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  1. Optimum Zentool Dual Action Polisher

    Dann and Yvan talked about this on the podcast. Dann used to polish on hi speed but noticed once he turned the speed down he actually achieved better cutting from the polish. From my experience I never went higher than 4,5 on my DA polisher.
  2. Yes it does slowly kill suds but add lubricity and cleaning power. Like Guz noted it also works as a water softener.
  3. Storage of Hyper Compound sprayer

    That would be a good idea. I did get some clogging issue with my Intensive polish but not with the Hyper polish. Remember to shake the bottle often.
  4. Opti clean as a drying aid?

    Nah...waste of opti clean. Use opti seal, ocw or oid instead. Opti seal is my favorite.
  5. There might be some spots from hard water...but not as much if you used just hard water without ONR. ONR acts as a water softener. To avoid any future problems just work section by section and dry as you the section after wash.
  6. Sticker glue

    just use a dedicated tar&glue remover like stoners tar remover. Opt line sadly doesnt have a product for removing glue.

    Which clay type product or clay grade do you use?
  8. I think it was said somewhere that Car wax will give the paint some UV protection back while Opti seal does not but as with any protection Opti seal will be the first thing that will start degrading from the UV rays before paint does.
  9. ONRWW bucket life

    Use distilled water instead of hard tap water and it will last a long time! It might lose color but ONR is still there. I never had it for more that a week or two.
  10. Glass coat

    thanks Guz...real helpfull. Ive used Angelwax so far and used it once and the same happened to me to. Thats why I asked!
  11. Glass coat

    Thanks guys...nice to know!
  12. You dont need to ask the same question in 3 different threads... Theoretically yes but you would benefit more from OCW as it gives longer lasting protection, adds UV protectors back to the paint and has better water behavior than ONRWW. ONRWW is still a nice product.
  13. Mixing ONR + OCW

    Theoretically yes...but you would benefit more from OCW (longer lasting gloss and better water behavior)!
  14. Yes a panel like the entire hood or the entire door. Ill usually divide a panel into several smaller areas or sections (2-4 on the hood and 2-4 on the door and 6-8 on the roof for instance) but Ill still use the same pad without cleaning it (if its not needed).
  15. Decon wash

    I did not know that about Power clean...learned something new today