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  1. The Zaino QD is great in the house and on the car however, ONR works out to be vastly cheaper and requires less effort but the Zaino has a nicer smell.
  2. Brad, just to echo the above points, use whatever products make you comfortable. I like ONR as it is quicker and easier than a traditional shampoo and I only use one bucket (no grit guard) but if the Car Shampoo does everything you want from a shampoo then keep on using it. Pre washing with ONR could also help. ONR is also a great light interior cleaner and I also use it for dusting duties in our home. To quote Beau from many many years ago on Autopia, "...detailing is meant to be enjoyable" so just use whatever products you fancy
  3. "The polymers in ONR can be painted over and will cause no issue". https://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/auto-detailing-101-a/48109-could-you-use-onr-used-paint-prep.html
  4. I use a cheap noodle mitt with ONR. Not tried the fancy sponges i.e. BRS, as there are very very expensive by the time they reach the UK. I have also used a MF cloth which worked well but you need a lot of them. I suspect almost any washing material would do a good job.
  5. Difference between GPS and poli-seal

    I would be happy to use either product. If I was forced to use one by hand then maybe I would choose Poliseal which I think was recently tweaked. Spot pads are perfect for lips and dips plus you can lower the speed of a polisher in these areas to reduce the risks. Nothing wrong with working by hand as long as your expectations are not for perfection
  6. Glass Coating prep and application

    I may be wrong but I think you can use the car in the rain after a few hours
  7. My favourite glass cleaner is made by a British company but the bottle design is poor. It is common for the contents to 'burp' after it has been applied to a cloth. This can be a tad frustrating, it is not a huge amount of product but I prefer the contents of a bottle to stay put after using them.
  8. A&J, as I understand it, the polymers in ONR can be painted over. However, I fully agree with you on the whole polymers leaving protection or not. There is confusing messages about it. This is not rare in smaller organisations where communications are often informal whereas in a large organisation the communications will tend to be much more considered but there are many other disadvantages to being a large organisation. Brad, it took me a while to get used to the idea that ONR would clean and not damage my paint. I would take some reassurance that ONR has been out for over a decade and the forums are not full of people saying their paint is damaged. I have used the Car Wash (I would call it OCW but this is the same acronym as the wax, OPT need to sort out their naming conventions ) and it is a nice, gentle product and for those who want the traditional approach to washing then the Car Wash is a great product to own. Might be worth considering using the traditional shampoo and alternating with ONR when the paint is not very dirty or just use ONR for the interior or a pre treatment. I have not tried this with the Car Wash but I have added some ONR to a traditional shampoo to boost lubrication and soften the water. It does work very well but kills most of the suds, maybe it would be worth mixing ONR with the Car Shampoo for when your in the mood for experimentation
  9. I have had a few problems with spray heads, Hyper polish (twice) and OPP. Hyper polish heads were quickly replaced by the retailer and I used a CarPro head for the Protectant Plus, which I thought did a better job. Once lost half a bottle of Car Pro Eraser in the boot of my car. That took a while to clean and remove the smell. The lesson I learnt from Eraser is to give the top a quick tighten to make sure the shipping has not loosened it
  10. Hyper spray on spot pads

    The consensus is one spray is all that is required when using the Hyper sprays, this is for a normal size pad but what about spot pads or even the tiny pads for iBrids. Presumably one spray would be far too much?
  11. Apex Detail testing

    Only just watched this video. I enjoyed it, the one thing which stood out for me was even after all those chemicals were used on both products, you could still see the area where neither sealant was used. I have said it before, the competition has caught up with Opti-Seal and whilst it would be great to see a comparison with Hyper Seal, it would simply be a matter of interest. I cannot easily buy Hyper Seal so as a consumer Opti-Seal is my only choice for a sealant from OPT. Obviously it is still a good product and I still use it and will continue to recommend it but it no longer stands out from the competition.
  12. Do abrasives remain suspended in a narrow tube?

    Thank you
  13. The instructions on the Hyper polish range say to shake the product before using it. Yvan suggests adding stainless steel bearings to help agitate the polish before using it. My question is what happens to the abrasives in the pick up pipe if left to stand for sometime. Do the abrasives remain suspended in the liquid or do they migrate their way to the bottom of the bottle?
  14. Hyper spray on spot pads

    A&J, my Hyper spray bottle is also white at the top! You must have a technique I have not found, I get can a dribble or full spray only. No Soap, you are of course correct in smaller pads will get clogged up faster but OPT and most other suppliers warn against using too much product as it will reduce the effectiveness of the polishing. The reason for asking was not that I have a product but thought it might be useful to someone in the future who is using these tiny pads
  15. Do abrasives remain suspended in a narrow tube?

    Sorry for the delay in responding, all my computers are conspiring against me. Interesting idea about flushing the spray, does one spray clear the pick up tube (no idea of its correct name) or would you end up with a couple of sprays on the pad?
  16. ONR Drying

    Completely agree. This video is part of a series which shows how safe ONR is in the real world
  17. Always tread carefully when it comes to headliners, too much water can damage it. Assuming it is not very dirty then you can often get away with wiping with a damp MF cloth. I have used ONR but not tried opti-clean but it should work.
  18. Synergy/Compatibility Regarding ONR/WW + Wax/Opti Seal

    I have used OCW over many different (non OPT) products and it worked fine on all of them. OCW is not a fussy product, just clean the surface and spray it.
  19. Synergy/Compatibility Regarding ONR/WW + Wax/Opti Seal

    I have not tried ONRWW on my interior but have used it many times for cleaning the surfaces on my house. It works well, adds a little sheen to the surface but will not change the nature of the surface i.e. a matte surface will not become glossy. Opti-Seal -v- Reload is an interesting one. I would happily recommend either product to anyone. Reload will last longer but requires a little more effort. Not tried Reload on the interior but Opti-seal does work quite well. One of the big advantages of the OPT product line is all the products work very well together. You can apply the sealant (Opti-Seal) on top of the wax, which is normally a bad idea for other brands. I bought my bottle of Opti-Seal about 4 years ago, I use it a lot and still have half a bottle. For those on a limited budget, Opti-Seal makes a good buy, you can use it on most surfaces and the bottle will last a very very long time
  20. Duffer5, did you get this sorted. My first thought was to take it back to whoever applied the coating and let them have a look. My second thought was from experience with other glass coatings and sometimes applying the coating to very clean wiper blades can help
  21. Ocw and Oid

    No problem with that approach, done it this way many times with OCW
  22. Synergy/Compatibility Regarding ONR/WW + Wax/Opti Seal

    Just as an aside, ONR etc works very well with Reload. This is a nice product which has good durability. OCW will not last as long but given how easy it is to use with the added benefits of UV protection and boosting the paints UV protection, it is a very good choice
  23. New user trying to formulate a plan

    All sounds good to me. If your detailer is a OPT authorised detailer then they should be able to give you direct help with any of the products
  24. Detailing Business Owner - Portland, OR

    Welcome to the forum Sean, I am sure you can offer lots of insights into using OPT products. One small suggestion to look at efficiency, video your self washing the car and look for any obvious processes which are not really adding anything
  25. Synergy/Compatibility Regarding ONR/WW + Wax/Opti Seal

    Use ONR at the standard rate 1:256 for interior cleaning. ONR does not mind if the surface is plastic, paint or leather. ONR is a great starting point but depending on how dirty the interior is, you may need something stronger like Power Clean. However ONR with a short nap MF cloth can get most interior surfaces very clean. If the paint is failing in a couple of places then polishing may not be a good start, clean and then apply OCW or Opti-Seal (or both)