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  1. Applying opti seal with microfiber towel

    I find the yellow applicator pad to be too rough/grabby on paint. I havent used dual pro applicator or the blue applicator yet.
  2. It seems OS was designed to work with an "applicator pad" since it is a wait till flash away type of product. Was wondering if there would be a problem spraying onto a microfiber towel and apply? Would the microfiber towel need to be primed with a couple sprays to limit too much product being absorbed when wiping?
  3. ONR And Stubborn Water Spots

    I was curious , was listening to the podcast and that ONR was mentioned being allowed to dry on the car, just reactivate it with more onr spray. If i use tap water mixed with onr at 256:1, and the car gets hit with sunlight and dried those areas, will there be no water spot damage?
  4. I have a meguiars g110v2. It works okay and gets what i need done. I want to switch my meguiars soft buff 2.0 7 inch and 4 inch pads to optimum 5.5 and 3.25 waffle pads. I want to know what backing plate should i be looking for to fit these pads with my DA polisher? Since im not using zentool and vented backing plate, i was looking to see if there are any ventilated backing plates. I see that griots garage has a 5 inch ventilated backing plate. Hoping this would fit the 5.5 inch waffle pad. Im assuming my meguiars DPB3 plate will work with the 3.25 waffle pad?
  5. MDR diluted 4:1?

    I read in a post by yvan where he stated MDR can be diluted 4:1 to decontaminate a surface that may have minerals clinging on to the surface. He was referring to a coating that may have lost its water sheeting characteristics. Is this effective on water spots? Or just surface contaminated with minerals? 4 parts water:1 part MDR?
  6. I was reading instructions online for onr ww. It doesnt state specifically that this product can be used for clay lube... just that you mix it in 1:256 for wash. Common sense tells me this product probably has the same dilution ratios for clay lube or quick detailer as regular ONR. Am I wrong? i also read that the quick detailer ratio was 8oz ONR:1 gallon. on the forum here i now read 10oz:1gallon when did it change?
  7. Do not polish off water spot?

    Was watching a clip on obsessed garage where there was mention about water spots coming back if you were to try and polish them. Can someone please explain why?
  8. I know this forum and many other places throughout the web have spoken about proper Curing times for the various protection products from Optimum. I was hoping for a sticky thread where it will state proper curing times like for Gloss Coat, Opti Seal, Optimum Car Wax, Opti Lens, Opti Glass etc. For Gloss Coat I know that it can touch water in 1 hour, can be wash after 7 days with car soap, and no chemicals touching the gloss coat until at least 30 days. What about things like opti seal after gloss coat to protect it after application? I read many of Gus's posts where he says put opti seal 1 hour after gloss coat has been applied. Is this the official word from optimum? Or how long after Opti seal can Optimum Car Wax be applied?
  9. Gps smart?

    Okay i guess i should rephrase my question. I am wondering if i can work the product as long as i want and stop whenever i like without problems just like a Smat product would?
  10. Gps smart?

    Wondering if gps is a smart product? i hear all the spray correction products from optimum can be used as a smat because I don't have to work it all the way like a dat product.
  11. I'm trying to look for Opti-Eraser Fine grade, and it seems like very few places carry it in stock at this time. Even Amazon, I can only find the Aggressive Grade, no fine grade to be found anywhere.
  12. Can this product neutralize OPC if OPC was used in the carpet/cloth material first?
  13. OPC to clean carpets?

    is there a way to neutralize the pH of OPC .....if you don't rinse it? Meguiars has a Tanin stain/Fiber Rinse product that is design to follow APC use when APC is used for carpet/cloth cleaning.
  14. Big Red Sponge for ONR?

    I would probably spray the car down with onr one more time and wipe over all surfaces with BRS one more time, before going in for a quick wax and plush microfiber towel dry (i am not a fan of waffle weave)
  15. Big Red Sponge for ONR?

    so did you use ONR to wash? I thought ONR was suppose to help prevent marring when you dry.