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  1. Pin Stripes

    Brian, we need to know what product you're referring to?
  2. New user trying to formulate a plan

    Just as Lowejackson states, I find Opti-Clean is an excellent pre-spray/bug/bird bomb product. To wash a dirty car with Opti-Clean is more time consuming, but is safe for the paint - may need to go over several times and use more towels. Opti-Clean is also a great household product, cleaning counters, appliances (stainless steel), tile, etc.
  3. Opti Coat Maintenance Products

    My general purpose mix for Power Clean and I've used in on everything (including leather couches) safely. The key with PC is to always rinse it thoroughly.
  4. Opti Coat Maintenance Products

    FerreX is a decontaminant product specifically for metal deposits, and should be used as a pre-wash, not a "wash & rinse" product. Power Clean can also be used directly (not only with foam cannons) - 100% Power Clean is good for heavy duty cleaning (engines, wheels, etc), mixed 1;3 its good to decontaminate paint, remove tar/bugs, etc, and at 1;5 it cleans interior vinyl/leather/fabric. Always wipe/rinse Power Clean off after application.
  5. Little help

    Welcome to the Optimum Forum, Brian. What Optimum product are you referring to?
  6. Very unsatisfied with opti coat

    Yvan has been in contact with Jason and they will figure it out (MDR is just one possible solution).
  7. Hello, from Central NJ

    Welcome to the Optimum Forum, Dan, and feel free to ask the assembled OPT fans anything!
  8. Duffer, I don't have any solutions for wiper chatter, not supposed to happen. One thought is there might be high spots on the glass, causing wipers to bounce. They should wear down with time. Opti-Glass Pro cures VERY quickly and is susceptible to high spots - you should check with your installer.
  9. A&J is correct, as usual, about Protectant Plus cleaning and protecting vs protection only for Opti-Seal. I also found that OS returned the color to faded interior vinyl...who knew?
  10. Alex, you can trust Dann to stay on top of your situation. You are correct in that OCP bonds to your clear coat, but light polishing can remove it without reducing the clear. Recoating can be done with no issue. Occasionally marring/swirls can be missed during prep for Coating, ones that appear only in certain light, but the installer should be able to correct and reapply OCP. Several years ago we had a customer in Dallas that had swirls that only showed up at sunset on cloudy days - true situation, but how does an installer prepare for that? Optimum took care of him.
  11. As Opt Mack and A&J suggest, your first step should be to contact your installer. They should be able to resolve the problem.
  12. Welcome to all things Optimum! Your Coating should be good - requirement is keep dry for 12 hours, don't wash with soap for 7 days. I've heard some have an issue with "wiper chatter" after applying Opti-Glass, but never had that problem myself. Hopefully after additional curing the chatter will disappear.
  13. Agree with A&J that Optimum Carpet & Fabric is a better choice for mesh, will clean and leave protection. The difference between Wax and Seal as drying aids is the look and durability - Seal will last twice as long.
  14. Clearing car after snow storm

    Just another reason to Coat your car!
  15. Welcome to the Optimum Forum! Your methodology sounds excellent. One suggestion is to mix ONR in the pre-spray/instant detailer ratio = 1 oz to 16 oz of water. How frequently you wash is really dependent on driving conditions. I don't believe there would be any problems using Meguiars with Opti-Seal, but we don't test with competitive products. Opti-Seal and Spray Wax are safe on all surfaces and don't forget headlights/glass. Layering Opti-Seal would extend durability but 12 months would be unusual. Durability again is a function of driving conditions, maintenance, etc. You can apply Opti-Seal with a variety of applicators. Using a touchless car wash (with strong solvents) will reduce the longevity of Seal or Wax but how much is difficult to predict. I'm not sure about how the products will affect nanaskin, again, not an Optimum product.
  16. Very unsatisfied with opti coat

    I'm sorry that you're not satisfied with your experience with Opti-Coat Pro+. I can understand your frustration but take exception to comments about OPT "hiding" behind it's statements and threats to "tell your story" on social media. Optimum stands by its products and is not afraid of criticism. The OCP+ Warranty specifically names hard water spots as an exception, because it's beyond our control if hard water is used or is allowed to dry/bake on. If your car looked amazing when picked up, the water spots occurred afterwards and are your responsibility - there is no way the installer is at fault AND there is no Coating that can protect from water spots that are not properly handled by the owner. There are other solutions for water spots and your installer should contact Yvan/OPT to see if the situation can be reconciled.
  17. That's a great follow up - this winter has been a challenge for all who love their cars!
  18. Dilution of paint prep

    A Paint Prep or IPA wipe down is extra insurance that you've removed all residue. If you use Hyper Polish, a micro fiber dampened in even diluted Paint Prep should be sufficient for a strong coating bond.
  19. Dilution of paint prep

    You can dilute Paint Prep, just understand you are reducing it's effectiveness.
  20. A suggestion for treating trim, consider Protectant Plus. Opti-Bond works but is sticky and can be a dust magnet. Protectant Plus works inside and out, has UV protection and has a nice gloss.
  21. Welcome to all things Optimum! I think you mean "Optimum Car Wax" not "Wash" in question #1? If so, yes, Optimum Car Wax can be a stand alone product. Obviously we recommend Optimum Car Wash, but there are quality alternatives. Most, but not all products can be interchanged with good results. We recommend the Optimum Synergy because we KNOW all our products are formulated to work together.
  22. Might be something for Dr G to consider -
  23. How to clean Big Red Sponge

    Welcome to the Optimum Forum! You should wash the Big Red Sponge periodically and not in the washing machine or in bleach. Rinse it out in hot water and Power Clean/APC, or dish detergent. This will allow accumulated dirt to dissolve. Rinse until no more dirt is released.
  24. Ryan, welcome to the Optimum Forum. I was letting someone else answer because I've never personally used a steamer. I do know that ONR works in steamers and am glad A&J sent you the link.
  25. Optiseal right after gloss coat application

    Dale, welcome to the Optimum Forum! Humidity causes Coatings to cure, and high humidity should speed the process. You may be OK with your Opti-Seal application if the Gloss-Coat was surface cured and the same for condensation. The only way to know is to wait several weeks for the Opti-Seal to vacate, then spray your car with water to see if it beads. If it does, odds are you're protected.