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  1. Ford RS Focus gloss coat

    hi guys having problems posting here is link to my facebook page cheers marc
  2. 3008

    3008 full machine polish Before workimg waiting for new plate
  3. Optimum Nano Wipes?

    hi guys i had one to try works very well i have order a box for my customers
  4. i have some

    URL=][/url] Before a ranger rover wheels opt Ferrex wheels coated power washed cleaned finished with tyre gel
  5. passat headlamps

    Headlamps of a VW passat The lights had gone yellow Before sanding After
  6. New Optimum Products

    i get them from OPT of Europe
  7. New Optimum Products

    i am looking forward then we get Ferrex and MDR i have preorder for Feb
  8. MDR and Ferrex

    has any one used MDR and Ferrex yet its coming to us very soon in the new year
  9. black disco 4

    61 plate disco was booked in for a winter treatment plus look at the trim on the lower part of the doors all the door trims was really cleaned using power clean the trims was treated with OPT trim restore & protect the disco was polished with GPS with opti seal with a coating on the glass coating made my opt to used OPT shampoo valetpro wheel cleaner britemax ironmax OPT power clean OPT G P S OPT opti seal OPT tyre gel Glass cleaner Opt glass coating OPT pro coat trim restore & protect
  10. A4 + O.C 2.0

    great work
  11. x5 full interior valet

    Went to the a regular customer father in law bmw x5 It was booked in for a full interior Before From the headline all the carpet washed using opt fabric cleaner all done trims cleaned with opt powerclean ,leather was cleaned opt fabric cleaner and opt leather treatment form washing the leather seat and trims
  12. Opti coat 2.0 astra

    I did this 2011 Astra had a few mark on paintwork this is my last time using opti coat 2.0 now using gloss coat and now i am a opti coat pro centre in the uk
  13. red corsa paint correction

    cheers guys
  14. red corsa paint correction

    This Corsa was dropped of to the unit for paint correction last week For a 5 year car its bad Before wheels refitted after been cleaned 50/50 photos of the body panels After
  15. First time Opti-Coat 2.0

    well done bm looks very nice