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  1. Option 03: As long temps are above freezing point I suggest you use warm water in your bucket with ONR. Spray opti-clean as your pre-wash and wash it straight with ONR. Youll be suprised how slick & effective the wash will be. Dry with opti-seal or OID.
  2. Youll need to polish to remove gloss coat first before opti coat. Enjoy gloss coat...give it a year or so and then transition to opti coat if you desire.
  3. You can use whatever on top... I suggest you try Opt QD or OID as its called. It will add slickness and shine.
  4. Welcome to the forum Id love to hear more from you about how you run your mobile business, the products you use and so on... OPT Gloss coat is a great product...not only incredibly easy to use but it performs great and lasts quitw a while.
  5. stay tuned for part 3 about coatings
  6. I think it was speed 1 on a rotary a speed 3 will increase speed and heat...but I may be wrong...I have to watch the video again 😊
  7. Thanks to Matt Moreman we can now see what the detailing training seminar looks like.
  8. Opti-seal - Best drying aid ever I just love using this!
  9. Seems a waste of product to me...I would use opti-seal instead.
  10. I never used hot water with ONR before...I might give it a shot in winter time.
  11. Its not ideal...Opti-clean will evaporate quickly on a hot panel. Its always best to wash the car in a shaded area and when the car is cool. If you cant find shade then wash your car early in the morning right after sunrise of late at the afternoon just before sunset.
  12. Both are soft so I wouldnt be so concerned...Also GPS isnt a compound. It will finish nicely. I say do a small test spot. Use the softer black one first and if you get the results you are after go with that. It will certanly increase gloss. If you want more cut (remove more swirls) use the white pad.