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    Hello from India

    welcome to the Optimum Forum. I was involved in signing the first 2 Indian OPT distributors and know there's a very active customer base there.
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    Detail Mutant

    Optiseal after Optigloss

    Scott, Optiseal on coated paint I find is best used as a drying aid (spray when panel is wet and wipe off) as it provides added slickness when using a drying towel to prevent marring. But Hyperseal can accomplish the same thing with added topper protection that will last longer. As Ron indicated, Opti-Coat products can only be purchased from opticoat.com or from your local Opti-Coat authorized installer. Optiseal I find is best used on the interior (especially interior windows). Optimum Spray Wax will work over Gloss Coat and is the recommended lubricant for the Ultimate clay towel over Optimum coated vehicles. But again the longevity of the topper is significantly reduced on coated paint vs bare paint. OSW will also change the hydrophobic properties while it is present on the coating (more beading and less sheeting) potentially reducing the self cleaning properties. But the OSW will generally provide more "depth" to the observed reflection in the paint. Besides Hyperseal, the one other Optimum product that I find adds a lot to a coated car is Optimum Instant Detailer (OID). The gloss enhancers in OID really increase the shine of the coating. You don't really need Optiseal or OSW for additional protection with coating so best to go with OID that makes the paint pop if you can't easily get some Hyperseal. I know some people complain about the cost of Hyperseal but on a volume basis it is in fact cheaper than optiseal at regular price ( it is generally 50-75% more expensive but you are getting twice the volume, 16 oz vs 8 oz). Just don't expect any discounts on listed price for Opti-Coat products unlike other Optimum products due to the limited distribution. Another product to consider as a topper is P&S Beadmaker. It adds lots of slickness and increases gloss significantly after the full 4 hour cure window. Just note that it's impact to hydrophobic properties will be similar to OSW (intense beading and less sheeting). And a lot more product is required to be applied (4 to 8 oz for full initial application).
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    these are all authorized Opti-Coat Pro installers. Certified means they've taken the training offered from Optimum in Memphis, but does not mean they are superior installers.
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    TPR is a new product that qualifies as a Coating. Optimum Tire Protection & Coating is a long lasting water based tire shine and protectant. Applied to a clean surface it will give you an easy to clean, good looking tire for months. Accelerate into the future without sling, oils, or silicone. Easy to use. Long lasting. Environmentally friendly. Several customers have asked about product removal. TPC is a 6 - 12 month product and not easily removed. At this point, the only way to remove is with several applications of Optimum T.A.R. Remover.
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    Detail Mutant

    Big Red Sponge Care

    I agree with No Soap's recommendation of storing in ONR as the BRS is ready for the next wash without any pre-planning. I personally use a 5 L (just over a gallon) old ice cream bucket with lid to store my BRS in approx. 3/4 gallon of ONR solution (256:1). When I do my next wash, I will dump the BRS with ONR into my wash bucket and add more ONR solution as needed. After I finish my wash, I will wring our BRS and place in fresh ONR solution. This is to ensure to use old sitting ONR solution as there have been cases of micro organisms growing in ONR if stored for very long time (best to keep covered in moderately cool environment out of direct sunlight). After 10-20 car washes (depending how dirty vehicles were) I clean BRS with a few sprays of foam cleaner ( I currently use Griots microfiber and foam cleaner) in order to release the significant dirt trapped in the pores of the sponge. Power Clean also works for this but I find a dedicated foam cleaner to more effective. Just make sure to thoroughly rinse the BRS of the cleaning solution before placing back in ONR bucket.
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    My (mostly) Optimum Day (s)

    Nicely done! Good job 👍
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    My (mostly) Optimum Day (s)

    Yeah, the defects in my garage walls really come through....lol
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    New member from Ireland

    Welcome to the Optimum forum, many former Zaino users here. First, because a car is new does not guarantee perfect paint, but what is needed for perfection is individual to each vehicle. Both Opti-Seal and Hyper-Seal are good on all surfaces, but Hyper Seal is formulated for ceramic coated cars. That said, I believe Hyper Seal is more durable and has more gloss on any paint. Sealants and wax produce similar beading. Optimum Car Wash is a traditional wash product requiring pre/post rinsing with hose. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine (and Wash & Wax) are rinseless products only requiring a bucket of water. While the No Rinse products can be used in foamers, they do not foam, FYI.