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  1. Doctor G

    Paint Prep for Water spots on Gloss Coat?

    Depending on the type of minerals, Paint Prep may or may not help with water spots. A better option is Poli-Seal which has a combination of chemical cleaners and mild polishing agents. This might remove some of the Gloss Coat which would then require a reapplication. Of course as you know, the best option is prevention and once you remove these water spots, you can avoid them by going back to No Rinse.
  2. Doctor G

    New Here - But a Bit Bemused

    Hi Steve, Thank you for your post and your previous email. We appreciate your interest in Optimum Car Care in general and No Rinse in particular. Unfortunately we do not ship products Internationally which is why we asked Patrick to contact you. I will ask Patrick to send you a 32 oz. bottle of No Rinse for giving out samples and for demos. Please send an email to with your contact information and I will pass it on to the EU distribution center. Thanks again. David,
  3. Doctor G


    Opti-Coat is not affected by pollen and the warranty does cover any damage caused from pollen or other environmental contaminants. Weekly washes should be more than sufficient to avoid contaminants from bonding to Opti-Coated surfaces.
  4. Doctor G

    No more waxing

    Adding Gloss Coat should add the protection you are looking for to the painted panels. We recommend wiping the surfaces with Paint Prep to remove any wax residue before applying Gloss Coat. Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.
  5. Doctor G

    Shelf-life of ONR, OC, OCWC

    Thank you for bringing up this valid point. As Chris already mentioned, these products are very stable and are not affected by extreme cold or hot temperatuers. The label inforamtion however is general guidelines for these types of products. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks again. Best Regards, David,
  6. Doctor G

    Hyper Polish Problems

    Sorry for the late reply. I was working on several projects this week and even though Chris had notified me of your question at the beginning of the week, I did not get to it till I got the second reminder today. I apologize to both of you for that. Hyper Polish and Poli-Seal in general work well with softer paints. With Hyper Polish, you might get better results with a DA since it is an aggressive polish, however, Poli-Seal should work great with rotary or DA. The problem sounds like was specific to this paint and the age perhaps and does not necessarily have to do with the softness or hardness of the paint. You might want to try the Optimum Finish for some of these soft paints that cause problems. The Finish is more similar to the Menzerna finishing polishes. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thank you. Best Regards, David,
  7. Doctor G

    Opti-Coat 2.0 Observations

    I just saw the video Chris has posted and as you can see, there is no problem spreading the coating to get an even finish. Once this is done, it is best to leave it till it is fully cured. Others have found that it works better for them to use a microfiber foam or towel and some use blue shop towels to apply Opti-Coat. As you noted, some pros also use a microfiber towel to buff off the excess afterward as Joe did during the class at Detailfest. Everyone will come up with their own method of application since there is no right or wrong way as long as you get the results you like. What we suggest are recommendations/starting points that work but you need to experiment and find the best way that works for you. I hope this helps explain the variation between different application methods. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thanks again.
  8. Doctor G

    Opti-Coat 2.0 Observations

    Thank you for bringing up these great questions. As Chris already mentioned the slickness of Opti-Coat will increase over several days as it cures reach its maximum after one week as it continues to level and cure. The smoothness of the application will also play a big role in how slick or grabby the coating feels. I should also mention that the slickness of Opti-Coat 2.0 will be much greater since it cures more slowly and has more time to level. As with any product, there is a learning curve and you will get better results as you do more applications. By using Poli-Seal, you can smooth out any ridges and unevenness to further improve the finish. Poli-Seal and / or Opti-Seal will last longer over the coating than most other products. As Chris also suggested, Instant Detailer works well with the coating also. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thanks again. David,
  9. Doctor G

    Opti-Seal and lacquer paint

    Bill, Sorry for my late reply to your question. First let me compliment you on how great your car looks. You have done an excellent job of preserving the paint gloss of your El Camino. As you already mentioned, Optimum waxes and sealants are designed for clear coat finishes. However, you can use either Opti-Seal or Optimum Car Wax after you have removed the oxidation and as the final topper. This will not have any adverse affects and would just add protection to the paint. I appreciate if you share your results with us whenever you get a chance to try these products. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thank you. Best Regards, David,
  10. Doctor G

    Car Wash Concentrate

    Dwayne, As Chris already mentioned, Optimum Car Wash does not contain any salt. However, table salt (sodium chloride) is used in some soaps as a thickening agent. The amount of salt used in these formulations is in general between 1-2%. Even if someone adds 1 oz. of a soap that contains salt per gallon of water, the level of salt is in the range of 1-2 parts per ten thousand which is negligible for salt. Additionally, as the soap is rinsed off, any salt that was in the solution will be removed. Therefore, in my opinion this is just another scare tactic some use to make a sale. Instead of worrying about salt, people should choose their product based on performance characteristics and not marketing gimmicks. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. David,
  11. Doctor G

    OPP use on any of genuine leather

    Hi Blues, Thank you for bringing up this great question. Optimum Protectant Plus is designed to work on tanned leather as well as coated leather. The polymers penetrate the surface of tanned leather articles and cross-link to form a durable protective film that is breathable and keeps leather supple. We do not however, recommend this product for suede. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. David,
  12. Dear Daniel, Thank you for bringing this question to us. Optimum No Rinse does not contain any soaps including cocamidopropyl betaine. We have not heard of anyone having allergic reaction to No Rinse in the past and I know several people with chemical allergies that use our water-based products including No Rinse without any issues. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thanks again. Best Regards, David,