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  1. Yes Hyper Polish will work. Are you aware that the insurance company is responsible to pay for the replacement cost of the coating on the damaged panel ?
  2. Well welcome to the forum even if it's a double post. LOL. Glad to see you made it and good luck on your coating.
  3. Forum Online Store

    Is ultimatecarcare not the official store for the forum ? Maybe I'm making something out of nothing but to me it seems Chris Thomas is being squeezed out of the picture. Can someone explain ? My last questions about forum changes have also gone unanswered. Been here a long time and something doesn't seem right.
  4. ONR on wet vehicle

    I also will ONR a car covered in dew or rain. My regular dilution has always worked fine with no problems.
  5. missed areas

    Does it bead water when sprayed ?
  6. Opticoat Question

    Have you taken it to another detailer for a second opinion ? If the acid from the berry has actually etched deeply into the paint , then a repaint may be the only recourse you have.
  7. Yep , I was having " old mans brain fade".
  8. High spots

    Poli-Seal is my go to product for removing high spots. Picked up this tip from Tom Weed and I want to give thanks and credit where credit is due.
  9. high spots

    Not if lightly buffed to just remove the high spots. It's as easy as it sounds.
  10. My personal choice to level out high spots is Opti-Sea and a soft foam pad. A very light abrasive is all that is required.
  11. I would use compound to remove the sealant and wax that the detailer applied. Something like Polish 2 , Hyper Polish or Finish as Chris has mention in previous post To bond properly the painted surface must be cleaned of any contaminates.
  12. 2012 Mazda3 Opti-Coated

    Looking good !
  13. Noob from Northwest Arkansas

    Welcome to the forum. Tell us a little bit about your self and share your experience with the Optimum products that you have tried.
  14. Noob from the SF Bay Area

    Looks like you were pretty busy last week. Both cars look great. Welcome to the forum.