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  1. Optimum does have their version of the suede applicators. I have used both the suede applicator and the blue foam applicator included with gloss coat. I actually used a little less with the blue foam applicator. There is a lot of misconception if it absorbing too much product. It actually does not. I did prefer the blue foam applicator. It was easier to handle compared to using the suede applicator and block. The suede applicator and block can feel clunky at times. These are some good reference videos oh gloss coat.
  2. Thanks. Tapatalk is nice because I have all of my detailing forums all in one area versus using the browser on my phone. Plus it's easier to load photos in tapatalk than it is through the browser of an iphone.
  3. Anyone else having log in issues with tapatalk?
  4. Unfortunately I don't have access to either of those. One of those is next on the list to get. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks. My aunt is happy with it.
  6. Very nice work. I really should try this product one day but laziness stops me from ordering from Europe as it is not sold in the UK. The Guz, I noticed your write up on another forum and just wanted to say you did a great job with that car, even if you used non OPT products I'm surprised it's not sold there. Thanks. The car came out great. I debated between that sealant or opti-seal and it was pretty much a coin flip.
  7. It was one heavy application of carpet cleaner on the fronts. Not as heavy on the rears. I did not want to run out of product lol. The scrubbing with the brush and cleaning up with a terry towel pulled up a lot of the dirt and grime. I kept pulling stuff out of the carpet. I could not believe how much stuff I was pulling off. Those terry towels were thrown away after. They were nasty. I should have taken a photo of how black they were. The previous carpet cleaners I had didn't do this good of a job. I previously used about 1/4 of the bottle before I used it on this one. I have about 1/4 of the 8oz bottle left after using it on these Lexus floor mats. I can see why it gets all this praise. It did an awesome job on these carpets. I think you will be happy with it. I am curious to see if the carpets will stay cleaner with the built in protectant.
  8. I had a bottle of this ready to use. I have tried it on my carpets but my carpets are clean so I could not really judge the products performance. Well I had the opportunity to give it a try on my aunt's lexus that had a pretty beat up interior. I don't think it's ever been cleaned since she bought it used lol. I used it straight undiluted. I must say that I was impressed with the cleaning power of this. I don't own an extractor. But even by hand the results were amazing. It just convinced me to buy the bigger size . Steps I did to clean the carpets: 1. Brushed off the carpets to remove any loose dirt. 2. Vacuumed 3. Sprayed with Optimum Carpet & Fabric Cleaner & Protectant 4. Agitated with a brush 5. Wiped with terry towels to remove the loose dirt 6. Vacuumed one last time before they went back in the car This is the passenger side carpet. I should have taken a photo of the drivers side. That one was worse. It came out as clean as this one. One of the rear carpets I touched up areas inside the actual car as well. Did a great job on those areas. Especially since the carpet is tan.
  9. Welcome to the forum
  10. Wash it by hand. I don't machine wash it. I spray APC, work it in with my hands and rinse the sponge out.
  11. That's a bit excessive as well as being one expensive wash. Each BRS is about $20. If using 2 buckets it is recommended to use the same dilution of ONR. There are lots of great videos on the rag company youtube channel discussing the BRS and ONR. One bucket is all that is really needed with a grit guard. Use the grit guard to agitate the sponge to release the dirt to the bottom of the bucket. I would also recommend cutting an inch of the legs of the grit guard to allow you to have more access to the ONR solution That was a tip from Yvan Lacroix. Works great. I clean my BRS every few washes with APC, massage it with my hands and then rinse it out. After that it goes back into a bucket of ONR with a gamma seal lid. Been doing this for 7 1/2 months now. I was skeptical at one time and somewhat resistant to using the BRS + ONR but after trying it, I don't see myself going back to the multi-microfiber approach. Here's an interesting photo I took as I was emptying my bucket to make another batch of ONR. This same solution had seen a handful of washes. The dirt is taken to the bottom of the bucket while the ONR solution is still clear. I am convinced at the science behind ONR.
  12. Welcome from another fellow Californian. Once you give the BRS a shot, your will completely change your mind. You made the first leap with ONR.
  13. 5 month update. Decided to give the car a decon wash. I messaged Dann Williams of optimum on how he does a decon wash. So he gave me some pointers. So thanks to him. For those that are interested in his decon wash process it is ferrex, wash, fine grade clay with optimum car wax. First thing was spraying down the paint with optimum ferrex. I sprayed it onto the paint dry to not dilute the product. This was the first time I used ferrex as I have been using ironx for the longest time. Ferrex has been stated to also remove tar based on it being discussed on the optimum synergy podcast. No way for me to test that as the car had no tar. Ferrex doing it's thing While I was at it, I performed a little test on the hood. I applied ferrex on the passenger side of the hood and the remaining ironx I had on the drivers side. Close up of the ferrex side Close up of the ironx side. Don't mind the red needles. They are from the trees on the street. The wind has been blowing them around. Both iron removers work. I felt ferrex performed a little better. Can't go wrong with either product. I did not take too many photos but I also mixed 2 ounces of Meguiar's D103 APC+ into my car wash solution (both in the foam gun and bucket) of optimum car wash to aid in removing the heavier built up road film. The sheeting of gloss coat is doing very well. The glass has a base layer of opti-glass coating that has been maintained monthly with opti-glass clean & protect. These are the products I used. Stuck with some synergy. Final shots after drying the car with the DP car dryer and a final wipe with optimum instant detailer. So within this 5 month time frame, the paint had developed contaminants. The car sits outside 24/7 so that is expected. It was not a lot as the car was not bleeding from using the iron removers. Ferrex performed well and removed a majority of the contaminants where I did not decide to clay. Paint felt smooth with my hand before I used the detail spray. Routine decon washes will work just as well until I decide to clay it. By the way gloss coat can be clayed with a fine grade mitt and optimum car wax. I will mention that within the 5 months, the car has been washed with ONR weekly. I did use carpro reset about 2-3 weeks ago just to break up my rinseless wash routine. I did use opti-seal once as a drying aid but I have gone to just using the instant detailer as gloss coat doesn't need any toppers. So far I am happy with gloss coat up to the 5 month mark.
  14. Sure thing. .