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  1. Flakey

    What does Opti Seal look like?

    That is terrible sheeting. Something like Reload or Sonax PNS really hates water.
  2. Flakey

    ONR degrades all waxes?

    Thanks Lowesjackson. Does anybody from Optimum eevr respond to any of the threads here? Just wanted to hear their side of the story. My environment is as harsh as anybody living in Arizona LOL.
  3. Flakey

    ONR degrades all waxes?

    Probably because SNH is a sealant that sheets/looks like a sealant. ONR also sheets. You would notice the difference on any wax like Blue Velvet or Purple Haze though.
  4. Flakey

    New ONR w/Carnuba Review

    Is all Carnuba created equally? Will using this instead of the blue ONR benefit my pure Carnuba paste waxes?
  5. I used 5 towels today soaked in an ONR bucket instead of a mitt. I just loved it. So much better than a mitt or a sponge. Each towel gave me 8 sides to wash, no need to keep rinsing the wash media or keep changing it. I also felt it worked better.
  6. Is it true that ONR alters the look, sheeting and beading properties of any wax? It leaves behind a lot of polymers that will completely alter the wax underneath? Is it then best to stay within the Optimum family and use either OCW or OS instead of a wax from another manufacturer? I have a coat of Victoria Concours Red Wax on my car and after washing with ONR today I noticed it looks more glassy then before. I have water restrictions and can't use anything other than ONR. Am I wasting my time and money on expensive waxes as ONR doesn't play well with them?
  7. Flakey

    New version of Opticoat?

    I read that OC 3.0 will look better as the current version does everything well except looks. I personally am more interested in Opti coat Pro and the primer being made available in my Country (India).
  8. Flakey

    What does Opti Seal look like?

    Thanks Lowesjackson. We have country wide distribution in India for Optimum products and Opti Coat, Opti Seal are quite popular so I won't think there would be any issues with the environment. However, as you aptly pointed out, Opti Seal flashes rather quickly so I would like to hear from Chris or Dr. G if average temperatures of 100 F / 38C could affect Opti Seal application. I was hoping for some paint darkening like what OCW does.
  9. I personally think you'd be better off with Opti Seal instead of the Sonax.
  10. I don't get it when some folks talk about depth and warmth but I can tell a good looking sealant from a wax. I use Duragloss 105 sealant and it darkens the paint and makes it look wet. What can I expect from Opti Seal? Does it offer the "Hard Candy" gloss or does it darken the paint? The car is deep Blue if that helps.
  11. I should have waited for the responses here before paying for the MF pads. I just read on Optimum website that their MF pads work well with a rotary and spoke to my local Optimum dealer who convinced me that the MF pad will work well with Rotary and OHC Optimum should change the description on their website to state that the MF pads are for use with a DA. What a waste of money.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. So what works better with Rotary/OHC - Foam pads? I don't need wool as the scratches/swirls are not that deep.
  13. I just ordered some Hyper Compound for the first time and was planning on picking up the Lake Country Yellow Foam Cutting Pad to use with it. However, I just found out that my local dealer has Optimum MF Cutting pads. Can these be used safely on a rotary with the Hyper Compound? Traditionally, Meguiar's MF pads have only been recomended for use with a DA. Also, in terms of cut; will the MF pads have more or less cut than a foam/wool pad? Thanks.
  14. I am new to rotary polishers so decided to start with Optimum Finsl Finish Polish as it has the least cut. I also picked up some CG Hex Logic pads in Blue and Red. Could somebody please help me understand if either of these pads will work or should i get some other Hex Logic pad? I have access to some discounts on all CG products and I have read good things about their pads. Blue Pad http://www.chemicalguys.com/Chemical_Guys_BUFX_105HEX5_Hex_Logic_Light_Polis_p/bufx_105hex5.htm Red Pad http://www.chemicalguys.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BUFX_107HEX5 They also have a Black pad http://www.chemicalguys.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BUFX_106HEX5