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  1. O.C.Detailing

    OC/OG Home Applications

    I routinely detail my bathroom and Kitchen. I use OptiSeal on my shower walls, Porcelain sinks and the Stainless sink in my kitchen. My wife looks at me a little weird but loves me when the messes wipe RIGHT off...hehe. I will have to try OptiCoat 2.0 for a more perminent solution...Can't wait!
  2. O.C.Detailing

    I'm Confused...Tire Dressing...

    Ok, I have tried and love the Optimum Tire shine. I have reviewed all of the optimum products and see a place for each and every one of them. However... Why is there the Tire Gel? I cannot figure out why you have 2 different tire dressings. I don't spray on the tire shine. I spray in on an applicator and wipe it on the tires as to not get overspray everywhere and that is how I think it should be applied by everyone. So why not just have the gel or the spray? What is the difference? I am looking to get a gallon of the spray but am holding off because I have not tried the gel yet. HELP!!