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  1. When I first used it I was like it is so so. But after extended use I have to say it has become my favorite interior protectant. Leaves a great finish and as you stated very durable. Also does not attract much dust compared to other products. I just bought more.
  2. I did a paint correction and coating on this Camaro back on 12/20/2015 A brief background. At the time my uncle had asked me if I could polish up his Camaro. He saw my previous work and I said sure. It turns out he was going to hand over the keys to his son for his 18th birthday. So to make this a little more special, I decided to not only correct it but to coat it with Gloss Coat. At the time the new version of gloss coat was introduced. It was a perfect opportunity to try it out. This was the first time I had used gloss coat but not the first time I used a coating. This is what it looked like when it was dropped off First up was cleaning up the interior. It just needed a good vaccum. I cleaned the floor mats as well as some touch ups to the cloth seats. I wiped down the interior (plastic, vinyl, rubber) and applied a non optimum protectant. Next up was using an iron remover to decontaminate the paint. Followed that up with a foam bath There was clearly no type of protection on this paint Pulled it into the garage and started to clay it. My uncle lives by a refinery so there was a lot of contamination on the paint. Moved onto my test spot with a polishing pad and polish. I used a non optimum polish. Before After There was some deeper defects that still remained so I opted to move up to a compound Another 50/50 of an area that was compounded One more After it was corrected and coated Once the correction was completed and the paint was wipedown with IPA, it was time to apply gloss coat Some afters after applying 2 coats of gloss coat This is not a true SS. My uncle found the badge at a local automotive swap meet and he put it on. We gave him a hard time about this lol. My 4th gen in the back of this 5th gen Cleaned up the engine bay as well. Once I was done I had kept the car for a few days until my cousins actual birthday. My uncle called me letting me know to drive over to his house. My cousin was surprised and was thrilled at how the car looked. His dad had told him the car was in for recall service. I set him up with a basic wash kit. I have him coming back soon for a maintenance wash to see how the coating is doing. But last I heard from both of them is that the car looks great and is easier to wash.
  3. Any low nap towel would be sufficient. The sweet spot is between 300-400.
  4. Sure you can. 1 coat is all you really need.
  5. It is fine. Tell him to just enjoy it. You can always reapply it down the road as it is so easy to use.
  6. Yes from personal experience I would say it needs some sort of maintenance product. Which is probably why hyper seal is being introduced.
  7. Gloss Coat is a hybrid coating consisting of SiO2 and SiC. According to Yvan of optimum, one advantage is that gloss coat does not require a rejuvenation type product to maintain it's properties.
  8. Since you are listening to the podcast, listen to the podcast episode dated on 2/21/2017 around the 20 min mark. It goes into detail on how to chemically decontaminate the paint. The wash, clay, wax method shown on the rag company youtube channel is the mechanical way. It is titled "The Man behind the Lab Coat and chemist, Dr. David Ghodoussi". Ron or someone else will have to answer your question about poli-seal.
  9. Yeah that was based on my post in the group. It's an interesting statement about M205. I've used it with other coatings and never had any issues so I am finding it hard to believe with what was written about M205. I do understand that at the end of the day each coating manufacturer is going to recommend using their products to correct and protect the paint. The so called synergy. Nothing wrong with that as it is meant to prevent issues of coating failure by not sticking with the product line. At the end of the day each manufacturer has to generate sales by pushing the product line. We shall see how it holds up on my dad's car. I used Rupes polishes on that one but used optimum paint prep.
  10. The reason I stayed away from IPA was due to it lacking lubrication which can lead to marring. IPA has also been known to soften paint. I am sure you are aware of all that since you know what you are doing. Well here is the thing. This is the first time I have washed it in 17 months to see how the coating has held up. For all I know it could have failed a lot sooner (6 months, 8 months, 12 months). I just don't know. With Optimum always stating it lasts up to 2 years when technically it is a 3 year coating is the part that is a bummer. I saw nowhere near those claims. It's a bummer not getting this type of performance. Perhaps this was just a fluke. Most people are happy with 12 months but with proper care one can get a sealant to last that long for cheaper. So that is where the debate is always comes up. I agree. A decon wash usually works well. But it was completely dead after trying the decon wash method described on the Opt Synergy Podcast. I'm hoping it was just a fluke. It's a little disheartening. We shall see how it holds up on my dad's. It will be coming up on a year in the next couple of weeks and I plan to give it a decon wash.
  11. This is an update on how the coating fared. It's been 17 months since I have seen this car. I had my uncle bring it by to do a decon wash to evaluate how gloss coat has been doing. I started off with the wheels and tires and then proceeded to spray Ferrex onto the painted surface. I let that sit for a few minutes. I rinsed it off and saw some unexpected behavior. So I proceeded with a wash. I used CarPro Reset to wash it. As I was done washing this is what I saw. Similar behavior as when I rinsed the surface free of ferrex. No beading or sheeting. Water was laying flat. Primarily on the flat surfaces. The sides were barely clinging on. Rear Quarter Hood Trunk Roof The only area that showed signs of life was the front bumper I dried the car off and then moved it into the garage thinking maybe it just had some built up road grime. On an episode of the optimum synergy podcast dated on 2/21/2017 there is a discussion on how to do a decon wash using Optimum MDR at 3:1 and Power Clean at 3:1 and agitate each step with a dampened towel in ONR. I won't go into too much detail on the steps. After this is done it is recommended to rinse the surface with water. I even did the so called wash, clay, wax method using optimum car wax and a fine grade clay towel on one area of the hood. I did the baggie test and there was not very much contaminants on the paint. I said lets give it another wash with Reset. Well same behavior. Gloss Coat has indeed failed on the above shown surfaces. It was barely clinging onto the sides. The front bumper was the only area that had any signs of life. Now this is the newest formula of Gloss Coat which is stated to last 3 years (36 months). Optimum guarantees it for 2 years (24 months). This is quite a disappointment that it did not even make it to 2 years before it failed. I asked my uncle was this taken to a tunnel wash or coin op wash. He said no and that he washes all the cars at home with Meguiar's Deep Crystal car shampoo. The weather here in Southern California has been dry for the most part. Other than December 2016 into around February/March 2017 time frame where it did rain more than usual. It is possible that Gloss Coat did not bond well as CarPro Eraser was used since Optimum Paint Prep was not out at the time. Anyway I could not let it leave with lack luster protection. I cleaned up the interior and protected it with GTechniq C6 Matte Dash Cleaned all the glass with McKee's 37 20/20. The back window had some nasty crud on it and turned my applicator brown. 20/20 is good stuff. Treated the trim Polished up the stainless steel tips Meghan of Autogeek sent me this tire gel to review. I went ahead and used it to get my thoughts ready for a review on the Autogeek forum. 1 coat in full sun on the rear tire. I did not buff it. It dried to the touch in about 20 mins. 1 coat on the front tire in full sun For protection I went ahead and just used opti-seal for the fact it is quick to use. I let it sit for an hour before I wiped it down with optimum instant gloss detailer. Recap, Gloss Coat has failed at the 17 month mark which is a little disappointing given that optimum guarantees it to last 2 years. Doesn't really give me confidence on how it will hold up on my dad's car that also has gloss coat. I hope it lasts longer than this. I told my uncle if he wants me to polish it later on I will do so. The paint is swirled out. My cousin is the owner of it so he has been taking over the maintenance of it in terms of washing the car at home. I came to the conclusion of not re-coating this car. If I ever work on it again it will either be a one step cleaner wax type product or a one step polish and seal. This will be the last update to this thread with regards to gloss coat.
  12. Opti Seal and Instant Gloss Detailer are both easy to use. Opti Seal will leave protection behind for a couple of weeks before the coating sheds it off. Opti-Seal is not the same protection. Yes they both protect paint but a coating is much more durable. It offers better chemical resistance, better resistance to bird droppings and better at handling wash induced marring. I can't comment on your winter as a winter here in Southern California is a mid to high 60's sunny day lol.
  13. Yes it can. Check out the video wash, clay, wax from the rag company YouTube channel. It is recommended to use optimum car wax with the clay towel to not have marrig occur. Another option is to chemical decontaminate the paint. Yvan and Dann go over that on the podcast dated 2/1/2017.
  14. The question "should" is relative to each person. ONR is good on it's own. The polymers in the solution aid you in drying as they protect and shine the paint. But if you wish to use a QD then by all means go right ahead. You can technically use any QD you want to as the self cleaning effect of OCP+ will shed it. If you wish to stick with an Optimum product, then Instant Gloss Detailer is a good choice. It will add some real nice gloss. Another option is using opti-seal as a drying aid. ONR Wash & Wax is perfectly fine to use on OCP+. It will leave wax behind but nothing that will affect the performance of OCP+. You are correct that the self cleaning effect of OCP+ will shed what is applied on top of it. Sure you can use D156. Just be aware that D156 at times can attract dust. Still a good product that will add some shine. Are you asking about drying with ONR or a bucket wash? The reason I ask if it is ONR is because ONR will leave polymer spots and not water spots. As I mentioned you can use Opti-Seal as a drying aid. Instant Gloss Detailer works well as a drying aid and stand alone.
  15. I would just clean them every so often and not worry about coating them.
  16. What I have found it is the following Gloss Coat - allow 1 hour in between coats. Wait one hour to top it with opti-seal Opti Seal - Allow 90 minutes before topping it with Instant Detailer. OCW topped with Opti-seal or vice versa can be applied right away as Lowejackson mentioned. Opti Lens - Allow 1 hour before topping it with opti-seal
  17. Welcome to OPT.
  18. A harbor freight DA and some pads won't set you back that much and is somewhat cost effective. Sure you can use opti seal or car wax on the wheels. It may not last long due to the heat exhibited in that area. You would get even better results by coating them gloss coat. It will be more durable than opti seal or car wax.
  19. Welcome to the OPT forum.
  20. Welcome to the OPT forum
  21. Glad to hear you were able to restore the behavior. Also glad you found my channel. My review was taken down on the Adams forum and thus I never went back to that forum. They did not like to see the truth about the product not working as they intended it to be used. If there are swirls well the only way to fix them is too polish them off and re-coat. Or trying out essence plus. Should work. I've used it as well and it does fill in to a point and lasts a couple months in terms of hydrophobic properties. The fillers have lasted longer than the layer or protection left behind.
  22. I am in agreement. Was a prep wipe with optimum paint prep or IPA done after polishing to remove the polishing oils from the paint so the coating bonds to the paint? Toss that Adams strip wash in the trash. Does not work. I have a video on my YouTube channel and it does not work. Anyway it leaves residue behind. Wash the car with a better soap like optimum car wash, reset or even ONR. On your next decon wash, stick with ferrex and just add a little APC into the wash solution. Much better. Listen to the optimum synergy podcast dated on 2/1/2017. Around the 20 min mark Yvan covers a decon wash.
  23. I was looking for the photo in the optimum Facebook group with the sponge being all shriveled up after one person let it dry out. Couldn't find it.
  24. Nothing. Will need to be resoaked so it absorbs the ONR again.
  25. Recommended to soak it overnight before using it. When you are done, then leave it in the solution so it does not dry out.