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    @Setec Astronomy Thanks for your sharing your experience. This is very disappointing as a year or less is really no longer than potentially applying a standard paint sealant ( or a lens sealant in the cheap headlight restoration kits). From what I have researched here and other boards, Opti-lens is specifically formulated to bond to plastic such that it performs better when the factory clear coat has been fully removed. It there is still factory clear coat on lens (not started to yellow), it is best just to use standard paint coatings (Gloss-coat or Opti-coat pro). I think one the main contributors to lens failure is road rash (mileage with lots of exposure to small rocks). One of the clients I applied Opti-lens to commutes 150 km round trip daily on on the 401 Hwy in Ontario. So we'll see in a year if he experiences the same premature failure that you have experienced. I know for my personal vehicle (2011 BMW 328xi wagon) I have installed XPEL PPF on the headlight lens to protect from road debris that can lead to clear coat failure on the lens. I wonder if I should be combining Opti-lens with application PPF after 1 week cure time.
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    Having used ONR for 10 years I knew Optimum put out solid products. For what seems like forever I dabbled with Zaino, Menzerna/Jescar, Wolfgang, Meguires etc. with various products being favorites of mine. Recently got into a conversation with a friend who's a pro detailer about some of the newer products they have. He swears by the whole Optimum line and I now see why. The Goat's paint was in great shape from the get go, the car only has 60K miles. It was rarely driven and was garage kept except for the last 3 years. In that time she has lived and continues to do so outside 24/7. So needing to find products that were durable, protected the paint, looked great and were easy to work with became a priority. So glad I decided to use all Optimum products for my detail, the results are amazing, especially since I had never used any of them before. Started with an ONR bath then a clay bar pass. Then in this order here's how I finished it: Opti-Coat Primer Polish Gloss Coat Opti-Seal Opti-Bond tire treatment Stoners Invisible glass(yeah I get it, not an Optimum product lol) My trusty Porter Cable 7424 once again came through with flying colors and removed 85% of my swirls/spiderwebbing. You all can guess the rest, I'll let a few pics do the rest of my talking. Extremely pleased how it turned out. Given the fact I had to wait a week between the OCPP and GC applications due to 7 days of rain it's even more amazing it all worked out as well as it did.
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    Opti-Clean & OCW?

    It would be interesting if someone tested and compared mixing: - 10% Opti-seal to 90% ONR at QD dilution - 10% OCW to 90% ONR at QD dilution - 10% OCW to 90% OID - 10% Opti-seal to 90% OID - 10% OCW to 90% Opti clean - 10% Opti-seal to 90% Opti clean 10% is just a reference point...it could be more or less. I volunteer for the 3 Opti seal mixes! Anyone else wanna have a go?
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    Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome to Optimum - lots of great advice here to keep your car beautiful!
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    No Soap

    Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    +1 for the pre-spray.