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  1. Okay, I tried the paint thinner trick and it worked, it instanly went back to buttery smooth ! I used 2-3oz of Varsol which is a more controlled product than regular paint thinner and it has naptha as well. Now if only I can revive the several bottles of Hyper Compound that has seperated !
  2. I was about to detail my car with Poli-Seal today and the two new bottles I have also "gelled", it is like Jello inside the bottle, no amount of shaking or mixing will make in go back into a buttery smooth liquid. Since, some members already tried with paint thinner and it didn't work, I think it needs some Isoamyl acetate aka "banana oil" as a solvent since I don't smell it anymore in the bottle. This happens with Optium Polish at a lesser extent as well. The HDPE bottle should be close celled enough to stop solvent fro evaporating, but I still smell the solvent somehow leeching out of the bottles.
  3. EdT

    Another ONR?

    I have been using DI water with ONR for a couple of years now, but mostly for bird dropping removal a quick detailer, wash the entire with DI water is just too costly
  4. I think it would be a great idea if OPT can come up with some demo videos on YouTube using some of the cutting edge products that we all here have grown acustom to. This would help with exposure of the OPT product line. Maybe some videos starring Kevin or Anthony would be great ? ...LoL A example on how the competition is doing it: http://www.youtube.com/user/meguiarsasia
  5. The same ratio as recommended for washing your car 1oz to 2 gallons for window washing and clay lube ratio for bird droppings. The pressure from the sprayer will lift the bird dropping, hence touchless and marrless bird dropping removal !
  6. Most consumer retail products like Nu-Finish are cleaner waxes, so yes it does remove minor swirls and scracthes and protect with an old fashion sealant, so this might give the impression it does more than just a pure wax like P21S with no abrasives to clean or remove minor scratches.
  7. EdT

    Could Menzerna Be Smoke & Mirrors?

    Having never used Mezerna's product line, I would suspect that like any polish it constain a volatile solvent or oils which may hide or cover the swirls or marring and when evaporated over 1-3 days period the swirlies will appear. Someone high up at Meguiar's ! told me Merzerna was never really into automotive polishes, their specilaty is in metal polishing. They are trying to get in the car plants, but lack techinical support compared to 3M and Meguiar's.
  8. ONR and DI water to wash my outside windows, no squeeze required ! ONR and DI water in a spray bottle to remove bird droppings
  9. I have noticed that if I mix ONR with water lets say for a clay lube or as a quick detailer, the solution is blue, but after a day or so it turns clear, why is that ?
  10. EdT

    New Car Detail

    Yup, I never really considered Huyndai until I checked out their fit and finish and the value it offers, I would have to say they have out done Toyota and even Honda in terms of quality. Everytime I was waiting for the saleman to say its an option at extra cost, he says its included and the goodies list goes on and on like heated mirrors(very useful here in eastern Canada !), heated seats, power everything unheard of in a car in this price category and you start to get the picture. Their new Genesis is going to take on the big guys like Lexus and Infinity this year. I am seriously considering one of their cars for myself now !
  11. This is a neighbours new Accent GL, she is an older retired lady and I helped her pick it out at the dealer and gave them very specific instructions not to touch the car other than remove the plastic wrappers off the seats. The plastic was on the hood and trunk when we took delivery. There was minor swirls and marring on the horizontal surfaces such as the hood, roof and trunk, but nothing too bad. A little polishing with Optimum Polish with finishing pad took care of it, but what a difference when the dealer didn't touch the paint or else it would have been another 5-7 hour polishing job to get rid of all the swirlies. Topped with 845IW and Meg's HotShine on the tires As mentioned by many automotive journalists, Huyndai's paint quality is above average for a car in this price category and I concour. I also find it not has hard as other Japanese brands which is great for not chipping and blistering from rock chips.
  12. EdT

    Revisiting Carnauba's

    I am still a Collinite 476S/845IW or Meg's #16 fanatic
  13. EdT


    Opti-Seal is a superior product by far to AOI AOI does not layer, requires buffing and streaks Opti-Seal, you just apply and walk away !
  14. EdT


    No need to use a glaze, in fact I advise against it, it might affect the way OS bonds to a glaze ! Just use OP with either a DA or rotary and seal with OS and monthly coats of OCW I have used OP with both rotary and DA and both work very well.
  15. EdT

    OC vs HC

    I got my shipment of OHC and I noticed that there is some of the bottles with the "New Formulas" label with blue compund and the old formulas with the brown. I never knew that OHC and OC had a new formula like the OP. I think OPT should color the compound/polishes according to their labels so that when in a dispenser bottle it is easily identifiable. Maybe Anthony you can talk to David about this: White for OP Brown for OC Red for OHC Blue for PS The detailer at the dealer tried out the OC and OP in front of me on a badly swirled red car he was doing and liked it very much, no dusting and longer working time than the Car Brite stuff he was using and the results were excellent in removing those horrible swirls. with a wool pad on a rotary. He is proberly the first car dealer in Montreal using all OPT line of products !