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  1. ONR with OPC

    Thanks Chris I will look through about Opti Clean BR Kenneth
  2. Using OPT Compounds for Opti Coat remover

    Thanks Chris again~~ Using DA or RB? BR Kenneth
  3. Greeting everyone, Anyone tested that OPT Spray compound able to remove FULLY CURE Opti coat via DA or Rotary ? Any good pad and machine or even compound used will be thankful.. Thanks BR Kenneth
  4. ONR with OPC

    Thanks Chris, At the moment, I spray at the damp M/F with OPC 10:1 and wipe around the working panel then follow up with ONR.. How about mixing them together? Any idea ? Even the LSP is gone also fine as OPT wax/sealant are SUPER ease to use... Thanks again BR Kenneth
  5. ONR with OPC

    Greeting to all OPT Teams,Fans And Dr. G Really love OPT product of ease of use. I have some issue with ONRv2 which lack of cleaning power to clean up 2 week build up dust and road grime. My question is :- (1) Is it possible to add OPC to ONR? (2) Will OPC kill ONR polymer? (3) What ratio is suitable? Even will wash all the wax/sealant is ok.. (3) Any other good washing method to increase ONR cleaning power? Thanks for all those who reply ... BR Kenneth
  6. Optimum Power Clean

    Thank Dr. G Really thanks for the explanation for the OPC I think a lot of consumer will be really happy and confidence using OPC especially me .. All the best to Dr. G and his product ... BR Kenneth
  7. Optimum Power Clean

    Million thanks Dr G for your reply regarding microfiber I have another question ,as a consumer always curios how "Paint Safe" that OPC are.. As always we do read the instruction before using any APC which "Never let it dry itself" or "Rinse after XX second" What will happen to the paint finish if we let OPC dry itself at Full Strength level? Thanks again .. BR Kenneth
  8. Optimum Power Clean

    Hi, As know that OPC is also a Multi Purpose Cleaner... Is it safe for MicroFiber Towel ? Will OPC degarded the MF water obsorbing power and it softness?? What is the best water dilution OPC to clean MF well? Is OPC is alkaline based cleaner? Thanks Kenneth
  9. Need some advise and confirmation

    Dr. G Thanks for the confirmation.. BR Kenneth
  10. Need some advise and confirmation

    Thanks Chris for replying my post ...will be waiting for you or DR. G reply regarding anti-static for OID.. If possible, pls help to ask (1) Does OCW have "flouropolymers" or other polymer which does repel dust, dirt and oil? Thanks again BR Kenneth
  11. Hi,Greeting from Malaysian I'm a fan of optimum product line and really love the ease of use which "easy and simple"... I do weekly wash for my daily drive car but seem the dirt and dust like OCW very much...2 or 3 days will have ton of dust and dirt sticking to the paint finish ... Planning to get OID to aid for drying which have flouropolymers which repel dust, dirt and oil... There are few question ... (1) Does OCW have "flouropolymers" or other polymer which does repel dust, dirt and oil? (2) Planning to get OID to aid for drying it possible to add OCW like 1:16 to get UV blocking benefit from OCW and OID dust repel benefit? To save some step for weekly warrior like me .. (3) Have been using OCW a while and the slickness are very good. However, can OID surpass OCW slickness? Thanks for any comment and advise BR Kenneth
  12. Optimum Power Clean for watermarks?

    Will the powerclean full strengths possible haze the windshield?? Is powerclean acidic?? If powerclean can finish off those watermark ..i think this is best of best product that hv been made at Multi Purpose Cleaner for cars..just my though BR
  13. Hi, Does anyone try to removed watermarks buildup at windshield or windscreen? Is it possible using full strength or other dilute ratio?? Thanks BR