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  1. Hello from South Europe

    would love to hear how it all turns out.
  2. Hello from South Europe

    You should recap Gloss-Coat tightly after use - it can last several years if moisture is kept out of the syringe. The instructions for Gloss-Coat suggest a follow up wipe in 1 - 2 minutes and a good quality, clean micro fiber is fine. Some installers use the original applicator pad with no issues.
  3. have never gotten a "scientific" explanation from Dr G about water spots disappearing, but he acknowledges the fact and recommends allowing UV to work it's magic.
  4. We are pleased to announce the following new items are available for purchase online! • New & Improved Compound II is designed to remove 1,500 grit sanding marks leaving very minor marring. The new Compound II has a long working time and zero dust and can be used at any temperature or humidity without any issues. • The Next Generation of Zentool ZEN-21E2 Dual Action Polisher! While Zentool 21E represents one of the latest advancements in machine polishing technology, the New 21E2 motor, gear, and other internal parts have been improved to make it smoother and quieter while making the maintenance easier. The exterior also has been improved to not only make a great looking polisher, but also improve the performance and handling. The brushes can be accessed and removed from the outside and there is no need to remove the covers. • Optimum Hyper Wool Rotary Pad: Optimum's Hyper Wool Rotary Pad is designed for maximum cutting and user comfort. With its integrated foam interface, the Hyper Wool Rotary Pad allows the 1 1/4" thick 4 ply tufted wool cutting surface to conform better to contours and run cooler. The unique integrated interface of the Hyper Wool Rotary Pad also makes for a better user experience with reduced vibration and precision control. Available in both 6 and 8 inch diameters with a centering hole the Hyper Wool Rotary Pad will quickly become your go to rotary cutting pad.
  5. Opti-Seal Q&A

    A&J is dead on - OS works on all exterior surfaces and is particularly effective on glass - wipers will take it off front windshields but on mirror and side windows it has great durability.
  6. ONRWW would not "fill" scratches. While OCP+ is not described as self-healing, we have seen multiple examples where UV/sunlight has caused water spots to disappear.
  7. Hello from South Europe

    ONRWW mixed 2 oz to 1 gallon makes a good clay lube.
  8. Quasi-newbie from SE Ohio here

    welcome to the Optimum Party -
  9. Hello from South Europe

    not annoying at all - ask away! A spray wax will work over Gloss-Coat for temporary protection. Eithere ONR will work, or you can use Power Clean or dish detergent. I clean sponges by hand and microfibers in a washing machine with other towels - no fabric softener.
  10. Hello from South Europe

    Coatings do not "fill" - the application is much too thin.
  11. Gloss coat marking

    I'm probably asked weekly about the "scratch resistance" of coatings and there's no good answer. Will any coating protect against rocks striking your hood - No. Will they protect against poor washing/drying habits or things brushing against the paint - maybe. Coatings provide better protection than manufacturers clear coat, look better, stay cleaner, and simplify maintenance. If you want better protection, look into paint film...but good luck finding that for anywhere near $300.
  12. Applying opti seal with microfiber towel

    sometimes my pad squeaks, and that's usually my cue to spray again.
  13. Hello from South Europe

    Paint Prep is a replacement for IPA, to remove any oils/wax/sealant - it's better than IPA but not necessary for Coating. It takes a week for the chemical resistance in Gloss-Coat to fully cure and the solvents in car soaps can interfere with that bonding. Water and sun will not effect Gloss-Coat after a minimum of 1 hour to cure. Applying at temperatures over 80 is not recommended but has been successfully accomplished. Applying in direct sunlight is not a problem and actually helps to see the product flashing. As for the sand spots, you might want to apply a wax/sealant over the Gloss-Coat (1 hour after) for additional if temporary protection. You might also consider blowing the sand off with a leaf blower.
  14. Hard to argue with that gloss!
  15. Hyper Seal is an improved version of Opti-Seal with all the same attributes and increased durability and slickness. It's specifically formulated for Coated cars but works well on all surfaces.