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  1. Yes it can. Check out the video wash, clay, wax from the rag company YouTube channel. It is recommended to use optimum car wax with the clay towel to not have marrig occur. Another option is to chemical decontaminate the paint. Yvan and Dann go over that on the podcast dated 2/1/2017.
  2. The question "should" is relative to each person. ONR is good on it's own. The polymers in the solution aid you in drying as they protect and shine the paint. But if you wish to use a QD then by all means go right ahead. You can technically use any QD you want to as the self cleaning effect of OCP+ will shed it. If you wish to stick with an Optimum product, then Instant Gloss Detailer is a good choice. It will add some real nice gloss. Another option is using opti-seal as a drying aid. ONR Wash & Wax is perfectly fine to use on OCP+. It will leave wax behind but nothing that will affect the performance of OCP+. You are correct that the self cleaning effect of OCP+ will shed what is applied on top of it. Sure you can use D156. Just be aware that D156 at times can attract dust. Still a good product that will add some shine. Are you asking about drying with ONR or a bucket wash? The reason I ask if it is ONR is because ONR will leave polymer spots and not water spots. As I mentioned you can use Opti-Seal as a drying aid. Instant Gloss Detailer works well as a drying aid and stand alone.
  3. I would just clean them every so often and not worry about coating them.
  4. What I have found it is the following Gloss Coat - allow 1 hour in between coats. Wait one hour to top it with opti-seal Opti Seal - Allow 90 minutes before topping it with Instant Detailer. OCW topped with Opti-seal or vice versa can be applied right away as Lowejackson mentioned. Opti Lens - Allow 1 hour before topping it with opti-seal
  5. Welcome to OPT.
  6. A harbor freight DA and some pads won't set you back that much and is somewhat cost effective. Sure you can use opti seal or car wax on the wheels. It may not last long due to the heat exhibited in that area. You would get even better results by coating them gloss coat. It will be more durable than opti seal or car wax.
  7. Welcome to the OPT forum.
  8. Welcome to the OPT forum
  9. Glad to hear you were able to restore the behavior. Also glad you found my channel. My review was taken down on the Adams forum and thus I never went back to that forum. They did not like to see the truth about the product not working as they intended it to be used. If there are swirls well the only way to fix them is too polish them off and re-coat. Or trying out essence plus. Should work. I've used it as well and it does fill in to a point and lasts a couple months in terms of hydrophobic properties. The fillers have lasted longer than the layer or protection left behind.
  10. I am in agreement. Was a prep wipe with optimum paint prep or IPA done after polishing to remove the polishing oils from the paint so the coating bonds to the paint? Toss that Adams strip wash in the trash. Does not work. I have a video on my YouTube channel and it does not work. Anyway it leaves residue behind. Wash the car with a better soap like optimum car wash, reset or even ONR. On your next decon wash, stick with ferrex and just add a little APC into the wash solution. Much better. Listen to the optimum synergy podcast dated on 2/1/2017. Around the 20 min mark Yvan covers a decon wash.
  11. I was looking for the photo in the optimum Facebook group with the sponge being all shriveled up after one person let it dry out. Couldn't find it.
  12. Nothing. Will need to be resoaked so it absorbs the ONR again.
  13. Recommended to soak it overnight before using it. When you are done, then leave it in the solution so it does not dry out.
  14. I agree with the others to leave it as is. If it has not failed yet stick with it. I would have to disagree with paint prep not being special. It has the lubricity that IPA doesn't have. It also helps gloss coat level out. I've never liked using IPA. How long was the AIO on there? I doubt the protection left behind is not very durable. Just the nature of an AIO. What I'm getting at is it could have been so degraded that paint prep did take it off. By the way stick with the foam applicator that comes with gloss coat. I found it works better that the suede and block applicator.
  15. It may or may not. Polishing will certainly remove it.