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  1. Corvette

    Thanks, I'll try and report back with what I did when the time comes. My bro' is notoriously inconsistent in what he says and does. He may even trade or sell the car before I get my hands on it. But for now I'm looking at next week.
  2. Corvette

    Thanks. Looks great. I've got all that stuff. I think he's bringing it down to me next week.
  3. Corvette

    Nagyon köszönöm. I don't think I'll have much trouble working it out. I don't have much of a deadline, so experimenting with what I have should provide a solution.
  4. Corvette

    Thanks for the reply. I have both machines but neither polish. I've heard a lot about M105 recently. Is there an Optimum product that is similar?
  5. Corvette

    My brother has just acquiered a low mileage 2002 'Vette and wants me to polish it. It will be my first experience with a glass car and I wanted to know if there are any special considerations. Anyone have any knowledge of the paint? Although the car has sat a lot and is low mileage, it has been improperly washed and has the cobwebs that usually result. I will, of course, begin with the least aggressive polish etc., but just wondered if anyone has any direct experience with this type vehicle. Thanks.
  6. Just about everything

    Nice job, guys! There is one thing about which I am curious. How much does the 3M tint affect the light output of the headlamps and foglamps? Any idea? Also, since on the subject of 3M, what are your experiences concerning the 3M paint protectant film as it pertains to polising and sealing/waxing? Is it similar to polishing clear coat or is it much more delicate, etc.? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Self-Portrait

    Thank you. I knew there had to be something easier than elbow grease.
  8. Self-Portrait

    Thank you. Took me 2 days - lots of paint chips. It has 40,000 on the odo and the owner said it looks better than the day he took delivery. Always like a compliment. After claying, used OHC on some areas, but mostly OP with orange and white LC pads. Topped it off with 2 coats of Ultima Paint Guard Plus. I have some UPGP left from the sample kit I got to do a comparison of UPGP and OS. Opti-Bond on the tires and wells. Give me a normal sized vehicle any day, however. I've got to admit it wasn't much fun doing the top of this Q . The thing barely fit in my garage. Say, do you have a secret method for removing black shoe marks etc., from light colored plastic and leather?
  9. Self-Portrait

    Plastic bag contains those leaves, among other things that were removed from a behemoth Infinity QX56 You know, funny you should mention it. They found Hoffa today, who after hiding out in Pakistan working in a sock factory, moved back home. He was disguised as an orderly in a Chicago hospital maternity ward. What tipped the authorities off is that he was trying to organize labor.
  10. Self-Portrait

  11. Self-Portrait

    Self Portrait With Flash Self Portrait Without Flash
  12. The Players is this week!

    Anthony’s Trevino comment reminds me: Trevino had just purchased a big home in a ritzy neighborhood. He was in the front of the house doing some yard work. A neighbor lady, not recognizing the ‘Merry Mex’ and looking for a landscaper, inquired, “What do you get for your work?” “Well,” he said, “the lady of the house lets me sleep with her occasionally.”
  13. 2003 Lexus LS430

    Thank you. Inexpensive Kobalt sprayer from Lowe's @ about 35 psi.
  14. 2003 Lexus LS430

    Geez, I almost forgot. Optimum HC in some areas. OP all over. PS and then 2 coats OS followed by a wipe down with OID. Opti-bond on the tires and PolySeal on the wheels. Thanks Dr. G! I even used OP to finish out the headlight lenses. I don't always do this, but it was fun to use all Optimum products just once.
  15. 2003 Lexus LS430

    This LS430 came loaded. Loaded with leaves in the trunk and scuff marks all over. It was a real treat! Although I had little time for photos as the deadline approached, I did manage a few: Sorry about the final photo - doesn't really show much - but time was gone and the sun was directly overhead.