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  1. Poli-Seal sales have been superseded to some degree by GPS, as all in ones and polishes are going sprayable. Having said that, Dr G may have a revised PS up his sleeve and is keeping it secret. PBMG is under new management as well, so who knows what their plan is?
  2. Dr G is extremely close about new/reformulated products and he's not ready to announce anything at this time.
  3. IPA was the decontaminate of choice before Paint Prep was formulated, so if you did a thorough job (and I'm sure you did), you're good to go. Dr G created Paint Prep due to the confusion over IPA ratios and added ingredients that aided in leveling/bonding.
  4. Yes, Paint Prep should remove polish residue regardless of manufacturer.
  5. Maybe Amazon will become international and Optimum products will be available easily and inexpensively?
  6. Yes you can, have use GPS many times that way with no problem.
  7. Welcome to All Things Optimum - I can't see your list but it must be impressive! If you have any specific questions, ask away.
  8. I agree with A&J, there's not much you can't clean with ONR, but detergents do a better job of dissolving dirt in fabrics.
  9. Brad, yes Gloss-Coat is heat resistant and has been applied to car and motorcycle engines/exhausts with no issues. There was early confusion over layering of Opti-Guard (the original Opti-Coat) and 2.0, in part because Dr G felt it was unnecessary and in part because we weren't sure whether it bonded (no way to test). The issue with Coatings is that because OPT's become one with clear coat, there really isn't much "thickness build". OCP is fundamentally a thicker formula than 2.0 and Gloss-Coat, so it's not that it's applied thicker. All OPT coatings can be topped but there is little durability and the wax/sealant can't bond well.
  10. I have to agree with Setec that you used too much product. A 10 ml syringe is enough for an SUV. You should not have to wipe "excess" but going back over is to ensure even distribution. You can vary the thickness and certainly add a second layer, but they only guarantee coverage and don't affect durability. Brad, lot's of first timers use too much product thinking it's like waxing and more is better. And it is hard to see, a penalty of going on perfectly clear. There is no rule concerning when to level because that's determined by thickness of product and atmospheric conditions (hot/humid cures more quickly than cool/dry). In good light you can see Gloss-coat flash, a rainbow effect, and that's when you gently wipe down. The applicator is reusable, just rinse out in hot water/dish detergent.
  11. Not only "friendly" but uber knowledgeable! I think you will love your coating results and there's no reason you can't wax and seal Gloss-Coat to your heart's delight, you just won't feel miserable (or be embarrassed by your car's appearance) if you skip a few weeks...or months.
  12. The label lists a variety of surfaces PC cleans from wheels to interiors and states "All in One".
  13. Sweet video - Power Clean, another underappreciated OPT product!
  14. No Soap answered as well as I could. You should rarely if ever need to unlimber the hose - cannot remember the last time I used one to wash a car.
  15. A&J, I just made the same recommendation to someone who was having a streaking problem with OCW (using too much), wipe down with ONR dampened towel to remove.