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  1. Ok, thanks for the info. I had this idea that I could use ferrex on a band saw top that had light rust on it and then use the opti-seal over it. I can say the Ferrex worked like a charm last night. Still have a few areas to work on. My Waterloo has been that the so called "rust inhibitors" I have used last maybe a week; sometimes only a day as the humidity has been very high Again, thanks for the info..
  2. Can opti-seal help prevent rust on bare metal before getting time to paint?
  3. What are you using to wash your microfiber towels? Power Clean, Opti-Clean or just plain soap? When drying do you add a dryer sheet?
  4. Thanks A&J as that was pretty much what I thought. Glad for the confirmation.
  5. Any thoughts on the Water Blades? Appear to be a typical squeegee. I also question the time saving they claim. Hank
  6. Thanks LoweJackson, it will be an interesting experiment for sure as I will have plenty of coating left over from our 2 vehicles.
  7. MDR here is really bad on glass showers and on drinking glasses. I was wondering if opti-glass coating or opti-glass clean and protect would be beneficial or if it would be best to us the OMDR regularly?
  8. Again, thanks all. My goal is to use all Optimum products but being new and I am older the technology certainly passed me by. Probably making it a little more difficult than I need.
  9. Thanks Lowejackson and Ron for your input! I think this will set me up pretty well.
  10. I am newer than new at detailing and have just brought home a new GMC Canyon PU, Quicksilver Metallic with cloth seats and leather steering wheel a month ago. What would be the best plan/products to provide best protection and keep the new vehicle shine inside and out? I will take a gander and say that Optimum has a product equal to or better than Scotch Guard to protect the seats. It seems as the more I read the more overlap of products and the more............. LOL. I will certainly appreciate any and all advice.