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  1. Alcantara Cleaning & Protection

    Fabric clean&protect fits the bill here. Standard dilution is 1:3 but you can use it undiluted for any heavier stains although I would recomend power clean at 1:10 for heavy grease&grime. Always do a test spot first.
  2. Opti-clean on tires

    No its not...opti clean is not a degreaser. Power clean is still the way to go.
  3. hyper-polish on windshield?

    yes hyper polish can be used on glass with no issue. I use it before applying a glass coating.
  4. My ONR Maintenance Procedure

    People seem to be afraid of onr like its the plague but in reality its the cure. Great writeup and a nice looking car you have there
  5. Why I Keep Coming Back to Optimum

    You know I was thinking the same thing the other day...After trying a lot of other manufacturers rinseless washes and waxes and sealants and QDs and glazes and so on...I found myself admiring my car after a simple ONR wash and opti-seal application. The car was clean and really reflective from the opti-seal that I started saying to myself "Whats the point in buying anything other than OPT?"...and I really cant find an answer! Im loving every second I use OPT products. And I believe this is a similar feeling for a lot of us here on this forum
  6. The Opti coat maintance line was specificaly designed for Opti coated vehicles that is why Opti coat no rinse is the best option. That being said...cost wise...you can still use the old optimum line ( onr and onrw&w) without a problem. I would personaly use the blue onr and seal it with hyper seal every week.
  7. Opti lens yellow liquid?

    Is it liquid? In the photo it does seem that way
  8. Opti lens yellow liquid?

    Upload the photo through IMGUR. If its in liquid form it may be ok, if its gel like its a good posibility its done for.
  9. Opti-Pro Consistent Marring

    Nice car you have there. Unfortunately it has soft paint in black which, as you now realize shows imperfections like a magnifying glass especially if its a daily driver. Cleaning black paint in general is a nightmare. Opti coat does not offer scratch resistance and there is always a possibility that a speck of dirt is still present at washing, or in the towels or wherever that will marr paint. If there is another problem with the coating I suggest you contact your opti coat installer. I presume you have some sort of a guarantee?
  10. Opti-Pro Consistent Marring

    sorry dont be mad on the company. Im just a forum user and a long term opt user. Nothing related with the company. But I did wanted to let you know that we the forum users might help you out with advice. Im sure someone from opt will get in contact with you shortly. Im sorry again for the bad jokes and the butt emoji.
  11. Big red sponge with the soap

    You could also use car soap with with a rock...Im not saying its a good idea, Im just saying you could. BRS is a car washing sponge. It doesnt matter which cleaner you are using even though it was made specifically to work with ONR. My philosophy is "If you can physically do it, then it can be done!"
  12. Opti-Pro Consistent Marring

    Woah woah woah woah woah...first of Im the vice president of keeping in touch with people and I demand some answers first Before we call up the president of USA may we the forum users find out what car you have, which color, how you wash your car, dry your car etc. etc... Perhaps we can help
  13. new member

    Welcome. Im interested in which opt products you are using for the inside of the car.
  14. I found Power clean to clean pads really well. I spray PC (mixed 1:3) or other APCs on the pad and massage the polish out and rinse well. I repeat the process if needed.
  15. GPS on metal

    It must have been a long TV show It turned out nice
  16. Yes exactly like that!
  17. Yep...If you are not sure do a second application once you wax the entire car or do overlapping vertical and horizontal passes the first time.
  18. Use a MF towel instead of a applicator. Spray directly onto the panel (half a spray per panel) and spread with a MF towel. Dont use too much product, you will again get streaking that way. Less is more here. If any dots or streaks are left use a ONR soaked towel to remove them, then dry normaly. Work on cool panels, in the shade or as you said in a garage. I have found OCW streaks if it is used on hot surfaces or hot weather in general. That is why I prefer Opti seal over summer and OCW over winter time.
  19. You can use it as a drying aid and spread it with your drying towel or dry the car first and spray hyper seal on a foam applicator and apply it on the car like a tradional sealant (it should also look and perform better this way).
  20. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Dry the car befire polishing. You dont have to wash after polishing, you can use paint prep. Use one or the other. I would go with glass coat. Opti seal V1 will be fine. The rest of the procedure is spot on. Be sure to clean the pad often or change it with a fresh pad. I have about 5 before I clean them all and continue polishing.
  21. I kinda think the solvents in PC will kill the lubrication effect.
  22. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Dont make a habit of it. Misspell, my bad.
  23. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Yes it is just make a habit of it 😉
  24. Ive been cleaning panel by panel for a while now...infact I dont think Ive ever cleaned the whole car and then dryed it. ONR ussually dries too fast for that if you are washing outside. Good test Lowe
  25. The coating will pick up contamination over time that will reduce beading. That is when youll have to de-con & clay the paint. Opti seal, hyper seal or car wax will add protection and boost beading.