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  1. Spent quite sometime looking at the options for this product but so far the best option would appear to be waiting for someone to bring this into the UK. I will see if Santa will bring me a bottle
  2. Maybe there is an opportunity to rename some of the products i.e. Poliseal, why not just call it Paint Cleaner or Opti Paint Cleaner to avoid confusion for those of us who are easily confused.
  3. Sorry Brad, it was not my intention to create any confusion. Hopefully Ron's answer answered your question. I guess I was just trying to say there would have been some advantage in using Paint Prep but there are other effective methods of preparing the surface.
  4. Finally received permission to buy this product from swmbo. No one had this for sale in the UK so had a look at the OPT European distributor. This failed as a bottle would cost me over $50 so will now go back to waiting for someone to sell it in UK
  5. A&J, great idea. Just tried this whilst polishing my shoes, works very well indeed. Only day will try it on the car
  6. I have only used the CarPro cloths with Dlux and loved them. As an aside and I really need to find the reference but somewhere on here there is a thread about using Paint Prep and how it also contains a primer to help optigloss bond and level itself
  7. New version of Optiseal? About time. I have rambled on before about how I believe the competition has caught up with Optiseal so it would be great to see a new version
  8. Welcome to the forum. I can only see a small part of the order but can see the total cost! Only bit of advice I can offer is most of the products only require a small amount to work their best
  9. Just stumbled across this video which some may find interesting
  10. Thanks Ron. Whilst the podcast is without doubt very informative, it does not really talk about how the abrasives work
  11. Thank you. Much easier to read
  12. Ron, maybe the abrasive technology is an ideal topic for the podcast
  13. Thanks, zooming makes a big difference but I am not keen on doing this on a regular basis as this is the only site I have trouble reading. Ron, I do hope Shay can improve things for me although I accept I appear to be the only one struggling to read the text
  14. Not sure what the technology is but GPS is very easy to use. You can polish for as long or as short as you wish
  15. I think I can help here, just send the OCP to me instead I guess it is just me who is struggling to read the text in this forum? This is somewhat baffling as it is the only forum I find hard to read.