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  1. Hi guys, Just saw Chris Thomas' video on the above and would like to try it out. Got a few questions for which your help and opinions would be much much appreciated! 1) For the airbrush, may I know what compressor to use or at what air pressure should I set the compressor to? 2) Can only siphon type airbrush be used and not gravity fed ones? 3) Must Opti Coat Pro be diluted with Xylene for use in an air brush or can it be used neat? Is there an alternative chemical apart from Xylene that is more commercially available? 4) how do you clean the airbrush after use? As in, to clear any residual opti coat pro from the air brush. 5) How much Opticoat Pro will I need need to do up a MPV such as the Citroen Grand Picasso C4 with moon roof? 6) Is it really not necessary to do a quick wipe over with a MF after application via airbrush? If needed, how soon after the application? Thanks guys in advance!!
  2. Faraway

    Layering Questions

    Hi, welcome to the forum. I'm not an expert but I have asked the same questions before and thereafter tried it out my self. So from experience, the answer to your first question is yes. It is safe to apply optiseal after GPS. However, note that the polymers in the sealant part of GPS and optiseal itself will continue cross linking for a few hours after application so it's advisable not to wash your car after application for a day or so. Not that you can't, but for best results, try not to. As for your second question, I do layer Optiseal with a layer of OCW. The advantages of doing so is that it gives the car a slick feel and a depth in the shine. I have added two layers of OCW after optiseal before and the shine has a lot more depth. I was told that it would also extend the durability of Optiseal some what. However, as I reapply Optiseal every two weeks after a wash (not necessary but I do like doing this), I can't really comment if it's true. Whatever you decide, try not to touch or stroke the finish after application of either optiseal or OCW. It's very tempting to do so but I've found that leaving it to sit for a few hours seems to give a more even shine without any smudges or dull spots. Happy detailing!
  3. Faraway

    Optiseal on top of OC 2.0

    "This is contrary to what some experienced forum posters here have shared." Sorry, what I meant when I stated the above is that some experienced posters have said that doing so is a waste of money. So my question is would using OS in top of OC be a waste of money or would it last longer on OC than OCW or OID and would it offer a further layer of protection?
  4. Hi, I know there's another thread by the same title under Optimum Coatings but that thread somehow evolved to discussing other forums. Therefore I'm bringing this topic up here because I noticed that in one reply, Dr G states that Optiseal works well with OC. This is contrary to what some experienced forum posters here have shared. So I would like to clarify if OS would stay on OC 2.0 longer than say OCW or OID and if it's recommended to top OC with OS although it may not be necessary. For your advice please.
  5. Faraway

    Opti-Seal over Opti-Coat 2.0

    Back to the original question of this post, about topping oc 2.0 with optiseal. Looked at the older forum entries today and in an answer to a post sometime in April 2011, Dr G seems to suggest that Optiseal works well on top of Oc. Are there any changes to this position with the incremental changes to oc 2.0?
  6. Faraway

    Effect of layering Opti Coat

    Icic... Thanks much for the info! Went ahead and applied a second layer on the roof! Felt I needed more protection from bird bombs and tree sap on the horizontal surfaces of the car. Still have about 6 cc left. Will keep that for after the first car wash a week later, to touch up any part of the car that I may have missed.
  7. Hi all, So I've finally taken the plunge and applied OptiCoat on the car. Used roughly about 12ml including double layering the bonnet and top of the boot. This morning when I woke up I was wondering if I should add a second layer on the roof of the car. Wondering what is the effect of double layering? Does it add a thicker layer of protection? Some forums seem to suggest that there's no point adding a second layer. So should I add a second layer or keep the remainder for after the first wash to see if I have missed any spots?
  8. Faraway

    Re-Paint - What to do?

    Thanks Chris. Waited a week to apply one coat of Optiseal and 1 coat of OCW. Checked with the painter and they told me the paint was "baked"- (don't know what that means) so I could apply any coating immediately if I wanted to but I took your advice and gave it a week to rest. All's good now.
  9. Hi all, Was involved in a car accident last week - Bonnet and front bumper damaged. They knocked out the dents from the bonnet and did a re-spray last Thursday 15th May. Replaced the bumper and did a re-spray as well. It's been raining everyday since 17th May and there are now some dirt spots left behind on the car body due to the rain drying off in the car. Not sure what I can do or cannot do - ideally, would like to wash the car with Opti Car Wash, dry with Optiseal and coat with OCW. Don't know if I can do this on the bonnet and bumper which have just been re-sprayed. Any comments please? Regards, Nick
  10. Oh, I forgot to add that I applied Opti seal to the car about two weeks ago too... Not sure if it makes any difference. Thanks!
  11. Hi, Just added a bottle of GPS to my Optimum arsenal today. Can I please have your opinions and directions on what I intend to do please. Current Situation: Car is a silver Jaguar XF. At the last detailing last Wednesday 30 April, I washed with Optimum Car Wash, dried with OID and applied a layer of Mirka nano wax (left over from before I switched to OCW). Location is Singapore (Average temp is 33 degrees celsius and high humidity). Intended actions: 1) Wash with Optimum Car Wash 2) Clay bar with Opti Power Clean and a more diluted Optimum Car Wash (foam the car with the car wash then spray Opticlean as I clay bar) 3) Dry with OID 4) Apply GPS by hand (don't have a machine yet) 5) Seal with Opti Seal 6) Apply OCW 24 hrs later Please can I also know if it's ok to apply Optiseal immediately after GPS or should I give the sealant in GPS some time to cure. My thanks in advance. Regards, Nick
  12. Hi Dr G and Chris, Recently got my hands on a sample of Gyeon Wet Coat Q2 (which I was told is about the same as CarPro's Hydro2). Tried using it over the last weekend and the application was really amazingly easy - just spray the product on a wet car and then using a water hose with high pressure to spread/activate the product and car was coated. I just would like to ask if OPT will be coming up with a similar product soon (I really hope so), and if not, can such products be used together with Optiseal/OptiCoat i.e, on top of either after OOS or OC has cured? PS: Not sure if I'm breaking any forum rules by listing the products by name. If I am, Mod please accept my apologies and delete the post. Regards, Nick
  13. Faraway

    Exactly What Products Do I need?

    Hi Yvan, yeah heard about the jelly blade and scratch risk... But to clarify, I don't use it to dry the car completely. I only use it to take off the areas where there's a lot of water accumulation. And I use a lot of care to ensure that only light pressure is applied... This works cos it's not my aim to dry the car completely with the blade so even if use light pressure and some water remains, it's ok. So far no scratches (touch wood)... But yeah, agree that there's a scratch risk and if the paint work is not fantastic, there's a marring risk as well... But I do love using mine so no complaints so far.