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  1. roger3380

    opti-coat 2.0 vs gloss coat

    OK! I guess I will keep using cquartz uk.
  2. roger3380

    2010 Dodge Ram detailed with OPT products

    looks great. Keep up the good work
  3. What or is their a difference in opti - coat 2.0 and gloss coat?
  4. roger3380

    Polo Perfected @ the detailien HIVE

    great shine deep gloss. mirror on wheels who could ask for more than that.
  5. roger3380

    GPS 50/50s

    Nice work. I have ordered some GPS looking for a new AIO. Good reviews on this so i will give it a try.
  6. roger3380

    A4 + O.C 2.0

    Great work. love fixing paint on dark cars. Shiny
  7. I have a good client that i used opti-coat 2.0 on his black truck. He ran through some white road paint putting light specks of paint on the coating. What is the safest way to remove the paint without scratching it.
  8. roger3380

    Can i repair this?

    I did a full paint correction using m205 with white pad on a DA 2 twin halogen lights and a Brinkmann light. I check the clear coat every time i touched it having so past problems with IPA wipe down marring finish. The truck was free of scratches when they picked it up. Can it be fixed or do i have to reapply.
  9. roger3380

    Can i repair this?

    I recently applied Opti-coat 2.0 to a jet black truck it turned really well but after a month it is full of light scratches. Can this be polished out or do i have to re do the whole truck? If i can polish it out what would you suggest i normally use M205 for a polish. I have opti-coat 2.0 on my jet black BMW and i have be really careful with it when i wash or i will scratch mine to. I know my wash method is good (foam gun and 2 bucket) and t still have to careful not to scratch it, Anyway what is my options? 1) can you light polish and reapply? 2) how long before 2.0 gets full strength? 3) can you light polish and not reapply? 4) I thought opti-coat 2.0 is harder then clear coat 5) after i apply do i need to not wash for a couple weeks 6) Should i not offer this to my customers.
  10. I mix ONR 2oz to 1 gallon of water (8oz to 1 gallon of water for QD) then i store it in a old Tide bottle. I can fill my spray bottles quick and with out a funnel.
  11. I used a 2 bucket and i barely went over the surface with a microfiber wash mitt. I think i did it when i dried the hood off. I used a plush microfiber drying towel. Can i lightly polish it out and reapply or do i need to completely remove all the coating. Use ONR like a quick detail or a the water less method.
  12. I washed my jet black BMW today and i got some very light scratches on my hood. I applied opti-coat 2.0 2 weeks ago, not touching the car for two weeks letting it harden, For some resin my hood scratches very easy. Can i do a light polish with m205 with a white pad the reapply the opti-coat 2.0 or do i need to remove all of it for the hood? ( or just leave it alone) I dont have any photos right now. my prep is 1) wash with CG Citrus Wash & Gloss Car Wash 1 oz to 1 gallon of water to help remove wax 2) cay paint plus iron x 3) polish m205 white pad 4) ipa wipe down 2 xs 15% 5) opti-coat 2.0
  13. first time user love this stuff. I hope it last like everyone says.