch diameters with a centering hole the Hyper Wool Rotary Pad will quickly become your go to rotary cutting pad.
  18. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Ive actually done this a while back...I was comparing OPT opti seal to a dedicated glass sealant Angelwax H2go. Angelwax on the left driver half and OPT opti seal on the right passenger side.
  19. Thanks for the response. Didn't think it could or would. Maybe UV/sunlight makes scratches disappear too. It does get a lot of sun during the day at work. Whatever the reason, glad they're gone.
  20. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Thank you guys for that clarification.
  21. Opti-Seal Q&A

    A&J is dead on - OS works on all exterior surfaces and is particularly effective on glass - wipers will take it off front windshields but on mirror and side windows it has great durability.
  22. ONRWW would not "fill" scratches. While OCP+ is not described as self-healing, we have seen multiple examples where UV/sunlight has caused water spots to disappear.
  23. Hello from South Europe

    ONRWW mixed 2 oz to 1 gallon makes a good clay lube.
  24. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Yes it can and it does a preety good job for about a week. If you wash your car and apply it weekly you dont need anything else on glass. Its also very good on side glass as it performs and lasts longer.
  25. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Hi Ron, You said OS can be used on glass. Can you put it on the windshield ?
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  27. Curious if indeed it is self-healing. I had some self inflicted scratches when filling my rear tires at a gas station, the hose slipped and retracted rubbing against the front shoulder of my hood when the car was fairly dusty. I immediately went home and ordered an air compressor, but damage done. In the sun I could see many fine scratches after the next two washes. I was planning on taking it to my detailer to have him repair the damage. But to my suprisr they are now completely gone. My detailer even put it under his lights to find imperfections and nothing. I do use ONRWW, not sure if the wax part could be filling them in. Needless to say I'm pleased, but tought I'd ask the experts.
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