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    New version of Opticoat?

    No humour allowed Lowej...LOL!
  2. fdresq4

    Opti Coat (pro) in Richmond, Va

    Craig, I applied Opti Coat 2.0 to my wife's 2013 Impreza, Satin Pearl White. We are very happy with the finish and appearance. It has gloss but everyone is different in their opinion. The biggest thing is when I wash it, either soap and water or ONR. You don't have to apply any other toppings but again, everyone is different. Those at Optimum say you can top with Opti Seal but just be aware that certain sheeting characteristics can/will change. As far as the winter our Subie is garage kept and routine maint. is employed but the coating is pretty tough, if applied correctly. Any salt or dirt releases fairly easily. Good Luck!
  3. I use a m.f. towel. Interesting thought though... If you try it please let us know. I'm no chemist but ONR has polymers in it so I wonder if that would have any bearing on a shammie vs. M.F. towel?
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    I'm from Ireland

    Hi James!
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    ONRWW as presoak

    I agree with Setec but he should be careful defending any "Wax" products...LOL! Just j/k with ya Setec. I use ONR as a presoak then, ONRWW as the main rinseless wash, every other wash or so.
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    Can i repair this?

    Just curious but prior to applying 2.0 did you correct/polish the paint? If so what lighting did you use? Steve
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    Hi :)

    Hi Brian!
  8. You got it Kevin. I just noticed a bad habit of mine. I spelled filthy "philthy.". We worked with a guy named Phil and well you get the idea...LOL! I gotta get out of that.
  9. Kevin, First, Welcome! Second, I will share my experince that I had last night. I OC 2.0 my wife's car over a month ago. After washing it last night, I too noted a lack of beading on the hood and roof but the rest of the car was fine. I decided to rewash it. This time, however, I added Optimum Power Clean to the Optimum Car Soap. I added a half an ounceof OPC and 1 1/2 OCS to the foam gun. With my wash bucket I added 2 ounces of OPC to OCS to 2 3/4 of water. After the rewash, the beading/sheeting wash back. This past week was BAD with the Spring contaminants and spotty rain. The layer was really thick. It was so thick that even my wife, who normally doesn't say anything, told me her car was " philthy." Hopefully it's a quick fix for you. Steve
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    Hi Everyone!

    You got it Chris...Thank you!
  11. FWIW, My firehouse sits on the North East train corridor between Boston and D.C. My ride home consists of a ride on two interstates. I wish I didn't have to clay...LOL!
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    Joined Today

    Hi Phillip. New here myself. Steve
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    red corsa paint correction

    Great work!
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    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks guys! Chris could you or one the mods delete my other Hi post? Thank you, Steve