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    Yvan Retiring?

    Yes, Yvan is retiring from Optimum but will continue doing training/consulting in the industry.
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    Swirls prevention

    I always pre-spray with ONR mixed 1 oz to 16 oz of water...and sometimes just use that mix as a waterless wash. I find the pre-spray starts dissolving bugs, tar, heavy dirt buildup and simplifies the actual wash.
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    if ONR dries on the paint, just dampen a microfiber and it should wipe off easily.
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    What is Paint Guardâ„¢ made of?

    Gloss-Coat is an SiC/SiO2 hybrid, Paint Guard is SiC only - Paint Guard is a 3 year product and harder/more chemically resistant than Gloss-Coat. The hierarchy of OPT ceramic coatings is Gloss-Coat - Paint Guard - Opti-Coat Pro - Opti-Coat Pro Plus.
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    Opti-Seal Q&A

    Yes, no problem using Optiseal on a final wipe down or use OID if you prefer. Optiseal will give greater protection but OID will give higher gloss but less durability than Optiseal
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    Yvan Retiring?

    If Optimum want a Global Ambassador to fly around the world saying nice things about the OPT range then I might be available
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    sounds like a WIN!
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    can't disagree, Setec, and that's the point I was trying to make (badly), TPC can be a great product but is not a slam dunk. I've gotten many positive reviews on application, appearance, and durability, but also more than a few failed attempts. As stated, even within the same tire brand or between front and backs, there's an inconsistency in success. In addition, when there is a problem, TPC's toughness makes correction/removal difficult. I have not tried it yet, in part because it's hot in Arkansas and because I just bought a new vehicle and was waiting to complete that deal. With Fall finally here my excuse is gone and I'll be testing TPC on The Garage Queen. It will be my turn in the barrel and I'll provide honest feedback on my experience.
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    Hyper Seal application

    Thanks for the help! I put one coat as a drying aid after iron remover and claying it yesterday evening. I put a second coat on this morning as a dry application. Bimmer looks incredible!!!
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    The Guz

    Big Red Sponge

    Going to play a little devils advocate here. This was one of the latest videos that was posted on the rag company youtube channel. Around the 15 min mark Levi holds up a pluffle which clearly has some light dirt in it. Again around the 15:25 mark Yvan folds his towel and again there is some dirt on it. So there is going to be some light dirt pick up. The sponge is not going to get everything. Pre-soaking does help on the dirtier areas.
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    I access from optimumforums.org, and all is just perfect.