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    Opti-Clean dilution ratios?

    There was a thread around 2011-2012 where Dr. G stated 1:4 was a good multipurpose dilution for OptiClean, so I've been using it at that ratio ever since. It works well for all your purposes, including pre-spray for an ONR wash, waterless exterior cleaning and all non-cloth interior surfaces, including leather and Nav screens. I carry a small spray bottle in my console and clean my tan leather steering wheel and shift knob regularly if I'm in a traffic jam. Bill
  2. X2 I carry a small spray bottle of Opti Clean in my console and use it on all my non-fabric interior surfaces as well as my touch screen. Bill
  3. Billy Jack

    Maintenance Products

    Yvan Lacroix, a noted Optimum Detailer uses the standard wash ratio of 1 oz. to 2 gal on all hard interior surfaces, even leather. Personally, I prefer Opti Clean at 1:4 for interior hard surfaces, as well as leather, gauges, Nav screens, even my phone and eyeglasses. I may be imagining things, but I feel Opti Clean treated surfaces such as touch screens resist dust and fingerprints better than ONR. Bill
  4. Nothing wrong with your idea, except for possibly inefficiency. Rather than drive to another location, spend time with a pressure rinse, then wipe down with OC, I'd rather just stay home and do my rinseless process. Just as safe and quicker, IMO. Bill
  5. I guess you can, but I see no reason to do that when there are so many other choices better suited, at least IMO. I use drying aids often, but it's something that either enhances the gloss or adds protection. In the Optimum line, I've used Instant Detailer, Optimum Car Wax and Opti-Seal. Other stuff I'm happy with outside the Optimum line is Duragloss Aquawax, Meguiar's D156 (Ultimate Quik Wax in the consumer line) and Griot's Spray-On Wax. Of all those choices Opti-Seal is probably the most durable, but it's also the priciest. Bill
  6. For me, using ONR on wheels is only slightly different than the rest of the car. I presoak both tires and wheels with my pump sprayer, dump my leftover solution in a small bucket, then use whatever brush combo works for the particular wheels I'm doing, such as a Daytona / EZ Detail Jr, a Mother's Wheel brush and an appropriate brush for the lug nut area. I rinse again with the pump sprayer, then dry with towels dedicated to wheel use only. I also keep my wheels waxed (Finish Kare 1000p is my favorite), so serious wheel cleaning is only needed once or twice a year. Normally tires and wheels are done first, but if I'm washing away from home, I'll do 'em last with the leftover solution from the wash. I have both a concrete driveway and garage floor and have never had a staining problem. Bill
  7. I've tried a bunch of different ONR applicators over the years, including sponges, mitts and MF towels. I finally settled on the Meguiar's MF mitt. They're made of a fiber that grabs dirt, bur releases it easily. I have grit guards in my rinseless bucket, but don't rub the mitt on the guard. I make a pass with either side of the mitt, then just a vigorous shake in the bucket is enough to release the dirt and provide a clean mitt for my next pass. I do use the Eagle Edgeless towels in my process, however. After completing a panel or two with the wash mitt, I wipe it down with the MF just to spread out the remaining solution and give it an "insurance" wipe in case I missed a spot. I'll use the same MF for the entire car, wringing it out as necessary, then following with either a drying towel or a spray of whatever drying aid I might be using. During the nastiest times of winter, I may use two mitts, one strictly for the lower half of the car. My DD is black and after refining my technique over the years, I have no hesitation doing rinseless for the majority of my wash jobs. I use a pump-up sprayer with the same solution I'm using to wash and do a pre-soak whenever the car's salt-sprayed or just dirtier than usual. Bill
  8. Billy Jack

    Opti-Clean for interior use?

    I wouldn't leave home without a small spray bottle of OptiClean in my console. I use it on my tan leather steering wheel and shift lever weekly. If I'm in the car waiting for someone (like my wife making a quick trip into the drugstore), dash, door panels and any other non-fabric panels get a quick wipe. It's safe on touch screens, gauge lenses and any hard surface. It may be my imagination, but I like that it removes light dirt without compromising dressings, such as the Optimum Protectant or 303 I use. A OC cleaned surface seems a bit sticky at first, but becomes slick within a few seconds. It's not all that aggressive, so things like door sills may need something stronger, like an APC or OPC. Other than that, regular use of OC allows me to go months without a full interior detail. I also use it on my IPhone and even my reading glasses. I actually have some other products I favor for an exterior waterless wash, but Opti Clean will be my interior detailer of choice for the forseeable future. Bill
  9. Billy Jack

    Question about paint

    According to our GM Product trainers, blankets were held in place purely with a few plastic retainers. The theory was that, in the event of an engine fire, the retainers would melt, allowing the blanket to drape over the engine and suppress the flames. Questionable, IMO. Bill
  10. Billy Jack

    Question about paint

    There's no one-fits-all answer to that question. It's true that the underhood blanket helps preserve the paint by lessening the exposure to heat, but most do a poor job. I removed the dirty, ugly blanket from my El Camino and replaced it with Reflectix, a foil-faced bubble wrap insulation from Lowes. I still have the OEM 30 year-old lacquer paint and it's doing well so far. Bill
  11. Billy Jack

    Interior care

    I wouldn't be without Opti Clean! I do a complete interior detail only about once a year, but the carpets get vacuumed and OC gets sprayed around regularly. The enclosed pic is from last April. You can still see snow on the ground through the windows. Other than the floormat, it's hard to tell my DD has gone an entire PA winter without a full scrubbing. Bill
  12. Billy Jack

    Interior care

    Also include Opti Clean as a maintenance product. While it is marketed as a waterless wash product, it's superb as a mild cleaner with a bit of protection capability on any plastic, glass, vinyl, rubber or leather surface, including touch screens. All of my cars have a small spray bottle in the console. Bill
  13. Billy Jack

    Opti-seal on nav screen

    I agree. I've given small spray bottles of OS to friends specifically for use with touch screens. OS is my go-to for interior maintenance, as it works very well on and non-fabric interior surface. There's a 3 oz. bottle in my console and a small mf cloth that I use regularly if I'm waiting to pick someone up, or even in a traffic jam. Bill
  14. Billy Jack

    ONR vs MEG's D114

    I stock and use both. D114 in higher concentrations can be used as a wax stripper. If I'm doing a rinseless before any correction and/or polishing, I use D114, as I feel it's a more aggressive cleaner. For maintenance it's always ONR or DG, as they both help preserve and enhance my existing wax. Bill
  15. Billy Jack

    Big Red Sponge for ONR?

    Based on Dr. G's comments years ago, I had been using a microfiber towel for my rinseless washes. I've tried a few sponges, including grout sponges and ones I've cut grids in, but nothing has pleased me as much as the Meguiar's microfiber mitt I'm now using. According to the Meguiar's, the mitt is made of a microfiber composition that sheds dirt easily with a good shake in the solution. It's not perfect, but it IMO it's the best alternative I've tried. As a bonus, they're quite reasonable around 6 bucks each, cheap enough that you can afford to have more than one. Bill
  16. Check this thread, it may have information appropriate to your question: Bill
  17. Billy Jack

    ONRWS in bucket

    I seem to remember Chris addressing that question some time ago. If memory serves, he said the solution is still effective for a long time. The color of the mix may lighten, but it's still good. Sometimes I'll use ONR on my garage queen when it's just dust covered from storage and I'll reuse the slightly dirty solution on my next wash of one of the DD's in the driveway. Personally, I've left both ONR and ONRWW in a covered bucket for a few weeks at a time without issue. Bill
  18. Billy Jack

    How long does OPP protect leather?

    The durability of OPP is more compromised by wear than time. For areas other than the actual seating surfaces, I only do a complete clean and recoat once a year. However, I do regularly use Opticlean, which cleans without removing the OPP and adds a bit to the protection. I actually keep some homemade Opticlean wipes in my console, for use whenever I'm killing time, parked and waiting for someone. Bill
  19. Billy Jack

    Opticoat after Optiseal on wheel rims?

    First of all, I wouldn't apply any kind of sealant or coating to fresh paint until it's had time to cure, at least a month. OC needs a clean, wax and sealant-free surface to properly bond and cure, so my recommendation would be to do nothing for the next month other than cleaning. After that, give them a good scrubbing with OPC or another strong but safe cleaner, then go ahead with your Opticoat. Bill
  20. Billy Jack

    YouTube video showing drying with OOS?

    Interesting. Do you feel the durability of OOS is worth the extra expense? I often use Optimum Wax or DG Aquawax as a drying aid/ wax booster and like both, but I've never tried OOS that way. Considering OOS is more than three times as costly as the spray wax, I'd have to see a real benefit in either durability or time saving to justify the cost. Of course, my curiosity level is high enough now that I'll probably try it anyway once the weather is mild enough! Bill
  21. Billy Jack

    OC 2.0 on Plastic Headlight Lenses

    Over two years ago, I did a review on OC for my headlights: I'm now starting to see a very slight bit of cloudiness, but not enough to be of any concern, considering it's been nearly 2 1/2 years on a DD that stays outside 24/7. I haven't acquired any Opti-lens yet, but if you have some OC in stock, I wouldn't hesitate to use it. Bill
  22. Billy Jack

    NRWW and OCW

    Since it's your first post, welcome to the forum! Whatever the wax component may be in ONRWW, it's certainly very diluted by the water. I suppose regular use would maintain some level of wax protection, but certainly nowhere near a coat or two of full-strength OCW. I do my rinsless washes with two MF cloths, one soaking wet as a "mop" and one which I continually rinse in the solution and wring near-dry for a second pass, prior to complete drying with a WW towel. That way, I feel I'm absorbing most of the dirty solution prior to my drying pass. If I'm doing an OCW app, I'll spray the wax on after the second pass and use a third soft MF for buffing dry. Bill
  23. Billy Jack

    OPC in a foaming sprayer?

    My OPC mix didn't foam as much as other combos I've tried, but it's probably due to the dilution rate. When I've had a really nasty tire, I've used Meg's D101 APC full strength, I've also used Zep Citrus at 1:2. For Sunday's job, I used OPC at 1:3 and though it didn't produce tons of foam, it was certainly good enough to get the job done well. Bill