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    On average you should use less than 1 oz for a vehicle.
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    Clear Coat Restorer

    Yes, we are working on a solution.
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    Optimum Sprayable Paint Protection is a unique 2 part system that allows you to protect just about any surface and part. Imagine being able to ppf the hood, wheels, door jambs, the side of an RV all without seams ... all that and more can be done. With our Color Encapsulation Technology you can also change the color of the car. Color Encapsulation Technology isn’t a die or pigment added to Optimum Sprayable Paint Protection, but we use actual automotive paint to change the color. To become an Optimum Sprayable Paint Protection installer, you will need a vented spray booth (heat is recommended, but not mandatory), compressor, spray guns, and training. While it’s quite easy to install, it’s an adaptation even for a seasoned painter. Other advantages of Optimum Sprayable Paint Protection are: -no adhesive -no seams -no cutting -no software -no plotter -variable thickness possible for higher risk areas -can be wet sanded and polished -lower labor times than film based Paint Protection -higher profits, it’s a superior result, we expect you to charge more than PPF . -fully compatible with Opti-Coat Pro -gloss or matte finish OPTI-SHIELD SPRAY FILM Requirements – OPT Training, Paint Booth, Sprayer w/special head, heater optional Benefits over Film – requires less experience (any painter can install), no heavy body work, no seams, no cutting, no glue (yellowing), no size limits, no “pull back” (shrinking), can be wet sanded/polished (correctable). Spray Film has color cancellation tech (can change color of vehicle), is cheaper, car available in 24 – 48 hours (depending on heater in paint booth), can be layered for different depths.
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    i’ve never used Tire Coatings. Optimum is one of my favorite brands, so when they announced a coating for Tires I wanted to try it. Too cold to do this outside today so I did it in my garage after a quick ONR wash. My wife’s 2015 Tahoe has about 40k miles on the original tires, we will replace them shortly. I wanted to try both 1 coat and 2 coat application Front Tires = 1 coat (satin) Rear Tires = 2 coats (glazed donut) Prep : Scrubbed with PowerClean 100%, non diluted.. Rinsed with pump sprayer. Scrubbed with Optimum Power Clean rinsed, repeat Power Clean. Dry very well. Consistency : It’s the same consistency as ONR, very liquidy, not like Opti bond. Goes on and turns a blue/purple color. After about 5 minutes it turns clear. For the back tires I waited 30 mins and applied a 2nd coat. Picture included below is the results I’ll follow up with my thoughts in the comments over time.
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    Good to know it was your fault 🤭
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    Clear Coat Restorer

    not my call, but suspect our international distributors are putting pressure on -
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    Clear Coat Restorer

    Using Paint Prep a purely to ensure thorough cleaning, there are no components to assist CCR bonding.
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    Setec Astronomy

    New member from Tulsa, OK

    Hey, welcome to the forum. 12 years? I don't think there was any other rinseless 12 years ago except QEW--yeah, ONR is a noticeable improvement over that.
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    Clear Coat Restorer

    Just some videos I found about the product
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    Clear Coat Restorer

    Compound the paint with Optimum Hyper Compound or Optimum Compound II and a wool pad to abrade the surface. Remove the compound residue. so yes, you can wet sand prior to applying CCR, the grit is dependent on how serious the correction but can be from 1000 - 2000. Remember, CCR will fill scratches and the purpose of compounding is to "rough up" the surface.
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    There are details to be worked out and the product is not available yet - will post updates on this Forum.
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    Water spots are going to depend a lot more on the water than the wax, me thinks. My solution would be not to get the dealer wash, but that's just me.
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    Here in TN, the rain finally stopped and the sun came out long enough for me to bring this project out for a ride today. This RM started as a standard 2019 Burgundy Metallic. Since Indian did not make a Roadmaster Elite this year, I made my own interpretation of one. Aside from ONR, I had never used any other Optimum products before Oct 2018. Once I understood the Optimum system, I went 'all in', bought a lot of Optimum products and completely polished, coated and sealed this bike with nothing but Optimum products. As an amateur detailer, the synergy of the Optimum system simplified my process so much I actually gave away a lot of other products I had. Feel free to browse through the album to see the work as well as before and after pics of polishing. All the pictures are commented so you can follow the story. As you browse the gallery, you will notice the parts with swirl marks. Keep in mind I bought this bike new with no miles on it so I'm disappointed this bike came from the factory looking like that. I guess most people don't notice. Now that I've shown my wife what to look for she points stuff out to me! 🤣 I appreciate any feedback you all might have. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10215220367201022&type=1&l=3f098a4711 Special thanks to Ron Doyle at Optimum who answered every question I had.
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    It can be diluted if necessary. I had the same experience using Power Clean on a tile floor, didn't realize how discolored it was and had to do the entire kitchen to match "the clean spot".
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    Clear Coat Restorer

    There are no plans to ship internationally at this time - a hazmat product.