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  1. Kurt_s

    sprayer for Spray Hyper Compound

    Hi Dr. G and Chris, I received the two replacement sprayers before Christmas and it was almost like getting an extra Christmas present. I didn't get a chance to use them yet, but hopefully soon. Thank you for the replacements. Best regards, Kurt
  2. Kurt_s

    sprayer for Spray Hyper Compound

    M105 seems to cut faster. OHSC works longer, so yeah. I tried both a prototype microfiber compounding pad and an orange pad with the PC. I don't have a Flex or Rotary. I need to try the Surbufs. I will look into the sprayer and bottle. Thanks for your help!
  3. Kurt_s

    sprayer for Spray Hyper Compound

    Hi Dr. G, Thank you for answering my post. Chris has been trying to help me and I appreciate the support from both of you. I am a enthusiast rather than a professional. I probably only polish and wax 1-2 cars per month, so both the spray polish and compound may sit for a month or more between uses. I finally got the spray polish to spray in a cone rather than a stream on Sunday after three uses. I really like the idea of spraying the pad, I just wish it was more consistent. I had been applying the spray in a soft stream (partial pulls) near the pad when I could get a spray pattern, similar to using a flip top cap but using a trigger to apply instead of squeezing the bottle. For the spray bottle size, the flip top might be a reasonable workaround for the time being as that's what I have to do when I can't get the spray adjustment correct. If you check the AG forum, you'll find a number of us have been having problems with the sprayer, sometimes quietly. One of the guys said that he needed to clean the nozzle carefully to make it spray correctly. Others prime the pad with the stream close to the pad as I just described. You may want to include instructions in how to set up the nozzle, even here on the website. A video to adjust the nozzle would be totally helpful for new users. For me, right is tight (off) and left is loose (open). So in my mind that would mean that fully open is a stream and nearly closed is a spray. The spray nozzle on the unused compound was "open" in my mind when I received the bottle. I rotated the nozzle to the right in an attempt to get a spray instead of a stream. I never closed the head completely (I never found a hard stop) and the trigger handle went from soft to hard to soft when pulling the trigger, but always dispensing a stream. Maybe Chris can give me a source for his pump spray bottle as pictured. I wouldn't mind playing around with it, as I should have a couple family member's cars over Christmas to correct. I really like your products as they work well. I like the spray polish, but the trigger head is not quite right for me. One question that has nagged me is about using the Spray compound with a DA. Is the Hyper Spray Compound more effective with rotaries, as I get more cut with other compounds with my DA? Thanks again.
  4. I get pads into a detergent soak when I'm not going to use them. I "cleaned" the pad with XMI pad cleaner and rinsed with fresh clean water, then set the pad to dry. While not quite dry after about 2 hours, the pad was hard. I ordered the Snappy to try as the XMI pad cleaner normally works ok. I use APC+ and a few other cleaners to get the really tough pads clean. I've used Opt Finish, Poli-Seal and Compound II so I am familiar with Opt polishes. This was something that I didn't expect. I can blame myself and the garage was about 60F but I was still surprised.
  5. Kurt_s

    sprayer for Spray Hyper Compound

    Chris, the chemical works as described. We just can't get it on the pad with the current sprayer. Optimum needs to solve the sprayer issue. What good is a superior product if we can't put it on the pad?
  6. Kurt_s

    sprayer for Spray Hyper Compound

    It took me many tries to set the spray on my polish bottle. It seems to spray better now and I have set and forget the nozzle. I now spray the polish and compound onto the pad while the pad is inside a box to keep splatter in a confined place. The compound was spraying with a stream and was easy then hard to spray. The sprayer head blew itself apart as I pulled the trigger spreading compound all over the box, my hands and arms and my work bench. Kind of a drag. I'm also thinking about finding a different type of sprayer head to keep down the mess. Yes, I know that you need to shake the chemicals before spraying. Yes, you can use my address that you have on file. Thanks!
  7. It was the weird. My pad was already lightly pink from using the Hyper Spray Polish on another car a couple months ago. I can normally spray the pad with XMI pad cleaner, massage the cleaner into the pad and rinse with warm water. A white, creamy ouze came out of the pad that didn't rinse off. I don't remember using Poliseal on that pad, but maybe I did. The orange pad with the compound dried hard with obvious compound in the foam. I have some snappy coming tomorrow and can try Dawn or another dish soap too. Thanks!
  8. I had a hard time cleaning my pads today. I started with XMI pad cleaner, then went to APC+ 1:10 and finally to 3:1 OPC. The pads still are not completely clean. What is the best pad cleaner to remove the Hyper Spray polish and compounds? Thanks again!
  9. Hi Dr. G, I finally got a chance to use the Hyper Compound that you sent me to try and review. I don't like the sprayers on either spray polish or compound but I finally got the Hyper Polish sprayer to spray instead of stream after several uses. I like the polish and the compound seems okay but the sprayer is terrible. I tried to set up the Hyper Spray Compound to spray instead of stream. While applying compound to the pad today, the spray head blew itself apart. The tube that contains the spray nozzel shot out of the spray head along with the spring and several pieces of the spray head. Would you please send me a new sprayer head to replace the broken sprayer? I ended up using another compound as I couldn't apply the Hyper Spray Compound. I would love to find a better sprayer solution as I have to spray into a box so that the polish and compound don't go all over the workbench, floor or car. Thanks!
  10. Kurt_s

    Review: Optimum Opti-Mitt

    Hey Corey, Another great review. I'll be watching for further experience with the Opti Mitt before I make the plunge. I have a feeling that the open pores will make it much easier to clean than a MF towel that never quite rinses clean.
  11. Kurt_s

    Review: Optimum Car Wash

    Hopefully this weekend.
  12. Introduction: I have been wanting to try Optimum’s Car Wash after being introduced to their products about 12 months ago. I have used a number of their products and have been impressed more times than not. I was lucky that Optimum chose to send me a bottle of Optimum Car Wash to try. Thank you to Chris Thomas and Dr. G for the opportunity to try it. Also many thanks to CEEDOG for his review format that I am following. I followed the manufacturer’s directions and used 1oz per gallon of water. The Optimum Forum store directions recommend 0.5 oz. per gallon of water. I used standard garden hose hard water instead of my normal soft water for dilution, so that I could get a feel for the product as most people would use it. I also did not add a ½-1 ounce of ONR as some users recommend, again using the product per the label directions. I washed both my wife’s champagne beige 535xiT and my arctic white 528iT. Product Description (from optimumforum.org website): Optimum Car Wash is designed to clean the toughest automotive grime while maximizing the protection of Optimum Car Wax. The rich foaming lather traps dirt and grime and rinses with cold water leaving a smooth, clean surface behind. Optimum Car Wash is very concentrated and using 0.5 oz. or less per gallon of water provides the necessary cleaning and foaming. Some car wash products as well as automatic car washes can remove the UV protection and wax, leaving the clearcoat finish unprotected. Optimum Car Wash is designed to remove dirt and grime without removing the protectants of Optimum Car Wax, therefore maximizing its protection. Optimum Car Wash is also extremely gentle and very safe for consumers while containing only bio-degradable ingredients to make it safe for the environment as well. Directions: Add 1oz. to 2-3 gallons of water for a high lubricating wash solution. Tip: For areas with hard water, add 1oz. ONR as a water softener. Initial Product Observations: 1. Packaging: 32 oz. as supplied 2. Label Directions: 1oz. per gallon dilution (website recommends 0.5 oz per gallon) 3. Consistency: Thick liquid 4. Color: Blue 5. Scent: Grape with undertones of citrus. (One person suggested blueberry) 6. Size: 32 oz. 7. Current Price: $11.99 8. Manufacturer: Optimum Polymer Technologies 9. Made in the USA Additional products used for prep, during application, or removal: 1. (3) buckets; one with Grit Guard for the paint, one without a grit guard for wheels and one bucket for rinsing mitts between panels 2. MF Wash Mitt (CG) for paint; Synthetic wool mitt for wheels 3. (2) Waffle Weave MF towels (Cobra and SeaFoam) for paint 4. Daytona Speed Brush and Mini Brush, Tampico Bristle wheel brush, Carrand tire brush, 1” foam brush for lug nuts and lug nut holes. 5. Optimum Power Clean (3:1 dilution) for tire rubber cleaning Method of Preparation, Application, and noted Observations: It was a cool, clear Southern California afternoon so I didn’t need a canopy. It had rained several times over the past week, so the cars were relatively dirty. I prepare separate car wash buckets for wheels and paint, so both vehicles wheels and paint are washed with separate buckets of clean wash. I used OPC to clean the tire rubber but wanted to determine the cleaning capabilities of Optimum Car Wash without a wheel cleaner. I decided to try a new microfiber mitt today, instead of the natural sheepskin mitt that I normally use. I’m not enamored with this MF mitt but my sheepskin mitt is literally coming apart at the seams. I mixed 4 oz. of product into about 4 gallons of water for both vehicles paint. Optimum Car Wash made lots of suds that lasted and lasted. Matter of fact, the suds remained in the hood drain channels so long that it required me to rinse the channels down long after drying the car’s exterior. I will remember to rinse the drain channels of suds before drying the car next time. I mixed 2 oz of product into 2-3 gallons of water for each set of wheels. First the wheels were cleaned, then the car’s paint was rinsed then washed of contaminates. Both cars have wheel sealant on the rims, so the car wash plus brushes were adequate to remove 2 week old BMW brake dust on my wife’s car. Not bad! Starting at the top of the car, the roof and windows were washed and rinsed first. Next the hood, rear lift gates, and finally the vertical panels were completed. As I was drying the champagne beige bimmer, I found a number of bug stains that were not softened and removed on the hood and roof. In comparison to OG Blue 33, Megs Gold Class and DG 901, each seem to have a bit more lubricity and cleaning ability. I did use hard water instead of soft water to prepare the car wash dilution, so this may not be a far comparison. I should have used soft water with the 2nd car and will do so next time I use Optimum Car Wash. I also used a new MF wash mitt so maybe there is that difference as well. It’s been months since I sealed my wife’s car with WGDGPS and waxed my car with Fuzion. My wife’s car definitely needs polishing and resealing, even though beading looks fine and the finish is very reflective. My car is still baby butt smooth, but it still needs a little lov’n. This car wash leaves a nice clean gloss, maybe a bright gloss look to the finish which is similar to both OG Blue 33 and Megs Gold Class. In comparison, DG901 seems to add a little golden sheen to the finish, slightly changing the final finish’s look. I feel like a coating was added to the paint and windows with 901, while Opt Car Wash just looks a bit more shiny and bright. I prefer the look of Opt Car Wash to DG 901, but not by much. Pros: 1. Price 2. Nice bright, glossy finish which does not seem to change the LSPs look. 3. Lots of long lasting suds 4. Good sheeting action 5. Wax integrity and beading remains very good. Cons: 1. May not have cleaned as well as some other washes 2. Lubricity while adequate seems slightly less than OGB33, Megs Gold Class and DG901, but I used hard water instead of soft water. I should have used soft water on the 2nd car to be fair. Final Observations and Summary: Optimum offers a very nice car wash. I will continue to experiment and compare it to other washes in my car wash stable, and in fairness will try it with soft water next time. It leaves a very nice shiny finish with great reflective qualities. I’m not a person that goes crazy over pretty smells in my car products, but I do prefer it to the cherry cough syrup smell of DG 901. And the Product Link: http://optimumforums.org/index.php?showtopic=1334
  13. Kurt_s

    Spray Compound and Polish

    Hi Chris, I tried OHP today. Love the polish, hate the sprayer. It only streams product which splatters everywhere unless you carefully apply with low pressure directly to the pad at close range. I have pink liquid drips all over my garage floor. I guess that I can learn to work with the sprayer but I don't know how the AG video with Dr G demonstrates a spray not a stream of product when applying to the pad. Will Opt sell OHP in a non-spray format? Like I said, great product.
  14. Kurt_s

    Spray Compound and Polish

    I plan to pick up some Hyper Polish and Compound this weekend from the local supplier. When will a new sprayer become available? A pic would be helpful if I need to go buy one. Thanks!
  15. Kurt_s

    I'm Confused...Tire Dressing...

    Good Info, Thanks! I used PC yesterday to clean some rubber window trim. It took a lot of old grime off. Pretty cool. I plan to use it on plastic trim before dressing.