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  1. I read in a post by yvan where he stated MDR can be diluted 4:1 to decontaminate a surface that may have minerals clinging on to the surface. He was referring to a coating that may have lost its water sheeting characteristics. Is this effective on water spots? Or just surface contaminated with minerals? 4 parts water:1 part MDR?
  2. I was reading instructions online for onr ww. It doesnt state specifically that this product can be used for clay lube... just that you mix it in 1:256 for wash. Common sense tells me this product probably has the same dilution ratios for clay lube or quick detailer as regular ONR. Am I wrong? i also read that the quick detailer ratio was 8oz ONR:1 gallon. on the forum here i now read 10oz:1gallon when did it change?
  3. Was watching a clip on obsessed garage where there was mention about water spots coming back if you were to try and polish them. Can someone please explain why?
  4. I know this forum and many other places throughout the web have spoken about proper Curing times for the various protection products from Optimum. I was hoping for a sticky thread where it will state proper curing times like for Gloss Coat, Opti Seal, Optimum Car Wax, Opti Lens, Opti Glass etc. For Gloss Coat I know that it can touch water in 1 hour, can be wash after 7 days with car soap, and no chemicals touching the gloss coat until at least 30 days. What about things like opti seal after gloss coat to protect it after application? I read many of Gus's posts where he says put opti seal 1 hour after gloss coat has been applied. Is this the official word from optimum? Or how long after Opti seal can Optimum Car Wax be applied?
  5. Okay i guess i should rephrase my question. I am wondering if i can work the product as long as i want and stop whenever i like without problems just like a Smat product would?
  6. Wondering if gps is a smart product? i hear all the spray correction products from optimum can be used as a smat because I don't have to work it all the way like a dat product.
  7. I'm trying to look for Opti-Eraser Fine grade, and it seems like very few places carry it in stock at this time. Even Amazon, I can only find the Aggressive Grade, no fine grade to be found anywhere.
  8. Can this product neutralize OPC if OPC was used in the carpet/cloth material first?
  9. is there a way to neutralize the pH of OPC .....if you don't rinse it? Meguiars has a Tanin stain/Fiber Rinse product that is design to follow APC use when APC is used for carpet/cloth cleaning.
  10. I would probably spray the car down with onr one more time and wipe over all surfaces with BRS one more time, before going in for a quick wax and plush microfiber towel dry (i am not a fan of waffle weave)
  11. so did you use ONR to wash? I thought ONR was suppose to help prevent marring when you dry.
  12. Does BRS work with the ONRWW? On Autogeek's direction, it states to use Towels.
  13. So you still used Ultimate Polish...and it didn't cause issues?
  14. I would like to see Opti Seal upgrade in performance and speed of sheeting (like the performance of collinite 845) as oppose to looking so slow to sheet like if there was no wax on the panel. Also add UV inhibitors like in CAR WAX, that way you are also feeding the clear coat and replenishing the UV. Why have Car Wax and Opti Seal...when you can just make Optiseal the only WOWA sealant that actually has incredible water performance and UV inhibitors? Also ONR upgrade for no staining on media.
  15. Tried using a trigger spray on a similar bottle (opti bond dressing 32 oz bottle), and the straw just didn't reach the bottom, even though the trigger fit nicely. Its a shame, cause the bottles they put the stuff in are so nice.