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  1. Hi I put two coats just to make sure that it's all covered this car is Honda silver new paint looks a bit darker Love it also coat of ocw
  2. I have my plastic painted bumper from my car in my garage I will clay then polish then applythe opti prep then the gloss Can I do another coat the next day Did the hood and the quarter panels to day waited one hour then did second coat then waited hour and half and then waxed Looks great thanks Dan
  3. I will keep putting this spray wax on don't really see any thing from to much if it ends up in my microfiber just wipe it in the car some were my friends can't get over the shin on this 8 year old car Still have to gloss coat the new paint on hood and the quarter panel looks like the weather is cooperating
  4. Don't have any opti clean washed Ellie with opti car wash in my foam gun produced some serious foam then used the spray wax to dry car then extra sqirt to the dry panal and wiped again Then took this microfiber towel and did the door Jams just to use up wax on towel the car just glows water is beading off the door jams love this stuff
  5. I like this idea is it opti carwash with the wax and using this as drying after wash
  6. Thanks had no haze at all this stuff is fool proof really although got some on my new windshield then it dryer the paint pre will remove it I guess
  7. Yup I think I used a little to much but no side effects probably wasted product in my towels
  8. I used about 3 shots a panal on my element(I think little to much) whipped it twice moved on to next panal used maybe 3oz looked great the car was in the sun but not hot to rich 14 c out love this stuff
  9. Great info After I apply my opti gloss ( if it ever warms up in my garage) I am going to use ocw with every wash witch is once a week and see how it looks . Dan
  10. There is no wax or any sealent on this paint I am thinking of fine clay and the paint prep then the gloss would like to do the hole car but don't no if it will stick to Hondas paint protection is there any way I can tell it is sticking Also how long do I wait to put the opti spray wax on the new coating Thanks
  11. Just wondering if I can put gloss coating ontop of my mystery coating from Honda How can I tell if it sticks
  12. Hi just purchased a used Honda element SC 2008 love this car During negotiations of price with Honda decided to take there paint protection. I have been waxing cars for forty years well that's not going to happen again this coating is something like optimum they won't really tekl you what it us. The water and dirt just falls of this car it was a dealers car never was sold so it never saw a carwash paint looked great . Then the house next door shingles blew off and badly scratch hood and quarter panel New paint job in hood and quarter panel they did a great job . Ordered some optimum gloss coat and will coat the new paint The paint is 2 months old now got the prep and some extra fine clay and the spray wax Any advice Thanks Dan Order