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  1. Joel Blake

    MDR Mineral Deposit Remover

    MDR is a little acidic so it's not wax friendly but won't hurt something like Opti-Coat.
  2. Joel Blake

    Optimum FerreX

    The FerreX odour is far less offensive than others.
  3. Joel Blake

    I'm here to help.

    Sorry Ron, it was a (poor) attempt at humour. It's OK I got it!
  4. Joel Blake

    how to remove road paint from opti-coat 2.0

    We just removed graffiti from an Opti-Coated car using a citrus cleaner which didn't affect the Opti-Coat at all. If Power Clean doesn't work, give this a try
  5. Joel Blake

    Optimum NEW DA

    This would be the one you heard about
  6. Joel Blake

    New version of Opticoat?

    Gloss-Coat is an improvement to 2.0 in it's own ways. The gloss and slickness is very good and it's ridiculously easy to use. It's basically the perfect consumer coating IMO And if you already have 2.0 yes Gloss-Coat will bond to it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Joel Blake

    Opti Glass Pro and exposure to rain

    I asked Dr G this exact question regarding rain, but most importantly wiper blades. The answer I got was 15 minutes. That doesn't sound right though and maybe I misunderstood the answer or Dr G misunderstood my question. Other coatings I have used are a couple of hours before wet and 24 hours before wipers.
  8. Joel Blake

    Opti Glass Pro and exposure to rain

    I've had it on my car since October last year and it doesn't even look like starting to fade yet. I've used a couple of different nano coatings and none have lasted anything like this.
  9. Joel Blake

    optiglass clean and protect

    I can't help with the actual question regarding shelf life, but I was lucky enough to get a sample of this stuff. It's unbelievable at how good it is for cleaning glass. It has been tested extensively on shower screens. Just don't try use it on hot glass or in the sun as it will streak.
  10. Joel Blake

    Prep/adhesion promoter

    I tried Hyper Polish followed by ONR wipe down once and the coating reacted badly. Never tried again, but apparently it works for some people.
  11. What temperature was it at night?
  12. PS you proved it yourself when the particles melt between your fingers
  13. OK, we'll I can tell you we have cartons and cartons of Optimum Car Wash in our warehouse that do exactly this when its cold and then when we heat them back up they go back to normal. It doesn't have to be super cold either, just colder than normal. It doesn't have an effect on the product either.
  14. Joel Blake

    Your way to apply.

    So many methods but I believe the best point of any method is to minimise wiping as much as possible, and use the recommended amount by OPT. Even if it means double coating panels that will receive the most abuse.
  15. I can tell you exactly what has happened because it happens to us during winter. The product is just a little cold and towards the freezing stage. Put it in the warmth and it will go back to normal!