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  1. Will surbuf pads work good with the spray compound? Thanks
  2. DitchTehFish

    Spayable optimum finish?

    I love the new hyper spray polish, but can't get it to finish marr free on soft paint, even with a finishing pad. Any plans for OPT finish in spray form?
  3. DitchTehFish

    Optimum Tire Shine ??

    Does tire shine have the same consistency as otpi-bond diluted 1:1, or is tire shine thinner?
  4. I bought a gallon of OPP, but ever spray head I've tried on shoots a stream. I want more of a spray pattern. My friend has the 17 oz. OPP(leather protectant) and the bottle sprays just fine. Is there anyway I can purchase an empty 17 oz. bottle and sprayer?