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  1. let me add that you will need to lightly polish the Gloss-Coat (which should remove the Opti-Seal) to reduce those components in Gloss-Coat that create gloss/slickness before applying OCP+.
  2. welcome to Opti-World! Applying Opti-Coat Pro+ over Gloss-Coat would require some prep/polishing. The components that add gloss and slickness to Gloss-Coat will not allow a good bond with OCP+. A light polish and decontamination wash should suffice.
  3. Nice to have Central America represented - Optimum has a growing international audience!
  4. You can apply Opti-Coat Pro over Gloss-Coat, but need to remove the Opti-Seal first. A good decontamination wash will work - Power Clean or Paint Prep. IPA is a less reliable option. None of these cleaners will remove either Coating.
  5. OS as a drying aid is part of my regimen now (and my car has OCP+) - so easy to do with great looks!
  6. I've never heard of someone coating floor mats but I don't think there would be any issues. I'd agree with A&J/Guz that it's an expensive and somewhat short range solution. Something like Protection Plus would seem a better choice.
  7. I hesitated before approving her, but wasn't positive.
  8. That's good to know - thanks!
  9. Different installers recommend different wait times, but my standard suggestions are - All Coatings may be topped 1 hour after application In either order - OCW and OS are fine immediately Opti-Seal - layering I've seen anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours, not sure about Instant Detailer but would think anywhere after 1 hour.
  10. So I have the answer(s) from Dr G & Yvan: Dr G: The white pads work better on some paints and specially in hot climates since they are not affected by heat as much as the orange pads. We will update the website information so that it differentiates the two better. Yvan: The white pad is a strange animal , Iron fist in a a velvet glove if you will. With Hyper Compound it cuts more then the Orange pad. On softer paints it will finish better then even our black pad. This is why the description has it as both a cutting and polishing pad. The cell structure is different then our other waffle pads.
  11. Ahhh, the many uses of Optimum products! Now we're into cleaning blacktop...
  12. Mixboser, that was my understanding, but yesterday I saw a facebook post by Yvan saying the white pad has more cut. I'll get the determination from Dr G.
  13. Welcome to the Optimum Forum. In terms of abrasive, the Optimum waffle pads go from Orange (most abrasive), White, Black, and Blue. The white is considered a cutting AND polishing pad.
  14. very nice indeed...and one of my favorite cars!
  15. nicely done and love that color!
  16. yes, Paint Prep will remove the sealant in Poli-Seal.
  17. Welcome Marcelo - lots of knowledgeable posters here to help you navigate the crazy world of OPTI Everything!
  18. Poli-Seal might be used for prep, but contains sealant that would need to be removed prior to coating. Hyper Polish is a much better choice and doesn't need a decontamination wipe down.
  19. Lowe is correct, GPS is a very light polish (as stated) and particularly by hand, but it's also a cleaner and sealant and does those tasks well on glass.
  20. Welcome to the forum DmC. Optimum's position is that 1 coat, properly prepared for and applied, is all that's necessary. Adding more product assures complete coverage but does not increase protection or durability. Having said that, our approved installers are independent and have their own methods. It sounds like you're from Down Under, Joel Blake is the Optimum Master Distributor for Australia and one of the sharpest guys I know. You might contact him for advise -
  21. Yes GPS will work as a light polish and can be used on glass as well. Since GPS is a all in one, it cleans and seals along with polishing.
  22. I think Power Clean would be a better choice, but it won't hurt to try MDR.
  23. Some great observations and recommendations. All coatings take on the characteristics of the substances that are on them and usually (if application was done properly as yours sounded), lack of performance can be tracked back to that. I haven't tried Essence Plus but would take Guz's word for it. There are so many choices on all car care products and it's impossible to determine all possible effects when combined. That's one reason Optimum sincerely recommends using their products for the synergy and not only to increase sales...
  24. the good Doctor gets things done -
  25. That would work fine...