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  1. JayD

    Using OOC as a clay lubricant.

    Thanks Lowejackson for your reply. I just went ahead and used what I already had mixed up 3:1 and worked great. I should have just tried it in the first place. I will try mixing it 4:1 the next time I make some up.
  2. Has anyone used OOC with good results as a clay or Nanoskin lubricant. If so, how did you dilute it? For regular use I mix it 3:1 like the bottle suggests, and it seems like that might be too slick as a clay-lube.
  3. JayD

    Does OPP clean?

    If I'm looking to use OPP do I first need to clean my leather seats with something else first? This is a week old car so no staining yet.
  4. Hi, I'm Jay. After 22 years of owning a car I just purchased my first brand new one (Sorento) and I"m looking forward to taking care of it. I was looking on a different forum trying to find the right products to use and decided on several from Optimum so wanted to join the community to find out more about specific uses.