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  2. One more question...I watched the video how they used the Car Wax when claying. Do you think I could use the QD instead? Still not clear on the benefits of Car Wax. (If I use QD and Opti Seal already) BTW, the claying towel looks pretty neat. I haven't seen it available at my usual detailing sites, but I will keep looking.
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  4. Thanks for the reply, Guz! Good info. I'll search that out on the Rag Company Channel. I have followed that for a while, now. I do use the Optimum QD frequently and every other wash will use Opti Seal. But have never used the Car Wax. I sort of thought that was redundant. But maybe it isn't? I'm not sure of the benefits. I will look into it. And I have not heard of the Hyper Seal you refer to. So I will look into that as well. Thanks again.
  5. No it won't degrade the coating if using an iron remover. Look into the wash, clay, wax method video on the rag company's channel. Optimum Car Wax will prevent the coating from marring if claying is needed. Optimum claims that it will last 2 years. It is technically a 3 year coating. It should last longer considering your cars spend time in the garage. I personally have only seen 1 year out of it on cars that sit outside 24/7. I would consider using the new Hyper Seal or Opti-Seal after every wash to maintain the coating. Unfortunately coatings are not scratch proof. I have found gloss coat to have decent marring protection. Gloss Coat's ease of use is right up there though.
  6. I have Gloss-Coat-ed two of my cars and am wondering how to handle routine maintenance and contamination issues. 1. Will the use of a spray-on ferrous remover like Car Pro Iron X (or any brand) degrade my Gloss Coat? 2. Will the careful use of a Nanoskin (fine) wash mitt to remove surface contaminants degrade my Gloss Coat? 3. I should know this, but as a general guess, how long should I expect the single coat of Gloss Coat to last? My cars are garaged at night, washed weekly (dried with Master Blaster), QD'd daily, with solely Optimum products. So far I have been very pleased with the results of my "big Optimum experiment"! The exception, however, is some unfortunate straight-line marring caused by what I suspect was a mechanic using a cheap towel to wipe off his fingerprints while at the dealership getting some work done. I had hoped Gloss Coat would have protected the paint better. Oh well. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
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  8. Car wax and opti seal 24month life?

    The guy video is dated 22 August 2017. His video mentioned about the clear-coat's 50% at 5 years and 25% at 10 years. 00:25 of the video. Dr.G from Optimum mentioned something similar on the clear-coat's 50% at 5 years and 25% at 10 years. 17:00 of the pod cast. The podcast is likely to be dated on or before 5 September 2016. Here's the podcast - My OCW likely last one or two months and that has UV protection. After that, just repeat the application.
  9. He also has a video on "Can Traffic Film Damage Paint & Will A Wax Stop it?" where he mentioned friction and pressure, especially during rain, will erode the wax film away for daily drivers. I am not exactly sure but it doesn't seem to reconcile with what I've read in fluid mechanics - boundary layer.
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  11. F/S Optimum Gloss Coat - 2 Kits

    Still looking to move these. Need them gone. PM me if interested. Could possibly go lower on kit#2.
  12. Try ONRWW at 16:1 as a drying aid. Loving it so far.
  13. I've kept a Big Red Sponge and clay towel in a plastic bowl of ONR (covered with micro fiber towel) for months. Occasionally I've dumped and mixed a new batch. Optimum suspects that the bacteria come from dirty towels/mitts/sponges dipped into or stored in the ONR buckets. We want to be sensitive that people have varying experiences. If storing ONR is working for you, great, if not, mix a new batch.
  14. Optimum, anything you want to share with us on this subject?
  15. Same with me! No problems! In a spray bottle it lasts at least a year. I'm on the third year on one bottle I recently re-discovered and it is all ok! Maybe it is a problem if you live in regions with high humidity? Thank you for your honesty!
  16. Never had an issue to be honest. Just now I have a 3 day old ONR WW mix in a bucket in my garage I used to remove a bird dropping and a ONR mix in a pressure sprayer mixed with distilled water for almost a year now with no issue. I must be the lucky one I guess
  17. We have had a few complaints about No Rinse smelling in the bucket and smearing. No Rinse can go for days or weeks without growing bacteria, however, over time it can grow bacteria and have a rancid odor. Once this happens, the bucket and wash mitt/sponge should be washed with bleach to remove all the bacteria before reusing them. To avoid these issues, we are no longer recommending No Rinse solution be stored for longer than one day in the bucket and it should not be reused beyond the day it was made. This will completely eliminate the bacteria issues. The same day use does not apply to No Rinse quick detailer or glass cleaner as long as they are in a sealed container and they are not exposed to contaminants. Thank you.
  18. Yeah...sure...but IMO OCW leaves the paint slicker.
  19. It's been a few years since I used OID. Used as a drying aid does it leave surface slick?
  20. Spray on wet car

    Nor opti seal or OCW will give you huge durability on a daily driven car exposed to mixed weather. I found OCW will give 6-8 weeks and Opti seal will give you 8-12 weeks. Both are great as drying aids. I tend to use Opti Seal more coz I find it easier to use and it works great on all surfaces. Yes durability, slickness and performance will drop if you use it as a drying aid on a wet car but you should see durability between 4-6 weeks using it like this. You can still use it the "traditional way" with a foam applicator after you dry the car to add more slickness & shine. Durability will increase obviously and it wont take more than 5min to do the entire car. Long story short....if you use it at least once a month your car will easily be protected till your next wash. Its been my favorite drying aid for a couple of years now and Ive still got half of the bottle left....along with 2 full bottles still waiting in my garage, one of them being the old version. Hope that clears out some things.
  21. Spray on wet car

    Use of Opti-Seal as a drying aid is a recent discovery. With the help of our dedicated enthusiasts, Optimum continues to find new and unique ways to use our products. As for protection, if you mean durability, my guess is you'll get less longevity when used as a drying aid. It stands to reason you're using less product and diluting it this way, as opposed to applying it as a stand alone process. I use Opti-Seal (or it's sister Hyper Seal) in every wash, so I can't speak to durability.
  22. Spray on wet car

    I purchased opti seal back in 2010 I don't remember anything about it being able to be applied wet back then?
  23. I have two kits up for sale. Each kit includes one syringe containing Optimum Gloss Coat. These are unused that I do not need or intend to use. They were purchased earlier in the year. Dwindling my supplies. I take payment via paypal. Asking to have paypal fees included. PM me if interested. Buyer must purchase all products as I am not separating them. Kit #1 - $90 shipped within the 48 states Optimum Gloss Coat - 10cc (unused) Optimum Paint Prep - Unused Opti Seal - Unused Optimum Hyper compound (4 oz) - Unused Optimum Tire Shine (4 oz) - Used once Optimum Instant Gloss Detailer Concentrate - 70-75% remaining Dried up coating on the tip is from another syringe that I had in the package that leaked a little. Kit #2 - $135 shipped within the 48 states Optimum Gloss Coat - 20cc (unused) Optimum Paint Prep - Unused Opti Seal - 90-95% (Used a few times). Sprayer is damaged as I dropped the bottle on the floor. Opt-Bond Tire Shine - 98% (Used once) Opti Clean Concentrate - 75-80% remaining
  24. Spray on wet car

    Since it goes on so easily and quickly how well does it protect?
  25. Spray on wet car

    Yes, you can use Opti-Seal as a drying aid as often as desired (I use it every wash, every 2 or 3 weeks). It does not leave a residue.
  26. Spray on wet car

    After a traditional car wash I can just spray one spray of OS per pannel and dry? Does this leave residue on MF drying towels? How often shiuld it be used as a drying aid every wash or every couple months? Thanks
  27. Opti-Glass

    Zerix, at this time there's no plan to change the formula on the retail version of Opti-Glass.
  28. Opti-Glass

    Is there any chance the new Opti-Glass Pro technology trickles down to the consumer grade product?
  29. Onr wash and wax dilution

    No not aggressive in any way...
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