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    Optimum Glass Coat Troubles

    I am not sure if it can be layered. But I can tell you that I usually do 2 applications about 1-2 hrs apart and it does seem to help the durability.
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    I have used OCW in temps as low as the 40s and 50s. It does usually take a little more effort to get it perfect without streaks. I also try and give it extra cure time if possible.
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    SEMA 2014 Predictions

    I don't supose someone from Optimum will be around here to announce the newest releases and revisions???
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    Future Of The Forum?

    I would say its basicly parked... Especially when letting such rubbish litter the site. And no info on the new product releases.
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    Well, hello there...

    Many of you will more than likely already recognize me from other forums. I have finally decided to join here as I get more into Opti-Coating vehicles. I am seriously considering become an authorized pro.
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    Greetings from Warren,OH

    Welcome from Dover, OH
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    Well, hello there...

    Thanks guys.
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    Napoleon BBQ with Opti Guard

    Man !!! This makes me want to OC my grill now....
  9. Chris, How long would I need to wait to apply something like Sonax Polymer Net Shield -or- or even a detail spray? I have been having some water spotting issues on my black truck that sits out 24/7 as I don't drive it often so it sits and water just beads and creates water spots.