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  1. I thought I read on one of the other forums (but can't find it) that using Poli Seal once a year to gently buff out minor swirls and/or just bring back some extra shine is something that could be done on OC. Is this the case or am I remembering incorrectly? If it can/should be done, can it be done by hand? Is there anything else recommended to clean/maintain OC? Or just a good car soap (Optimum or otherwise) and possibly Optimum Car Wax (with the understanding that it won't last long)? Finally, is there anything that shouldn't be used on top of OC? Thanks as always!
  2. Hi again Chris. Quick follow-up: the 17oz bottle I have of Opti Clean says not to let it freeze or go above 120 degrees. I know you said it should be ok if it freezes (does that go for diluted as well as undiluted?), but what happens over 120? Does it just not work as well, does it become harmful to the car, etc...? I was going to keep some in my car year-round for 'emergencies' (bird crud, etc...), but am concerned that my black car left in the sun will go over 120 degrees. Thanks for any further thoughts!
  3. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I wanted to get all the answers in one concise location. Can you please let us know the shelf life of: No Rinse (both stored indoors and also stored in a garage with somewhat extreme temps, and also opened/unopened) Opti-Clean (both stored indoors and also stored in a garage with somewhat extreme temps, and also opened/unopened) Car Wash (both stored indoors and also stored in a garage with somewhat extreme temps, and also opened/unopened) Thanks!
  4. Understood. Thanks again!
  5. Thank you for the info. To confirm, that's 2-4 towels per entire car?
  6. do you use the thickest/plushest you can find to both wash and dry? Use thicker to wash, less thick to dry? etc...??? Also, roughly speaking, how many towels per section should I be using? If I fold the towel into 8 sections should I get more than 1 panel out of a towel? I like to be extra careful but so far can't figure out the best method. Watching some of the videos on people demonstrating ONR, it seems like they go over an entire area (i.e. a door, including the lower part) with just one cloth (often just 1 side of the cloth), going from top to bottom to top again. Seems to me that that would just be dragging dirt around the door. I would think it's best to do one pass, flip, another pass, flip, etc... using about 1 whole towel per section. Also, I find that my drying towels get soaked so quickly, almost to the point of needing more than 1 towel per panel (16x24 towels). Am I doing something wrong? Lastly, after washing your dirty MF towels do you find that even if they are still stained, they are ok to use for ONR next time (if passing CD test)? Thanks!
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    Tire Shine & Opti Bond Reviews

    Yeah, sorry about the bad pics. I will try and redo everything this weekend (if it ever stops raining). I really have no preference of liquid vs. gel, but I definitely prefer using an applicator to apply the product rather than spraying directly on tire (I get too much over-spray when I do that). Both products, applied via a sponge applicator, went on smooth and evenly. I did not try the optibond diluted. I only did one coat. I would have no problem using either product in the future, but would probably go with the opti bond as I prefer to just use an applicator rather than spray. Again, if it ever stops raining I'll do a better test with better pictures. Thanks again.
  8. I apologize for the long delay in getting this review up. I won a bottle each of Tire Shine and Opti Bond a while back, and finally got a chance to use them. Please note that I washed my car last weekend and didn't get to apply them until today (so the tires were a bit dirty). Also, my camera was of course having issues and I was only able to salvage a couple of decent photos. First photo is a before shot (this is how all 4 tires looked), second photo is 50/50 (Tire Shine on left, Opti Bond on right) and 3rd shot is Opti Bond. I found them to look very similar, with the Opti Bond being a bit shinier (sorry that the 50/50 is so bad). The application was very similar as well. For the Tire Shine, I actually sprayed it onto a small, round foam pad, rather than directly onto the tire (I find spraying it on to tire too messy). I applied the Bond the same way. After I finished all 4 tires I went back and gently wiped with an old MF towel. Then I took the photos. I'll try to take some better shots and upload them soon.
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    Great, thank you for the info! I'll definitely add the CWC after the water, and try mixing a batch beforehand to fill the Gilmour. Thanks again!
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    Hi Chris. Couple of follow-ups regarding the foam gun (Gilmour 75QGFMR) and optimum car wash. I did a wash this weekend and put in 8oz of car wash concentrate, followed by 24 ounces of water. I tried to shake it up the best I could, but the cwc is SOOO thick (almost like a gel toothpaste). I then re-did it and tried using the hose directly into the gilmour tank to see if that would mix it better, but it just foamed up and overflowed the tank. Any suggestions on how to properly mix the cwc and water in the tank would be greatly appreciated. On a related note, since I wasn't getting the foam I'd hoped for (I'm sure since I had issues as noted above), I ended up also using a wash bucket. My procedure in filling the bucket was: I put 2 oz of cwc and 1 oz of ONR into the wash bucket, then started filling directly with a strong spray from the hose (as I knew I had to do something to break-up the think cwc). It immediately began foaming like crazy, and by the time the foam reached the top of the bucket, I was not yet at 2 gallons of water (as indicated by a line I have drawn on the bucket). I then slowly filled it the rest of the way with water, but I lost some of the foam as it spilled over the edge. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or some other way to fill the bucket? Thanks for all of the help to my probably dumb questions...
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    Great, thanks again!
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    Thanks Chris. Do a sponge or sheepskin work as well as mf or optimitt? Again, i'm referring to regular car wash, not ONR. Thanks again!
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    Hi again Chris. Is there a recommended wash media (sponge, mf mitt, sheepskin mitt) that's recommended for use with OCWC (either using 2BM or foam gun)? Or just personal preference? I know for ONR that a mf cloth (or the new wash mitt) are recommended, but I wasn't sure if there was anything suggested for regular optimum car wash. Thanks again!
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    Optimum Opti-Clean first time

    Just to confirm, if I have an existing 18oz spray bottle of OC and once it's empty I want to refill it with my OC from concentrate, it would go as follows: if using 3:1 it would be: 13.5 ounces of water to 4.5 ounces of OC (13.5/4.5 = 3) (or simply 12 oz water and 4 oz OC to make measuring easier) if using 4:1 it would be: 14.4 ounces of water to 3.6 ounces of OC (14.4/3.6 = 4) (or simply 12 oz water and 3 oz OC to make measuring easier) Thanks again!