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  1. I noticed this affected me in a bad way, no way I'm that addicted? PS. Now also my neighbour is ONRed and OCWed.
  2. How come? Someone forgot to renew the site contract?
  3. Can you go through 2 areas with the same pad without cleaning in between? I do have a Grit Guard universal pad-washer which a bought because I got a really good discount on it, would never have bought one otherwise!?
  4. Thanks for your answer and yeah, I know that different cars have different needs but this one badly needed a scrub and it was the first time for this car. I asked because my other car is in much better shape so I thought I might have to remove the compound from a panel before starting the polish step because the compound hasn't been worked that hard?
  5. Hi! I have seen in the demonstration videos by Yvan that he goes about 4 passes with the compound and then directly on top of that 4 passes with polish. I've done as many passes it needs to get the compound transparent. I think of it like all the compound has been 'broken' down. Who is right and how much does it really matter to the end result. Yeah, I'm nerdy and want to know in detail. Br, Patrik
  6. Same ratio. Optimum got a superior separate instant detailer nowadays.
  7. Now I also think I know! He is the one responsible for me to use ONR and other Optimum products! The first videos I came across when searching for new ways of cleaning and maintaining my cars. I still have a google search with his username as the target on one specific forum. It's been too quiet....
  8. Ok, thanks! Just went to check that car and is the water behaviour of OCW such that it repels/sheets the water instead of beading heavily and therefore the car now looked dry when it was parked under a roof? It's still raining and the car has been under the roof for 2-3 hours max.
  9. Do you have any comments on durability in my case. My neighbours car was thoroughly washed & waxed using OCW yesterday evening in very dry conditions (low humidity) but after exactly 12 hours it started to rain heavily (20 mm during the next 12 hours). Could this affect durability?
  10. Read above, just a rebranded product = Opti Seal with new name and bottle.
  11. I think he refers to the episodes where Obsessed Garage went to Optimum Polymer Technologies training and told to use MDR?
  12. Thanks! Well how do you finish with a rotary? Always cut with speed 3, and also polish with speed 3, on the DA, as shown in the video?
  13. I think it would be time to re-invent this product because it is not that long lasting and the competitors have gone past? I know it is difficult to compare because not all product are equal (UV protection or not, long lasting or not, water sheating & beading etc). For example Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer would be a good reference for a long lasting product?
  14. One would think it would make absolutely no difference... Could Dr. G give us some information about this?
  15. Nice!!!