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    curious where you got this "general recommendation" because it didn't come from Optimum. We have never recommended the 2 bucket wash (in fact, Yvan LaCroix recommends against it). For a truly filthy car (mud encrusted) we suggest power washing first, but still an ONR wash. I've never had a car too dirty for ONR. Opti-Clean is a true waterless wash and can be used for spot cleaning or for the entire job...and many use it that way. Opti-Clean is a stronger cleaner than ONR and has it's place in a washing routine. For instance, sometimes during a rain storm I pull my car out to get it thoroughly wet, then use Opti-Clean as a safe drying aid to finish the job.
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    Gloss Coat - Applied Outside

    welcome to the Optimum party! There are many mobile installers who apply ceramic coatings out of doors. Try to avoid windy days (debris) and keep your car dry for a minimum of 1 hour. Gloss-Coat surface cures quickly. Apply Opti-Seal 1 hour after Gloss-Coat for extra protection.
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    Opticoat & airbrush questions

    I saw this video from Chris Thomas on youtube: Says he is using a Neo for Iwata airbrush. Anybody know what air compressor he is using? Or at least how many PSI he is using? Also, can Gloss Coat be applied via Airbrush like in the video? Would it also be diluted 1:1 with xylene? Thanks.