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  1. Well heck, now you have me worried. Just yesterday I finished coating two sets of wheels with Gloss Coat using IPA as a final wipe down. (After cleaning with a polish compound) So have I wasted my time? More importantly, have I wasted my Gloss Coat?
  2. Thanks for the applicator feedback. Yes, I was afraid to use the blue applicator because I thought it would waste too much of the GLoss Coat. Good to know it works well. I have watched these videos several times. Good stuff.
  3. I have another question, if you wouldn't mind. Regarding application methods, I see a lot of folks are using the Carpro suede cloths over a foam applicator or over the CarPro applicator. Your thoughts on this? Advantages? Disadvantages? Necessary? Overkill? I haven't actually seen the "suede" towels. Short of being lint-less, anything really special about them? Wouldn't something like a glasses or electronic cleaning cloth work much the same? Thanks for putting up with me! The more I play with this, the more details I seem to uncover.
  4. Thanks Ron. I look forward to seeing how much easier it is to remove exhaust tip soot. Interesting thoughts on layering, and I can understand the challenges with it. And it makes sense about layering other products, but why would you bother! Lol! I appreciate the quick responses, guys.
  5. Thanks for the excellent feedback. That's exactly why I am posting my questions HERE and using Optimum products specifically. I wanted to get as close to the "source" as possible! I'm so used to the original Autopia days when I dealt directly with manufacturers or their sales reps and did so much testing. It's hard to get a straight answer now. Since I am so late to the game with coatings and want to be able to teach it properly I have to get up to speed!
  6. Thanks for the tips, guys. I just finished doing four brake calipers and some tailpipes. (Is GC heat resistant?) Finally on the tailpipes (a relatively large single surface coupled with good lighting) I could see the rainbow flashing. And I wiped as you described. I barely used three drops for all the tailpipes. I am slowly getting the hang of this. I'll have to order some more to tackle more wheels and then do a car or two. I am putting on a detailing clinic in a few weeks for the Porsche and Audi clubs and there is a lot of interest in coatings. I'd like to demo Optimum products as well as have some feedback for the group. Should be fun.
  7. I think I will try a different applicator method just to see how it works differently, if at all. And I realize it needs to be thinly applied it is just so hard to see on a wheel with so many angles and hard to see spots. I also don't have a real understanding of how long I need to let the initial application dry before I try to wipe down the high spots. I understand the theory but i guess I need more practice. Regarding using too much or not enough, Is a "thick coat" possible or not? And you mention a second coat, is that only possible in the first half hour? Is there a point when a second coat will not bond to the first coat? And is a second coat even necessary? Or is it just a guarantee that you get everything covered in case you missed something the first time? I guess I am a bit bummed by the fact that I used so much product on the first try. Expensive mistake. $$ I'm a little leary of moving forward.
  8. Well, I Gloss-Coated 4 wheels and I have mixed feelings about the process and results, mostly due to my being an Opti-Virgin. First, I purchased the smaller of the two sizes of syringes and I used close to half of it! I probably wasted much during the process, but I'm not really sure where or how. First of all, I did a variation of Anthony's paper towel applicator method. I found what they call a sponge cloth which is a 1/8" thick sponge that I cut into small 2"x3" sections to more easily manipulate inside the wheel surfaces. (I hope this was ok.) I applied several drops into the sponge, wiped on the wheel for a while, then repeated several times for the face of the wheel and the barrels. I used way more than I thought I would. I was hampered by not being to easily see the Gloss-Coat on the surface and I didn't want to miss any area. I could generally tell that I covered the surface initially because of the wet look and then I could sort of see where it was heavier because of a pattern of my wiping motion was left on the surface. I did the whole surface of the wheel like this, being sure it all got "wet". I probably wasted a lot doing this. Then after a minute or so I very lightly ran a microfiber over the surface to spread it around. I really wasn't sure if I was spreading it around, making it even. Or was I actually wiping it off? I really wasn't confident that I was waiting long enough before I spread with the microfiber. Could I have removed it too early? I tried to do this as lightly as possible. I never really felt it get "sticky" as mentioned in many videos. But it was hard to get a feel because of all the tight areas. I repeated the light wiping until it felt essentially dry. I am not sure if it was really "dry" because I was wearing gloves and didn't want to touch it with my bare fingers. But the towel glided over it easily and I saw no more high spots or lines from my application. The wheels are full of so many angles and surfaces that it was really hard to get an even coating. Would it be safe to assume that you would waste more on wheel application because of this? How can I more efficiently use the Gloss-Coat? I have half a syringe left and two more sets of wheels to do with more complicated and detailed surfaces. I can't see how I can get it done. Yikes. $$ I replaced the black tip in the syringe and reduced the amount of air in the syringe as much as possible. I cleaned the needle tip and set it aside. Is the microfiber I used to wipe and spread the Gloss-Coat essentially dead? Can it be cleaned or should I toss it? The small sponge cloths I used as applicators will be thrown away. So how will I be able to tell if my efforts were worth it? Any tests I can do? I mean they look fantastic, but they did before I started, too.
  9. Great, I was wondering if there was any "magic" in the foam applicator. The paper towel thing makes much more sense for wheel application. And I will check out Anthony's video right away. Appreciate the help! I'm way behind on paint coatings and am trying to get my feet wet. I never could see the advantage for anal-retentives such as myself who dote on their cars all the time by choice. But I am willing to be won over! Glad to see friendly "faces" still in the game after all these years! Thanks!
  10. Ahh, many thanks. I can do that. And thanks for the tip on cleaning the applicator.
  11. Newbie dilemma. So I finally got my Optimum Gloss Coat and am getting ready to coat my wheels. I have polished the wheels with a compound containing no fillers. BUT, I don't have Optimum Paint Prep. (I'll get some, I promise!) Can I use 91% isopropyl alcohol as a substitute? I'd love to get this project done tomorrow. And can I clean the applicator pad with dish soap afterwards?
  12. Lol! Yep, still kickin!
  13. Ok. I'm searching!
  14. Great, that's comforting. Thanks a lot! And if you could guide me toward any images of satin finishes that are coated I would appreciate it.