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  1. Hahaha Will take note of that. Thanks...
  2. Hello Everyone, Is it feasible to do such rather than using a liquid detergent?And do you think it's economical as well? Thank you and kind regards, Christopher
  3. Hi Ron, Just received my ONRWS. Can't wait to use it this weekend. Many Thanks for the advice. Regards, Christopher
  4. Good day All! Newbie on Optimum.Water source is limited on where I live and time has been a problem lately. I`m having a dilemma on which one to use. I`ve read some posts but it seems the queries were not answered briefly. Hoping you can shed light on this. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Christopher
  5. Good Day All, I'm Christopher from the Philippines and very much excited to use this product. Having a hard time lately in detailing my car using the traditional method due to time constraints. Hopefully, this product would resolve it and can learn from other masters here (hehehe). Car enthusiasts here are not yet into waterless/rinseless wash, maybe at somepoint, I can share my experiences on this with my car club members. Thank you very much!