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  1. In line this past week was a beautiful 2014 Audi Q5. Upon initial inspections I found light swirls and of course holograms. Exterior: Wheels: Sonax Full Effect Verious Brushes Tires cleaned with Meguiar's Non Acidic Tire and Wheel cleaner Wheel wells sprayed with APC and cleaned with Mothers Wheel Well Brush Paint: Washed with CG Citrus Wash Red Iron-X to decontaminate the paint Speedy Prep DA pad for above surface contamination Rupes 21 with BnS Polishing Pad and M205 for polishing the paint. GG3" with Meguiar's MF cutting pads for the tiger areas. CarPro Easer to wipe down all panels. Opti-Coat 2.0 applied to all paint and trim. Windshield was coated with 2 applications of Gtechniq G1 Before Photos: Wheels while in cleaning with Sonax Full Effect: Paint being decontaminated by Iron-X Finished product: Thanks for looking!
  2. Its always best to the the bird bombs off at first glance of them. Allowing them to sit will cause etchings no matter what you have on your car. Use a quick detailer to make the bird dropping break up then lightly remove. If you have toped the OC with the optimum car wax then go ahead and reapply to that panel.
  3. Evan.J

    Hello from Central IL (Peoria to be exact)

    Welcome Zach This one has been dead as of late.
  4. Ok GPS shouldn't give you any problems that I can see.
  5. You can if you want but it will be a waste as nothing will be bond to OC. M21 is a wax so if your you looking for a wax that will work better or looking for something to add slickness to OC the try Optimum car wax.
  6. I would go with a fine finishing polish to remove the high spots. OC can be a polished a couple of time with out the coating be compromised. If the detailer installed it and left the high spots I would have taken back to him. Seeing that its been five months I don't know that he would but its certainly worth a try.
  7. Evan.J

    OC 2.0 on Plastic Headlight Lenses

    If sanded then go with the OL
  8. Well first off thank you for the complements! As for your questions I like to use IX after I clean any wheels so that the IX can solely work on any Iron particles. While WB is a great great tool I found that even after a good cleaning it still can tackle iron particles. As for OBTG i did one coat and the photos were taken about 45 minutes after the tire were dressed. I did give the tires a goos scrubbing because of the blooming.
  9. Evan.J

    OC 2.0 on Plastic Headlight Lenses

    Did you sand the head lights at all? If not then IC will be fine. If you did sand them then go with OL as it has the UV coating you need to keep the lens from fading and yellowing.
  10. Well on tap this weekend was a beauty a 2013 Honda CRV. The paint was not in bad shape at all a few light swirls and just a few RIDS here an there. Exterior: Wash with CG Wash and Clear Red Wheels cleaned with Megs wheels Brightener and then sprayed with with then new Iron-X Tires cleaned with Megs Non Acidic Wheel and tire cleaner with a foam sprayer Chemical Decontamination with Iron-X over the exterior surfaces Clayed using the Speedy Prep DA pad and the towel for the tighter areas All trim taped off Test spot done Rupes 21 with 5" BP with a BnS polishing pad and M205 After polishing the entire vehicle was wiped down with CarPro Eraser Finally Opti-coat was applied to all exterior surfaces. Tires were dress with with Opti-Bond tire gel Some before photos: After photos: Thanks for looking!
  11. Well just got finished with this one today. Did a correction and a head light restore. Rupes 21 with the 15 BP Exterior: M100 with Buff n Shine Medium Cutting pad HD Polish with Buff n Shine polishing pad Blackfire Wet Diamond Paint Sealant on a Buff n Shine Finishing pad. Headlights: Clayed Sanded with 1500 Sanded with 3000 Compounded with 3" Meg MF Cutting pad and M100 Polished 4" hydrotech Polishing pad and HD Polish Coated with Opti-Lens Before: Afters: Headlight Restore: After: Before: After:
  12. Evan.J

    Not Polishing before Opti-Coat Application

    I agree here. You application will be much better the roof will look much better. Even though you might not be able to see it just knowing that is properly maintained and properly coated will save you down the road.