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  1. 2011 Explorer- Opti Guarded

    OPT needs to come out with version of Eraser,not to get off the subject
  2. 2011 Explorer- Opti Guarded

    You did an outstanding job on making the Explorer look like black glass Richy. Prop's to you my friend
  3. layering Opti Guard

    Since recieving my latest syringe of OG,I've layered (2) vehicles with great success.Loving me some OG!
  4. Love the new forum format

    I just want to say,the new forum lay-out is great and much(MUCH) more user friendly!
  5. Was thinking....

    I think an Optimum "Strip Wash" is a GREAT idea
  6. OC & OS?

    Umm,I think the answer is no.
  7. OHP

  8. Chris M's Gallery

  9. Optimum Carpet Cleaner!

  10. Optimum Metal Polish (New Version)

    I have a question about the OPT Metal Polish. I purchased 8oz of the "New Version" from OPT Direct and it is Blue in color. But If you look on AutoGeek's store site,they show the "New Version" Pink in color. What color should the 2011' "New Version" be?
  11. hello from nottingham england

    Welcome to the Forum
  12. Polish II Short Review

    Looks good.Great Job on the Porsche!!
  13. Opti-Clean Sprayer

    Good Sprayer
  14. Review: Optimum Opti-Mitt

    Indeed Chris,2 OptiMitt's works well for me.Especially when our MidWest salt covered roads throw alot of salt on our vehicles.Instead of going to the bucket twice for each wash section panel,I double swipe each pass Save's a ton of time (for me).
  15. Hi from Rochester, NY

    Glad to see ya hear.Welcome to the OPT Forum