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  1. Look here buddy http://optimumforums.org/index.php?/topic/61957-optimum-paint-prep/ Chris was the one who originally posted it but we all know what happened to his posts after he left right! Shame really.
  2. OPT is a detailer friendy line of products...If I was a detailer I would go OPT all the way in a heartbeat. I hope youll take some time and do a couple of your favorite OPT product reviews here. I think thats what this forum is lacking. Im also looking forward in seeing some new threads from you in the Showroom/Garage section. (wink wink)
  3. Welcome to the forum. I checked your facebook page...you seem to work on some nice cars. How long have you been a detailer? Do you use OPT stuff exclusively? Whats your favorite OPT product? It would be interesting to see the entire list you bought!!!
  4. I personaly woudnt! Stick with liquid detergents and vinegar instead of water softener!
  5. This is me getting results from Intensive polish on Flexipad wool pad and Hyper polish on CG white hex logic pad using a DA. 2-3 section passes of each polish left me with these results.
  6. Yes you can use IPA... dillute it down to about 15-30% with distilled water. If you have any APC at home spray that on the applicator, rinse well and let it dry. I dont think dish soap is the best idea but use it as a last resort.
  7. I start with 2 sprays on the pad, tap tap tap on the surface sized about 40 x 40 cm, speed 2 to cover the polish on the surface and that primes it. I then use speed 3-4 on my DA to polish. The problem with Hyper polish is that you have to clean the pad often...If you keep spraying the polish and dont clean it every now and then the pad gets overloaded with polish and especially lubricants and the polish doesnt cut as much. Ive just polished a car during the weekend using Intensive polish and Hyper polish and really the best result was after I cleaned the pads. The overloaded pad still cut but left some swirls behind so I had to do another 1-2 passes which is extra work. If you have a pad washer use that to clean the pad, if you dont spray on pure Power clean or mixed 3:1 and massage the polish out of the pad under running water. Put the pad on the machine, set to speed 3, put it into a bucket you are not using and turn it on, start with speed 3 then move to speed 6 and back to speed 3. The centrifugal force will remove most water leaving behind a damp pad ready for 1-2 sprays of Hyper polish or some other polish. I hope it helps!
  8. I know we have talked a lot about different ONR uses and today I think Ive found another...as a wax residue remover. Let me explain. I polished my wife's new (old and used) car as it had a ton of swirls. For that I used the Intensive polish and Hyper polish and a ONR soaked towel (2l of distilled water mixed with ONR) to remove the residue which is the OPT way. I then decided to apply a wax carnauba paste wax from another manufacturer which I knew was hard to apply but even harder to remove as it clogged up the towel with oil like residue real fast which led to just smearing. Most waxes are easy to use an to remove but this wax is hard to buff off but damn its a great performer in terms of water behavior. Now, first I tried to remove it using a dry buffing towel but I couldn't even get half of the hood done without having wax like holograms and smears on top of the paint. So I remembered I still had that ONR soaked towel in the bucket I used to remove polish residue so I said lets try that. I took the wet towel out of the bucket, wring it out and went over the waxed part of the car followed by a dry buffing towel ever so lightly just to remove the moisture. BOOM baby...that worked like a charm. No smearing, no unnecessary dry buffing on paint, time saver and easy to do. ...just thought Id share my experience.
  9. Ohhhhhhhh thanks Lindy did not see the top right button...must have been (blind) and now Im &
  10. You click on the time under the post (for example it says "9hours ago") and it takes you to that post. Dont forget to like my comment...apparantly the more likes I get the better the change I win OCP or other OPT stuff this month
  11. Thanks for the explanation ...must admit I havent noticed the My Activity Streams till now (will have a bit of a play once I get some more free time). It should prove usefull once I get the hang of it. Blue color is darker and more noticible IMO. Thanks I did start to use the "unread content" button now that the "whats new" button is gone. Great that you could increase the font for my friend Lowejackson here...he is old and he got no money for new glasses Is there a chance to implement the OPT synergy podcast somewhere here on the forum?
  12. I think all OPT polishes are a combo of SMAT and DAT technology...not 100% sure though
  13. I can help you with this... just press left control button on the keyboard and wheel mouse upwards (it zooms)
  14. It wouldnt hurt to get OCP for free
  15. That is what is called as fallout or iron deposits. They are small iron parts (ussually from braking) that get stuck into the paint where they oxidize or rust in short. Use OPT Ferrex followed by a thorough rinse. First wash the car. Work section by section. Spray on Ferrex, wait a few min until it turns purple (which should happen quickly, that means that Ferrex is reacting to iron particles and dissolving them) and aggitate with a sponge or small sponge applicator, then thoroughly rinse. Move to a new section. I would also clay the car afterwards. I ussually use ONR as my clay lubricant but as shown in the video Optimum car wax is also an option.