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  1. I do remember Chris talking about this issue and I take your point but this does seem to be a recurring issue. I wish I had a great and simple answer but as things stand, the labels can create confusion
  2. No Soap, that is a good suggestion, adding a date would be helpful. Things are also complicated when retailers also refer to the new formula which may have been several years ago. Not suggesting they are doing this for any underhanded reasons, it is more likely they just do not update their copy as often as they should
  3. I would guess it is an older bottle as the ONR also says new formula and that had its last big tweak five years ago.
  4. Using GPS with the MF pad also works very well on dirty leather. Key lesson, spray the pad outside the car.
  5. Does the BRS need to be soaked before using or can it be simply dunked in ONR and is instantly ready?
  6. Red, welcome to the OPT forum
  7. Sorry everyone I seemed to have created some confusion (again), I was thinking about the training in Memphis rather than anywhere else although I do like the idea of more local training but fully accept it would probably not be a profitable session here in the UK.
  8. Whilst I would love to attend the training events their is the minor issue of money but another issue is the apparent focus on professionals. I know from the podcast their has been the odd session which has had a lot of amateurs but the majority of sessions are for professionals. I have no interest in becoming a professional detailer and so spending a lot of money who not make a lot of sense for me. I do wonder if there are others who feel the same way and so would there be an advantage in some consumer based training?
  9. I use slightly higher dilution ratio but fully support the idea of a single spray per panel is normally enough. If you get streaking it is normally due to using too much product
  10. I think another issue is the type of wax you are applying after OCW. A traditional paste wax may contain enough solvents to weaken or remove the OCW. Of course, some may suggest you may be happy with OCW on its own
  11. Ferrex might be worth considering for the wheels and maybe an annual deep clean plus maybe some MDR if you get a lot of water spots
  12. Think I am going to be the dissenter on this, my view is cleaners can be fantastic but yet to find a cleaner which can make the paint feel as smooth as a mild clay. Maybe it is the extra physical contact which removes some of the bonded (in the loosest sense of the word) dirt. Not tried Paint Prep or MDR so if OPT want to send me a full set of chemicals I will happily test them against claying
  13. Good question, if we assume poliseal has a similar abrasive level to GPS then it will be very mild but I do wonder how it would compare to the finishing polish, which I have not tried
  14. Street lights or the lighting at a petrol station can be a very cheap way of inspecting your paint. Have a look at this thread Heavy swirls which has no OPT products but does show some heavy swirls It is very very easy to become obsessed by swirls. Ideally on a show car there will be none but on a normal car it is wiser to remove the worst of them. Which begs the question how do I know how many to remove? This is easy, the only standard you need to meet is your standards.
  15. If your paint feels nice and smooth then you could skip claying. Power Clean is obviously a good cleaner but it is not a perfect substitute for claying. Ferrex and MDR would also help get the paint clean but if you have not clayed before it can make a noticeable difference to the smoothness of the paint.