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  1. Optimum NEW DA

    Yes, this is one I heard about it and looking forward to see it in US by end of this year. Can you explain more - is this machine comes with 6" & 5" BPs.
  2. Optimum NEW DA

    Is optimum will introduce a New Dual Action Polisher soon?
  3. Opti Gloss Coat

    Just I'm asking to find out what is the best procdure to maintain the great look provided by Opti gloss coat. I agree with you there is no reason to use wax on the the top of opti coat. Thanks
  4. New version of Opticoat?

    I applied opti-gloss coat to my car (BMW jet-black 2008) and it looks very good, the questions I have: 1- what I should you use to washing the car and I guess I need to wait 1 week for first wash ? 2- what product I should sue to maintain the slickness and the gloss provided by Opti-gloss coat?
  5. Opti Gloss Coat

    Could you advice what is the best approach to apply opt gloss coat. Apply to a panel and wait for 5 minutes and wipe the residue with MF towel. Is the product can be topped with wax or sealant? what is the expected durability and what should I use to wash and maintain the product. Thanks