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  1. I was looking for the photo in the optimum Facebook group with the sponge being all shriveled up after one person let it dry out. Couldn't find it.
  2. Nothing. Will need to be resoaked so it absorbs the ONR again.
  3. Recommended to soak it overnight before using it. When you are done, then leave it in the solution so it does not dry out.
  4. I agree with the others to leave it as is. If it has not failed yet stick with it. I would have to disagree with paint prep not being special. It has the lubricity that IPA doesn't have. It also helps gloss coat level out. I've never liked using IPA. How long was the AIO on there? I doubt the protection left behind is not very durable. Just the nature of an AIO. What I'm getting at is it could have been so degraded that paint prep did take it off. By the way stick with the foam applicator that comes with gloss coat. I found it works better that the suede and block applicator.
  5. It may or may not. Polishing will certainly remove it.
  6. Welcome to the forum. The car looks great. As far as maintenance products: Optimum No Rinse (ONR) is good to have Optimum Car Wash is good if you like to do 2 bucket washes Optimum Instant Detailer works very well with Gloss Coat. Leaves great gloss. Some like to use Opti-Seal as a drying aid.
  7. This is the post I was thinking about. It is going to fill and not correct.
  8. Ron answered it best. Abrasives will either remove it or diminish it. Essence plus is another option.
  9. What are you trying to achieve? The abrasives in the polish are going to be what is removing the coating.
  10. An abrasive polish will likely remove the coating. If you plan to use M205 be sure to wipe down the paint a few times to remove the polishing oils. I would recommend paint prep over IPA. IPA does not have great lubricity.
  11. Going to play a little devils advocate here. This was one of the latest videos that was posted on the rag company youtube channel. Around the 15 min mark Levi holds up a pluffle which clearly has some light dirt in it. Again around the 15:25 mark Yvan folds his towel and again there is some dirt on it. So there is going to be some light dirt pick up. The sponge is not going to get everything. Pre-soaking does help on the dirtier areas.
  12. It is ok to see some light dirt transfer on the towel. You should not be seeing that much on your towel. As Ron pointed out, how dirty was the car. ONR is encapsulating the dirt making it safe to be removed from the paint. Just flip to a clean side of the towel if you get a little dirt on it.
  13. No problem. Gloss Coat is a great coating. I've used quite a few and it's by far at the top for me in terms of overall performance and ease of application. Optimum has come out with their version of PPF film. It can go over coated paint and be coated over. With XPEL I'm 99% certain that the coating would have to be polished off so the film adheres to the paint.
  14. Optimum recommends using optimum car wax and ONR to clay gloss coat. The reason for this is the car wax sprays on thicker than a clay lube to reduce the chance of marring as well as not impacting the performance of the coating. Very little pressure is recommended. Cleaner waxes, compounds or polishes are not recommended. Pretty much anything with abrasives as that will remove the coating. Chemical cleaners are fine like an APC o r MDR. There is always a misconception about coatings being bulletproof. For example they are not scratch proof but rather scratch resistant. Hence they help with wash induced marring over a traditional wax or sealant. But coatings can be swirled if not properly maintained. The biggest pro is that they are more durable than a wax or sealant and offer longer protection. But like a wax or sealant, the coating will still get contaminated. That is all dependent on the area one lives in and whether the car is stored inside or outside. Too many variables. It is true that the paint will look cleaner longer and it won't get contaminated as quick as a wax or sealant. Not to mention how much better it looks as well as how easy it is to maintain. I would recommend a decon wash 1-2 times a year. Very simple to do and a good way to restore the beading and sheeting of gloss coat. Contaminants can mask those two aspects. Ferrex is paint safe so no need to worry about that. It will attack the iron fall out that has found it's way onto and into the paint. Claying removes some but not the embedded particles. That's the paraphrased version. There are a couple ways to decontaminate. The wash, clay, wax method which is the mechanical way and the chemical way. This podcast has all of that info around the 20 min mark. I highly recommend listening to the podcast. Episode 6 is a must listen. Some of the recent Q&A ones with Dr. G are good as well.
  15. These two covered it very well. Opti-Seal has many uses as A&J has stated. As he mentioned, opti-seal is recommended 1 hour after the last coat of gloss coat to protect gloss coat during the 7 day curing time frame. You can technically top Gloss Coat with whatever you want. You can wax over it if you wish to. It's just not really needed. But opti-seal, instant detailer and OPT car wax will add slickness to the paint as well as gloss. Gloss Coat like most coatings are not that slick to the touch. They have that plastic/rubbery feel. Heck I have used CarPro Ech2o (QD ratio) over gloss coat with no issues. It sure did leave some nice gloss and slickness after I used it. So feel free to use what you like. These are the photos I took after an ONR wash and Ech2o QD wipedown. Gloss Coat is coming up at 9 months for me and performing like day one. In these photos Gloss Coat had been on for 6 months. Same goes for a car shampoo. You can use whichever product you like. Optimum car wash is a very nice car wash. It does have a little bit of polymers as well. Nothing significant. But it does have some of the frothiest suds of any wash I have used. I have used Meguiar's Hyper Wash and CarPro Reset as well and they do not alter the performance of gloss coat. ONR for me is just so convenient to use on a weekly basis that I rarely bucket wash these days. Part of that was because of the drought here in Southern California which forced me to go rinseless/waterless. As far as a waterless wash, I am not a fan of ONR in that regard. Feels a bit grabby for me. Same when used as a quick detailer. Instant detailer feels much better when it comes to a quick detailer due to the slickness left behind. Opti-Clean is a waterless wash and feels better than ONR as a waterless wash. Give ONR a try as a waterless wash and see if you like it. If not you always have opti-clean as an option. OPT car wax is really optional. The one reason to have it in your arsenal is when it comes to decontaminate gloss coat using the wash, clay, wax method. It's also fresh paint safe so if you happen to have a repaint you can use it safely. I have it in my arsenal. But I would recommend investing in ferrex for not only prepping the paint but also for when it comes to decontaminating the paint coating down the road. Anyway no need to overthink it. Experiment and have fun