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  1. Blinky

    high spots

    Dear Gurus, I have 2 high spots resulting from a little too much OptiGuard. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I just want to be sure about the proper remedy. Essentially these spots are more accurately described as streaks. Can I simply polish them with a small finishing pad, e.g. a 3 inch Lake Country crimson + Optimum Finish polish? What speed do I need to use on a Meguiar's G110 polisher? I applied the coating last week and am just overjoyed about the way my humble car now looks. Thanks in Advance
  2. Blinky

    Old Polish II

    Dear Gurus, I have about 16 oz of Polish II that has permanently seperated on me. This version of the polish is the old, circa 2009 formula. What is the responsible way to dispose of this stuff? I'm not too keen on chucking chemicals into landfills. On a side note...the new Finish Polish, how does it compare to M205? I take it that Finish is now a fully non-diminshing abrasive formulation? Cheers, Blinky
  3. Blinky

    Optimum Finish on DA?

    Certainly dirt is always a factor and, I welcome the advice. I just find it a bit strange that I don't run in to this problem when I use another polish of brand X even though the pads tend to get a bit caked with the stuff. Granted brand X is not a finish polish and doesn't leave as nice a gloss on the paint.
  4. Blinky

    Optimum Finish on DA?

    I recently tried Opt Finish with a Meguiar's G110. I have mixed emotions about the experience. On the plus side the polish produces a stunning gloss. The negative is pigtails appeared on some panels. The technique I eventually had success with: 1) Prime the pad with just the finish polish. Since polish is tinted blue it is easy to see where the polish needs to be to completely prime. Also use a soft pad. I like the Edge 2000 white pads. 2) Place 3 or 4 small dabs of polish on the primed pad. 3) Set the buffer to 6. Anything less seems to cause the pigtails. 4) Apply moderate pressure and buff till the surface looks glossy. I buffed for what seemed like 2 to 3 minutes per section to get the results I was after. I'm still not completely sure what causes the pigtails but the above seems to have reduced the problem for me. Since this is the first time I've used a finish polish of any brand I can't say whether this is an issue with my paint or the polish. For the record the pads were brand new.