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  1. SuperiorShine

    GPS after Hyper Compound? Or Hyper Polish in between?

    As Chris said it should be enough to clear up Hyper Compound, Here's a few videos i did of GPS on a Black Rangerover that had moderate swirl marks and watermarks,
  2. SuperiorShine

    Marketing Materials

    Hi Mike, The info on our site comes from marketing material by Joel (Australia Distributer) of Optimum Car Care, however i have reworded and changed the description around so its not the generic description of Opti-Coat that everyone has as i dont believe in just copy and pasting someone elses work, plus i was trying to jam in as much info as i could within a small space so just took bits and pieces from the Australian Optimum site. You will find more descriptions here:
  3. SuperiorShine

    Vehicle's With Opti Guard

  4. SuperiorShine

    Hi from the Gold Coast

    Welcome Fab
  5. SuperiorShine

    Lots of streaking after application. :(

    Firstly I'd ditch the metho, use wax and grease remover then go over the panel again with a spritz of water and microfibre towel to remove any residue from the solvent. Ive found on dark colours solvents leave a streaky residue. Also even the slightest amount of heat will cause the coating to leave the streaking effect and no matter how much you wipe it the coating will smear excess everywhere. Even on a 15degree day ive had it do it and the panel wasn't even hot. The less high spots you have to remove the better chance you have cause you won't have to wipe it. I also found on the bonnet that had slight streaking I came out the next day and it had gone.
  6. Superior Shine in America has no connections with us. I find giving the panel one quick light wipe with a Microfibre after it flashes a lot more effective at removing high spots (as it really only takes a really light wipe) then looking at a panel at different angles in the light looking for high spots to swipe with the applicator, if you miss one then you have to start all over again machine polishing that area. I have found wiping with the microfibre has not affected its durability in any way. Either way it comes down to personal preference but i know id rather give it a single wipe with a microfibre to remove high spots cause id hate to find one later that i missed. Especially after having done 40+ cars.
  7. When you say you missed a high spot do you mean your applying Opti Coat and not following with a wipe with a microfibre towel everytime? When i apply it (keep in mind i have only been using Opti Coat not Opti Coat 2.0) i usually apply, let the opti coat dissapear (time depends on conditions - usually within a minute or 2), and regardless if there is high spots or not i always give it a single wipe with a microfibre towel to be sure. Now some might think that wiping it within a minute may be removing it if there is no high spots because it has not yet set but i can say i have tested this by applying and within a minute wiping it vigorously, and i mean lots of hard wiping with a microfibre towel and after 8 months the panel i did this too is still beading like new after being washed with trucks wash weekly and the occasional caustic degreaser sprayed over it for fun. I find the product almost fool proof to apply and always give it a wipe down a few minutes after applying regardless if it has high spots or not.
  8. SuperiorShine

    opti coat and tar remover

    Opti Coat will bead water, i cant comment on the 2.0 but the pro version will not be affected by any sort of chemicals, i have tried removing it with degreasers, acid cleaners and solvents with no luck, it can only be removed by polishing or sanding. Someone else might be able to confirm this though?
  9. SuperiorShine

    My Guide on How to Apply Opti-Coat

    Nice write up, I have applied Opti-Coat to over 30 cars in the past few months and find it extremely easy to apply. One thing to note is DO NOT apply this even on a slightly warm panel, even if its not in the sun. Otherwise it will haze up instead of drying clear and can be very hard to remove.
  10. SuperiorShine

    Hi from Australia

    Thanks Guys, look forward to contributing and reading about other peoples experiences with Optimum products.
  11. SuperiorShine

    Hi from Australia

    Hi All, We are a detailing business located in Australia using Optimum products and have applied Opti-Coat to over 10 vehicles within 2 months of using it, some of the prestige vehicles we have applied it to can be found in our Members Gallery, or alternatively check out our Website or Facebook Page. Look forward to reading the post on the Optimum Forums.