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  1. mafol

    Opti Glass Pro

    Builthatch, I'm from Asia and it would be uneconomical to purchase on-line abroad. Got my Opti Coat. I'm still thinking if I will purchase the Opti Glass Pro. Whew! Once I applied Opti Coat, my Opti Seal and 1gal of Optimum Car wax would be put to waste. tsk tsk...
  2. mafol

    Opti Glass Pro

    Builthatch, Thank you for your information. If there is an available Opti Glass Consumer, I would have bought it. Sad to say there is none. This is the only one available. If I may ask for your advise should I just use Opti Coat 2.0 on my windows and windshield or it would still be better to use the Opti Glass Pro? Which one would be easier to apply on my windshield? Marc
  3. mafol

    Opti Glass Pro

    Can get it from a different source. I don't know how they got it. Seems legit because he is also selling other Optimum products. Help anyone?
  4. mafol

    Opti Glass Pro

    Hi, Need help on applying Opti Glass Pro. Does anyone here can give me a tip? How does it differ from Opti Glass (consumer)? How will I remove it if I got it all wrong during application or would just like to remove it for whatever reason somewhere down the road? Also, where else can I use it besides glass? Seems I will have a lot of excess. Can I use it on paint and serve as a non-permanent coating? Marc
  5. mafol

    Finish Polish How Often is too Often

    Thanks Lowejackson!
  6. mafol

    Opti-Seal over Opti-Coat 2.0

    Hi Chris, How would I know if I will be buying an Opti Coat 2.0 which is layerable? How can I differentiate it from Opti Coat 2.0 which is not layerable? Reason for asking, I was still able to buy the old Opti Seal without the "New Formula" sticker on it a few weeks back and the distributor told me that there is no Opti Seal with the gold sticker on it. I'm from the Philippines by the way.
  7. mafol

    Finish Polish How Often is too Often

    Hi Lowejackson, I already have the Finish Polish since I use it in my other cars. I have quite a lot of it (almost full 32oz). As much as possible I do not intend to purchase another product. Will Finish Polish serve as my wax cleaner after claying? Is it safe to use it often let's say 3x a year? Been an "M" user for so long. I typically use Ultimate polish 3x a year as my wax cleaner. Can it substiture the Ultimate Polish?
  8. mafol

    Finish Polish How Often is too Often

    Hi Chris, I do not intend to use it for it's correction. I intend to use it as my paint cleaner. Will it do the job? Will it thin out my clear coat too much if I use it every 3 months? I intend to wash, Opti Eraser, Finish Polish, Opti Seal and OCW every 3 months. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I just backread all the information in this forum regarding Optimum Finish. I will start a project with my 10 month old car with slight swirls and scratches. I just want to maintain it's looks and total eradication of those scratches is not necessary. I just intend to use the Finish Polish as a cleaner and to correct minor imperfections before sealing. Listed below are my questions, kindly chime in your answers. 1. After washing the vehicle and using Opti Eraser clay, can I go straight to the Finish Polish without passing other polishes and compounds? 2. Is IPA wipedown necessary before using it? 3. Assuming it cuts very lightly, how often is too often to use it without consuming my paint? (Planning to hold on to the vehicle for 8 to 10 years) 4. Any special techniques in applying it? I have DAS5 Pro DA, light polishing pads and finishing pads and our temperatures vary from 30 to 38 degrees Celsius. 5. Is it ok to make just few passes just like how M205 works or is it necessary to make multiple passes and make the polish almost disappear? (Less passes for me is desirable since I want to have as thick of clear coat as possible) Thank you.