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  1. Pre soak, lubrication

    The initial ONR pre-spray seems like a waste of ONR. Especially if you are going to blast the surface with a pressure washer. Here's an even simpler process 1. Rinse 2. Wash 3. Dry 4. Done No need to over think it or over complicate things. The pluffle is a fine drying towel. It absorbs water better than an edgeless towe such as the TRC eagle edgelessl.
  2. Yes you can add ONR into your soap bucket. It will act as a water softner but limit the amount of suds produced.
  3. Opti clean as a drying aid?

    I agree. The other options are better as a drying aid.
  4. There is no wrong way to approach the wash with either the so called Gary Dean method or the BRS. The BRS is just as good as using multiple microfibers to keep your garage "clean". This is from personal experience. One pro for the BRS is that I don't have a dozen microfibers piled up waiting to be washed. With regards to the pre-spray. Opti-clean works fine but I would use that for what it is and that is a waterless wash for in between washes. I would just dunk a spray bottle into the ONR mixture and use that as a pre-spray. It is more cost effective and works just as good. OID works fine as a drying aid. Opti-Seal and car wax works as well and both leave protection behind. Eagle Edgeless towels are prefect for a rinseless wash. As a drying aid you may want to consider the pluffle or the twistress. These two towels work better to dry over the eagle edgeless. ONR can absolutely be used weekly. It can easily replace a traditional bucket wash if used on a regular basis. I do it all the time.
  5. Brand new car headlights

    One thing I forgot to mention is to look into xpel. They make pre-cut headlight protection film that is quite thick. Then one can coat over the film as an optional step to have the hydrophobic properties. Or possibly the shop you are going to sells the new optimum paint protection film. That will keep the headlights looking good for a long time. I currently have xpel on my new headlights with a coating on the film. Will also keep them from getting pitted from highway driving.
  6. Brand new car headlights

    For new headlights I would just have them use pro plus on them. If the headlights needed some sort of restoration then opti-lens would be the way to go.
  7. Glass coat

    This is what happened to mine after one use and putting it away. I would recommend flushing the sprayer out after using it.
  8. Glass coat

    Yes it clogs. Middle of a detail and it's barely squirting out of the nozzle. Its a pain to work with. It's a good glass coating but needs a to be more user friendly on buffing off high spots.
  9. Decon wash

    On this podcast episode Yvan and Dann speak about the chemical decon wash as well. It is around the 20 min mark. Here are the highlights. Pre-Wash with ONR MDR at 3:1. Safe to use around glass and trim. Can be sprayed over the ONR surface. Let dwell for 3-5 mins. Do not let dry. Agitate if heavily contaminated by using a microfiber towel (plush towel/long nap) that has been soaked in the ONR bucket. Go around the entire vehicle with the towel on the ONR/MDR surface mix. Do not place the towel back into the ONR bucket. Power Clean at 3:1. Keep it off glass. Let it dwell for a couple minutes. Agitate with a microfiber towel soaked in ONR. Do not put towel back into ONR bucket. Rinse. Rinse with hose water. Ferrex. Can agitate with ONR damp microfiber Rinse. Final Rinse. All steps do not have to be done. Depends on how contaminated the surface is. I personally like use Ferrex as the first step on the dry paint even with dirt on the surface. The reason for this is to get the full performance out of it instead of being diluted with water on the surface. I will then rinse it with water to get all the ferrex off the surface. Then depending on the contaminants, I would either use power clean and/or MDR. Start with ferrex first. That may be all you need to do. There is also the mechanical decon using the wash, clay, wax method.
  10. NRWW and OCW

    Oops I made a typo. It should have read to use OCW as part of the wash, clay, wax method and not actually using OCW to wash. The wax in ONRWW is not as durable as the stand alone wax. So is it enough? Tough question to answer. OCW or even opti seal is not that expensive given how such little product goes a long way.
  11. NRWW and OCW

    You can use optimum car wax as clay lube to wash, clay, wax in one step. Check out the rag company youtube channel for that method.
  12. 2010 Camaro Coated with Gloss Coat

    When I first used it I was like it is so so. But after extended use I have to say it has become my favorite interior protectant. Leaves a great finish and as you stated very durable. Also does not attract much dust compared to other products. I just bought more.
  13. Pearl nap towel?

    Any low nap towel would be sufficient. The sweet spot is between 300-400.
  14. 2coats of opti gloss

    Sure you can. 1 coat is all you really need.
  15. OCW Cure time

    It is fine. Tell him to just enjoy it. You can always reapply it down the road as it is so easy to use.