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  1. Dr. G since you worked at Mazda maybe you could share a little about the WET paint system they have developed and maybe the newer version of it they are using now. thanx Rik
  2. Rik

    Non-linting wash mitt?

    I have used a Grout sponge an like it one bit marred quite a bit.
  3. Rik

    General Poli-seal questions

    Yes using OCW by polisher will bring up the gloss quite a bit good one there Bence
  4. Rik

    Opti-Seal, how often?

    I would say use OPti-seal for three consecutive times then every three months with OCW usage if you want.
  5. It seems most people use some type of cottton/chenile mitt for paint. I still am using the wash but tried some ONR with a Lambswool mitt and it worked good. So chime in and tell what you use ONR with. also on tires do you have to dry tires and such after using ONR
  6. applying by PC then by in large yes but by hand then no thats how I am doing it.
  7. Rik

    Noob with a Cyclo

    Agreed nice job indeed. If i get a Powertool it will be the Cyclo more expensive but worth it. BTW: where did you get your Cyclo at
  8. Or after Meg's cleaner you could use ONR in a bottle at QD strength to clean and leave behind a finish that PS would bond to. > Talex give an update on how it went when its done.
  9. the improved products if you will; so it will be the first of next year most likey before the revamped products will be out? could you give any sort of general timeline.
  10. Well i on a section of a vehicle I used Meguiars deep crystal paint cleaner then used Poli-Seal over it and it went on grabby like I don't think this will work together. Whereas Poli-Seal goes on smoothly even by hand and is insanely easy to swipe up. I was going to try to use Meg's deep crystal cleaner instead of claying but will clay and use ONR as the clay lube then PoliSseal. > after the next wash can I use PS again to further clean the paint then after next wash start using OS. thanx Rik
  11. Rik

    Opti-Seal over NXT?

    I don't think it would be a problem try a test spot to find ou though if you want. Optimumhas some goog products.
  12. Rik

    Protectant Plus?

    I believe the protectant plus does some light cleaning.
  13. Rik

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome and this certainly the place to find out about the quality products from Optimum.
  14. My question is this if I apply one of Meguiars cleaners prior to Poli-Seal will oils left over from it inhibit the bonding of PS to the paint. I will be applying by hand if that makes a difference. After the next wash I will be applying Opti-Seal. regards Rik
  15. Rik

    New Convert

    Very nice noce job getailguru the Tundra is shiny and wet for sure.