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  1. New to OF

    Welcome and you've come to the right site for all things optimum!
  2. New here from Tampa

    Welcome to the forums and congrats on upgrading to a shop! That's always exciting and scary all in the same time. Good luck and I look forward to seeing some of your work or shop pics!
  3. New from Lombard, IL

    Welcome brother, its great to have you!
  4. Greetings from Warren,OH

    Welcome to the forums and if you're thinking about getting into the business you cant go wrong with any of the optimum line. If you have any business questions, just ask and Chris will have you locked down with all the newest optimum offerings
  5. Well, hello there...

    Welcome Troy, glad to see you here as well! And might as well become a pro, it'll do nothing but increase your sales potential to clients
  6. Hello from Des Moines, IA

    Welcome to the forums, and I love that blackberry pearl, pretty sweet color when the suns hitting it right! Good luck with the polishing and if the poliseal cant take out the defects try the hyper polish, it works well on that color paint, not sure about the red 2005 stang but I'm sure the hyper polish would rock that also!
  7. GPS and Rupes a winning combination

    Scott, I agree, I've been rocking out the jobs with GPS, rupes and optimum mf pads! Are you topping it with ocw or opti seal?
  8. After OOC wash

    Man the reflections are looking nice & glossy even on white! Great job.
  9. OPC with minimal rinsing?

    I've never experimented a bunch of ways, I just know it works well for me when I spray opc on, let sit for about 20 seconds and wash off with onr.
  10. Optimum Car Wash question

    I understand what you're saying, I've seen the difference. But from a chemical standpoint of why its that way, probably only Dr.G could answer that. I know it's had no effect on the performance of the product ime.
  11. Opti Coat 2.0 cure time

    I've only had one customer cover his car post application like you, he's never reported any problems.
  12. Opti-Lens questions

    Setec, Chris will have to give the official answers, but I've been using in on trim quite a bit. Spreads far like opticoat with a little better resto property vs opti coat.
  13. New member to the forums...

    Ivan, welcome man! I've seen your work and and glad to see you here, can't wait to see more of it posted!

    I bring opti clean everywhere I go!
  15. Newby from GSFBA

    Welcome to the forums! If youre testing id try out GPS topped with the wax or opti seal, both are a great combo! As far as the polishes what are you using now? The hyper compound and polish are super user friendly, easy removal and no dusting. I can tell you how it'll perform vs what you're using once I know what that is