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  1. Just out of curiousity...does the sprayer head of OPT Glass coat clogg or in any way stop working after use? Ive had that problems with another glass protecting product (not OPT line) and even though the product works great its just an annoying thing to happen.
  2. So did you solve the problem Setec?
  3. No no need...just switch pads & polish and polish away for 2-4 passes before removing.
  4. Its not a good idea to work the compound for like you said " as many passes it needs to get the compound transparent". You need to do a test spot first to see how many passes it takes to get a correction you are after...Maybe you only need 1-2 passes with a compound or maybe it may take more than that. What Im trying to say is the longer you are working the compound the more clear coat you are removing instead of preserving. I believe OPT polishes are SMAT & DAT technology so they dont need to be "worked in". The first pass will cut the same as pass #5 for example. Ive only used Intensive polish with Hyper polish and it diddnt matter whether I worked it 2 or 5 passes before changing the pad and reaching for Hyper polish. Dont over think it too much but do try to preserve clear coat.
  5. It was to be expected...it also doesnt matter if its not available to the public (only opti-coated vehicles).
  6. ...but from your experience maybe it should!
  7. No it doesnt. ONR W&W does.
  8. Just seen there is a new website Opti-coat Australia with all the new stuff https://opticoat.com.au/buy-products
  9. There is a post on Autogeek that Opti-coat has released a new line of products in Australia one of them is Hyper seal and M-wash. https://www.facebook.com/OptiCoat/ https://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/attachments/auto-detailing-101/57572-new-opti-coat-products-released-australia-capturejpg Can we now finally get some information on Hyper seal and M-wash.
  10. Shame really...I applied it to 2 friends cars and never got to apply it to my own except on the driver door but since I always use a spray wax or spray sealant to dry the car I really dont know how long it lasts on its own. Now I ran out of it but will buy another syringe this year either for clients or my own cars. Ill be interested how Gloss coat on your dads car is holding. Please let us know.
  11. you want to remove the minerals from the water spot first...that is what MDR is for. If any etching has been made then polishing will level the paint to the depth of the etch. If you polish first, some minerals may still be left behind that will further erch the clearcoat...that is why they reappear.
  12. Well OPT does say to stick within the family - use Hyper polish and Paint prep for best bonding of gloss coat and clean the car with ONR later on. Paint prep is even suppose to have a catalyst built in for the coating to spread and bond better. But like you said it was not available at he time. Instead 15% IPA wipe was mentioned on the syringe instructions before gloss coat. IMO if a coating lasts 12+ months its done its job. At that point you need to decon, clay & lightly polish either way. I wonder what would happen if you used a non abrassive paint cleanser on it...perhaps it would deep clean paint/coating and help it to restore some beading (just my thoughs, never tried it).
  13. Clean with Power clean, prep with paint prep or 30% IPA mix and dress with opti-bond. If the trim is faded I suggest you use Solution finish (after clean and prep) to restore black trim and then protect with either a coating or Opti seal.
  14. You can use OPC in your (1) scenario...so for trim, tires, for removing wax off the paint... ...but if you are gonna polish the car later than you are gonna remove wax either way...so you dont have a need to use OPC as a wax stripper. For your (2) scenario I say you are better off using OPT paint prep or 30% IPA mix. Its designed to remove polishing oils off paint. In short I wouldnt use OPC for any of these situations except for cleaning and degreasing trim!
  15. Option 03: As long temps are above freezing point I suggest you use warm water in your bucket with ONR. Spray opti-clean as your pre-wash and wash it straight with ONR. Youll be suprised how slick & effective the wash will be. Dry with opti-seal or OID.
  16. Thanks to Matt Moreman we can now see what the detailing training seminar looks like.
  17. Youll need to polish to remove gloss coat first before opti coat. Enjoy gloss coat...give it a year or so and then transition to opti coat if you desire.
  18. You can use whatever on top... I suggest you try Opt QD or OID as its called. It will add slickness and shine.
  19. Welcome to the forum Id love to hear more from you about how you run your mobile business, the products you use and so on... OPT Gloss coat is a great product...not only incredibly easy to use but it performs great and lasts quitw a while.
  20. stay tuned for part 3 about coatings
  21. I think it was speed 1 on a rotary a speed 3 will increase speed and heat...but I may be wrong...I have to watch the video again 😊
  22. Opti-seal - Best drying aid ever I just love using this!
  23. Seems a waste of product to me...I would use opti-seal instead.