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    New Member from Australia

    Thanks for the welcome guys. I haven't had any communication with Joel yet but I'll be sure to introduce myself. Thanks for the links, time to get started on those podcasts!
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    Water Spots on Top of Opti-Coat

    spray on, let dwell for a minute or 2, wash off with lot's of water.
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    HPCS without ONR

    ...or buy ONR and thank me later
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    The Opti-Coat line is designed to give installers a dedicated product to offer to Coating customers, sizes are convenient for end users, and there is a comparable Optimum product in a variety of sizes. It's still a new product line and that's the marketing strategy. Opti-Coat No Rinse can be mixed in the same ratios for clay lube or instant detailer as ONR. For some reason OID was a forgotten product to me - I used Opti-Clean or ONR at instant detailer ratio for spot cleaning/pre-spray until I tested the OID on stubborn water spots on an OCP+ car and found it worked well. Now I keep a bottle of OID in the car for bugs/tar/bird bombs/etc...so it works great on Coatings!
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    I agree with using ONR instead of OID. It provides a lot more lubrication and is very quick to do. If the car really isn't dirty and has just been rained on you could fill a pump sprayer with ONR solution and completely cover the car in it then proceed to dry with a proper drying towel. Just curious though, why do you need to dry it after being rained on?
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    Those streaks that you found are perfectly normal and are just high spots that need a second pass as you said. You will have a hard time using too much product with Opti-Seal or Hyper Seal, but there is not really any benefit to adding countless layers of product. There is diminishing returns when using sealants, waxes and coatings. I find that applying one good layer, letting it cure for the required time, then adding a quick second layer is all that is required. Any more and you are probably just wasting product, money and time. Using Hyper Seal as your drying aid with each wash is more then enough to keep it topped up for many months before needing a full decontamination wash and reapplication of it.