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  1. atoy

    Review: Optimum Opti-Mitt

    Hi guys. Currently i'm using 2 lamb's wool wash mitt from megs and chem guys. i found out that it's very dificult to clean the mitts.. lots of dirt like sand got stuck after wash cleaning the mitts.. i think opti mitt is better because its foam base. Do i need 2 opti mitts to wash car conventionaly? 1 for upper portion and 1 for lower portion??? Adams polishes reccomends it this way?? Pros?? Cons??
  2. Actually I have 1 16oz adams machine super wax (sealant), 3 WDGPS 3.0 Samplers, 3 Wolfgang Fuzion 3oz mini, Gallons of Adams Detail spray, shampoo, etc.. CG Citrus Gloss, Half of P21s 100 wax w/ cleanser, 8 Cans of Adams In & Out, 1 Gal Meg 26 Wax. I want to trade it with Optimum Products but the freight will cost more than the products.. LOL.. When I finish this of then it's time to order my Optiseal and Poli seal Optimum Products are reaaly easy to use..
  3. That's why i'm keeping my arsenal simple.. the less product line the better.. meguiars is available locally, imagine the price of D101 here is around 50 - 55 USD. Curently im using Optimum Power Clean, Shampoo, ONR, OCW and OPP for Vinyl, Rubber, Leather and TIRES. I Have SIP and 106ff for polishing. Adams Sealant for glass but running low and will be using OCW.. I'm maintaining around 14 Cars... And we need to wash the cars 2-3X a week due to weather and road condition here.. waterless wash here won't work..
  4. yup. will purchase optiseal on my next order.. maybe end of the year.. very expensive ship in our country.. cost abot 80USD including shipment
  5. Thanks John Since i will be applying OCW every wash.. i think ill apply it on glass and windshield also. will not order optiseal yet since i like applying OCW when i tried the sampler.. It's so easy to use.. i think it's easier to use OCW than optiseal because of the small applicator.. I think OCW will keep my cars protected if applied regularly..
  6. What's better on glass, RainX, Adam's Glass Sealant or OCW. I have no Opti seal yet, my gal of OCW is in transit, my adam's glass sealant is running low, only RainX is available locally.
  7. Is it comparable with adam's glass sealant? Can it protect the glass??
  8. Can i protect my glass and windshield using OCW???
  9. atoy

    OPP uses

    IC, is OPP like 303 protectant.. u can use on tires and engine bay plastics and rubbers?
  10. atoy

    OPP uses

    Even on Tires, engine bays plastics and rubbers, exterior trims you use OCW???
  11. atoy

    OPP uses

    303 aerospace protectant can be use on interior vinyl, rubber, leather etc.. also on engine bay, exterior trims and TIRES. Is iy the same with OPP? Just ordered a gallon and i want to simplify my arsenal and want to use only 1 product on these..