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  1. Apex Detail testing

    There are several of those "copy and paste" issues in web sites and product descriptions, Lowe. Much of Optimum's marketing comes from our Australian distributor, Joel Blake. As I see things (like products described in liters) I notify Shay. Major distributors like Patrick in The Netherlands "borrow" from each other - and they are all independent, so technically not under OPT control. I'll let Shay know, to see if they want to change that site. Thanks
  2. OCW on a newly applied Gloss Coat

    Power Clean is great on bugs, but do not use until the 7 day cure period is over - PC is full of solvents,
  3. Apex Detail testing

    The Opti-Coat line, including Hyper-Seal is available from professional detailers to re-sell, but distributors are not supposed to retail. See if a local Pro detailer will sell you Hyper-Seal, it's allowed. The master distributor for Europe is in the Netherlands: Opti-Seal durability is suggested at 4 - 6 months, but that is under "optimum" conditions. Hyper-Seal is expected to add several months to that. I'm not a good test subject because I never go more than 4 weeks between washes and ALWAYS use sealant as a drying I never test longevity.
  4. New member in Norcal

    Welcome to the Optimum forum -
  5. OCW on a newly applied Gloss Coat

    Soaking the bug guts with ONR solution and wiping gently should not remove OCP. Also, OCP should not etch, but can understand the frustration of bugs marring your beautiful car!
  6. Opti Coat No Rinse 16oz

    That's exactly what 5.0 meant, my bad forgetting the new sizes. The caps on 16 oz products hold 1/3rd of an ounce, so 3 capfulls to 16 oz of water = quick detailer. I've also been updated on gallon caps, they don't hold quite .5 oz (actually smaller than quart caps). I don't have an exact amount for gallon caps yet.
  7. That sounds like a safe way to maintain your car...most marring happens during the drying phase, so making sure your drying towel is clean and of high quality is the smart way to go.
  8. Product Suggestions

    Welcome to all things Optimum and congratulations on investing in the best Coating available! The Opti-Coat line of products was formulated for Coated cars, but Optimum products work well too. For normal maintenance we recommend Opti-Coat No Rinse (or M-Wash for traditional cleaning with hose). You don't need to "top" OCP+ but if you choose to, Hyper Seal is an excellent sealant, provides a sacrificial barrier to swirls, and is incredibly easy to use. Other manufacturers products will work, but do not use polish (or cleaner waxes) on Opti-Coat Pro+. Abrasives will remove the Coating and should not be necessary. Using good quality cleaners, sponges, and towels should keep swirls to a minimum.
  9. Opti Coat No Rinse 16oz

    5.0, welcome to the Optimum Forum! What 16 oz bottle are you referring to, No Rinse doesn't come in a 16 oz bottle and all Optimum products that size have sprayers. The quick detailer formula for No Rinse is 1 oz of ONR to 16 oz of water.
  10. New member from Nebraska

    Steve, welcome to the Optimum Forum! Yes, Hyper Polish is very effective on gelcoat (have used it myself). I've also used GPS for cleaning, light polishing, and sealant.
  11. Hi from Boston Massachusetts

    Welcome Mike, as Lowejackson states lots of great product info and helpful "experts" like Lowe!
  12. for cleaning I just use ONR or Glass Clean & Protect. I've coated NAV, computer, TV, and tablet screens with Opti-Seal as well.
  13. opti-coat pro plus and rain after fresh install

    Welcome to the OPT Forum, Eddie. The original formula Opti-Coat Pro only required 1 hour cure before getting wet. Optimum recommends 12 hours for the current formula. That is the suggested ait time, but the actual surface cure is dependent on conditions and I'm confident your application is good. Your installer should not release the vehicle before it was safe to drive.
  14. Well, the Gold Sponge is softer but the same size. I have known people who successfully cut the BRS in half, haven't tried that and have no idea how it affects longevity.
  15. Water spots on interior plastic trim

    There is a huge variety in water spots, so let's assume it's not acid rain (you should be able to feel if the plastic is etched). You can try MDR to dissolve the minerals or Power Clean.
  16. Pads

    if you polish with Hyper Polish/Compound and decontaminate (you have all the products necessary - Power Clean, MDR, FerreX, Paint Prep), you should have no problem applying Gloss-Coat. There is no other prep necessary. You can find videos on Optimum decontamination at - look for Yvan LaCroix/Rag Company.

    the Big Gold Sponge is the same size and style as the Big Red Sponge, but the density of the foam is greater. It was specifically designed for Opti-Coat No Rinse (or M-Wash) and Coated cars. It's only available directly from authorized OCP installers or Optimum online store (

    The Big Gold Sponge is the latest entry in the Opti-Coat line of products. The Big Gold Sponge is oversized at 7”x 5”x 3” for greater ease of use. The latest in sponge technology, both sides of the sponge are cross cut, creating channels that pull dirt from the paint and reduce marring. Softer than the traditional wash medium, the luxurious foam will hold a great deal of cleaning/lubricating solution allowing larger sections to be safely washed before wringing and reloading the sponge. This high quality Big Gold Sponge will provide years of heavy duty professional use. As compared to the Optimum Big Red Sponge, the BGS is both softer and more dense - a totally new composition. It's available only at the online store.
  19. ONR leaves polymers that are cumulative over time. Car wash does not leave anything behind. - that is directly from Dr G. A&J, I only use a BRS (and am about to try the Big Gold Sponge) for washes. Have tried microfibers, mitts, etc and love the amount of ONR solution the sponge puts down.
  20. Foray into a Forum

    Ron, welcome to the Optimum Forum! You'll find this to be a source of great information and advice. The OPT doesn't get into pricing advice but there are usually marketing suggestions, etc on the Optimum Polymer Technologies facebook page.
  21. ONR on polisher pad

    FYI, I've seen pros use a toothbrush to clean polish out of a pad, after soaking or spraying with ONR.
  22. The question of whether ONR leaves anything behind comes up every so often. This is directly from Dr G: "Onr leaves polymers that are cumulative over time. Car wash does not leave anything behind." ONR is paint safe and body shop safe as well.
  23. Glass Coating prep and application

    Minimum of 1 hour before driving - 7 days before cleaning with solvents.
  24. Difference between GPS and poli-seal

    I've used GPS by hand many times with good success - working better by machine does not preclude hand application.