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    OC 3

    Dr G has told me he's working on new formulas for several products, but not which ones. As soon as I know something, you'll know it!
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    Opti-Seal to the rescue in Italy!

    Right now I'm on vacation to sunny italy, I didn't bring my cleaning supplies with me, which I sorely regret. I did however, pack Opti-Seal and some cheap MF towels, since I used it as an interior glass cleaner with great succes before. My sunglasses were very nasty from sweat and sunscreen, and just MF towels weren't enough, so I used some Opti-Seal. Worked awesome of course, cleaned up perfectly. Later on, the glasses got as dirty again. I was driving so my girlfriend had to do the cleaning. She used solely the MF towel, but now they cleaned up perfectly! Later still, even a cotton shirt would do the job pretty okay, which is astonishing. I'm amazed, Opti-Seal also gives glass a really nice slick/clean feeling. TL;DR: Opti-Seal makes my super greasy/dirty sunglasses' lenses extremely easy to clean smudge free, and I love how it makes glass feel!
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    My original thought was that if low sales was the reason the lotion/creme polishes were discontinued, then that doesn't bode well for the spray polishes at the current price point. However, it seems I haven't been keeping up with the price of polishes/compounds, there are certainly more expensive ones out there, and less (on a per-ounce basis). But most of those other polishes have an entry point for the smallest bottle of $20-24. Maybe an 8oz non-spray bottle of the spray polishes would be a good entry-point addition to the line, especially since most people seem to dislike/not use/break the sprayers.