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  1. John Styrnol

    Optimum ID&GE

    Right, but I do not want to have to wash the vehicle before I want to put the OS on. So, I'm thinking just OD it and then put the OS on, right. Should I wait anytime after I QD it and then apply OS?
  2. John Styrnol

    Optimum ID&GE

    Also, how do you get the whole forum up, instead of the one in the frames off the website?
  3. Today I used GPS on the paint. I'm thinking Monday to use ID&GE as a QD and then top with Opti-Seal. How long should I wait to top with Opti-Seal? I have some Garry Dean's IUDJ, is this ok to QD the Opti-Seal with also?
  4. John Styrnol

    PS on the one hand, GPS on the other....

    Thanks, good to know. I will top with Opti-Seal in a couple of weeks anyways.
  5. John Styrnol

    Opti-Seal over GPS - Durability

    That's really good, thanks for the info.
  6. John Styrnol

    Hello OPT From Utah

  7. John Styrnol

    Hello OPT From Utah

    Hi Paul, What is an Opti-Guard Installer?
  8. John Styrnol

    OPP uses

    Thanks, nice to know.
  9. John Styrnol

    Opti-Seal over GPS - Durability

    This is a combo I'm thinking of GPS/OS. What kind of durability should I expect?
  10. John Styrnol

    OPP uses

    Can you put OPP on upholestry?
  11. John Styrnol

    I'm Confused...Tire Dressing...

    Great info, thanks.
  12. When you say drying agent, after you wash/rinse your vehicle, before drying, your spraying the OID on the paint and then dry the vehicle, right?
  13. Another product I'm looking forward to trying out.