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  1. Never had an issue to be honest. Just now I have a 3 day old ONR WW mix in a bucket in my garage I used to remove a bird dropping and a ONR mix in a pressure sprayer mixed with distilled water for almost a year now with no issue. I must be the lucky one I guess
  2. Yeah...sure...but IMO OCW leaves the paint slicker.
  3. Spray on wet car

    Nor opti seal or OCW will give you huge durability on a daily driven car exposed to mixed weather. I found OCW will give 6-8 weeks and Opti seal will give you 8-12 weeks. Both are great as drying aids. I tend to use Opti Seal more coz I find it easier to use and it works great on all surfaces. Yes durability, slickness and performance will drop if you use it as a drying aid on a wet car but you should see durability between 4-6 weeks using it like this. You can still use it the "traditional way" with a foam applicator after you dry the car to add more slickness & shine. Durability will increase obviously and it wont take more than 5min to do the entire car. Long story short....if you use it at least once a month your car will easily be protected till your next wash. Its been my favorite drying aid for a couple of years now and Ive still got half of the bottle left....along with 2 full bottles still waiting in my garage, one of them being the old version. Hope that clears out some things.
  4. Onr wash and wax dilution

    No not aggressive in any way...
  5. Onr wash and wax dilution

    I found out it depends on which water you are using (tap or distilled). With tap water it will lose color & some lubrication but with distilled it will be un-affected. If you are using ONR for the Garry Dean method I suggest you mix 2 gallons of distilled water and throw in as many towels as you can. That mix will be good for a couple of washes. Also put a lid or in any other way cover the bucket once you are done so that no airborne dust gets into your ONR mix.
  6. He has a new video about the wash/wax/clay method and why he thinks it doesnt work...problem being that clay doesnt remove traffic film and you are waxing over it. In a way he has a point but hes just over complicating things IMO.
  7. You are thinking corrrect...But I think Scott is a bit over reacting about certain things. I would like to see dr. G take this one!
  8. You dont need permision from us to do something to your own car...try it and see. If it works...great...if it doesnt than use a QD to aid lubrication to the towel. Also...no problem if you have to pre rinse the car...I also do that if I think the car is too dirty for a rinseless wash. There are no rules in detailing...find a way that you are comfortable with and stick with it...if problems (swirls) occur think what you could do better and make the change like are thinking right now with the air dryer
  9. Hyper Polish

    Yes it should be OK
  10. Brand new car headlights

    Or just apply opti coat or gloss coat instead ... It would be ashame to sand away the factory clear... I mean... Its there to protect the lenses so letit do its job.
  11. Brand new car headlights

    Ive heard what Ive said from the OPT podcast when Yvan was talking about it.
  12. Hello from South Europe

    Its OK for when you need it but close it tightly afterwards. Moisture is the one that must not come into contact with the coating...youll know if it does coz it will turn into gel soon enough. I use a basic short pile. Waiting 3-5 min is perhaps too much...I would instead say you remove it after it flashes about 75-80%. That can happen rather quickly if its hot and slower if its colder.
  13. Brand new car headlights

    No...opti-lens is created to bond to polyurethane plastic once you remove the factory protection. Its best used on old cars that have faded or yellowed headlight and they need to be repaired. Gloss coat or Opti coat is best suited for new headlights as the they are clear coated and one or the other coating will bond to the clear. Or car wax for that matter would be also fine. You would just have to apply it more often.
  14. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Ive actually done this a while back...I was comparing OPT opti seal to a dedicated glass sealant Angelwax H2go. Angelwax on the left driver half and OPT opti seal on the right passenger side.
  15. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Yes it can and it does a preety good job for about a week. If you wash your car and apply it weekly you dont need anything else on glass. Its also very good on side glass as it performs and lasts longer.
  16. Gloss coat marking

    No you cant. Multiple layers of waxes, sealants & cpatings dont really fill much. Its best to lightly polish and reapply lsp or just live with it knowing you are one of the 99.99% who has scratches on the car.
  17. Easyest way is to open a Imgur account...upload pics there and copy pic url to any forum you want.
  18. Hello from South Europe

    I dont think so.
  19. Applying opti seal with microfiber towel

    Yeah it does...like boiler said...that is a good sign to spray more. The squeaky sound ussually doesnt bother me coz I still get coverage on the surface...once that drops off thats when I reapply opti seal.
  20. Applying opti seal with microfiber towel

    Really??? I think you are applying enough opti-seal. I put 1-2 sprays on the yellow applicator and it glides ontop of the surface! Once it starts being grabby that is when I apply more opti-seal.
  21. Applying opti seal with microfiber towel

    Sure you can...infact I ussually use it as a drying aid with a quess what...a drying microfiber towel. ...BUT...you will get a more even coat and use less product using a foam applicator.
  22. Optimum Zentool Dual Action Polisher

    Dann and Yvan talked about this on the podcast. Dann used to polish on hi speed but noticed once he turned the speed down he actually achieved better cutting from the polish. From my experience I never went higher than 4,5 on my DA polisher.
  23. Yes it does slowly kill suds but add lubricity and cleaning power. Like Guz noted it also works as a water softener.
  24. Storage of Hyper Compound sprayer

    That would be a good idea. I did get some clogging issue with my Intensive polish but not with the Hyper polish. Remember to shake the bottle often.
  25. Opti clean as a drying aid?

    Nah...waste of opti clean. Use opti seal, ocw or oid instead. Opti seal is my favorite.